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Lincoln Leadership Academy Charter School Reviews

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Lincoln Leadership is an amazing school that gives their children different opportunities then the ones they will be able to receive at a public school. Due to the small size of the school teachers and staff members are able to provide help and support to all students. The only downfall of the school is that they can be a bit unorganized with certain things.
I have attended Lincoln from 6-12 grade. I have spent the last 6 years around the same group of people, learning and growing with all of them. I have made some amazing connections with the teachers, as we did spend the hours from 8 am - 4 pm almost every day of the week with each other ( and even longer because I played a sport.)
The favoritism they have with certain children should stop and be equal. The school should be more diversity.
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I went to Lincoln Leadership from 6th grade all the way up to 12th grade. Some of the best things about the school is that it is small so it’s easy to get help. Another thing is the school offers college courses while in high school, which is how I got my jump start. However, the worst thing about the school is the lack of communication between the staff. It takes them forever to accommodate parents and/or students.
Lincoln Leadership Academy Charder School is a school of excellence. High School student's can study music, media, photography and more. Student's are challenged to exceed their own limitations with great help from teachers and peers.

This school is quite small, so you have more of a personal lesson in every class. I enjoyed my years at this school, I was one of the first students at the grand opening.
-Alumni of 2013
My time at Lincoln has been pretty good. I first came in 5th grade and I had loved it. As the years go on though something about it just was not the same. The staff is amazing and helpful and caring but theres not many activites which is fine for me, the food is not good at all, my classmates who used to be nice people are terrible now and I don't think they are punsihed enough. I still want to graduate here because its where I've grown up but not many other students say the same.
To start off, my name is Beangi and I love Lincoln Leadership, I am currently a senior and have been attending this school since 6th grade. I grew up here with my classmates and friends. Teachers seen me grow and mature through out the years. When I attended a public elementary school I was failing all of my classes. I also had to take summer school to at least pass. When I came to Lincoln, my teacher worked with me independently and answered all of my questions. I go to school from 8 a.m till whenever I'm done with my club activities such as; chorus, dance and theater. I'm so excited that in a few months I'll be graduating from the school I came in at 11 years old (7 years later) currently 18 years old will be graduating with a high GPA.
This isn't the best school. There are a lot of issues. For example the food is pretty bad. The teachers sometimes teach but most of the times they don't. There isn't a lot of freedom, and you cant really speak your mind.
Lincoln Leadership Academy Charter School is really a life changing school. This community, this joyful environment is it really a blessing to be a part of this school. The teachers really put their all into the students. They make sure every student gets the education they deserve.
Lincoln Leadership Academy Charter School, is truly unlike any other school in the Lehigh Valley. The medium sized campus will always hold a place in my heart. I have never seen teachers that cared so much, and are willing to go above and beyond for all their students. The school is so diverse, and everyone is one big family. What makes Lincoln stand out from any other school, is how much support you get from the teachers and the rest of the staff. If a student needs extra help, they will not stop doing their job until the student comprehends what they are doing. Lincoln prepares every student for college at an early time, which makes them the best school when it come to college readiness. Lincoln also provides student to take dual enrollment courses at any institution starting from 9th grade.
When I first found out I was going to be going to Lincoln Leadership Academy Charter School I was upset. I really wanted to go to the public school at all of my friends were going to. After being here for seven years I love it and all the people here. It is a small school so everyone knows and has each other backs. I have met some great friends here that I hope I do not lose when I go to college. They always know how to make me feel better when I am down and I do the same for them. I am really glad I came here because I love it!!
In my opinion, Lincoln Leadership Academy Charter School is a great. The teachers and staff put a lot of effort in what they do. Every time I revisit, there are smiles on every staff's face, even if they don't know me. I love this school because they really treat you like family. After I graduated LLACS with my class in 2013, a terrible tragedy happened when my cousin Abel Deluna passed away during a get together pool party. Teachers, students, and staff all came together as one to mourn his passing. It was a very sad day for me but I will always remember how my Lincoln family was there for me and my family. In his name, my high school had a 3k run for my cousin and they raised money to help my aunt with her financial needs. This is why I love my high school so much because they go beyond what's expected and they really care about the individual person.
I was at this school from 2009-2013 and a lot of teachers helped me to grow mentally and helped me when I was trapped in tough situations. The staff are passionate and just wanna see their students do good. It's a great school.
We have a school nurse but she is not very accountable. Any student is better off going home and dealing with their problems rather than at school.
Besides the sports, there isn't much else going on after school. My school offers an after school club assisting job but only for a very few students. Besides that, the only other thing my school offers is to be part of the drama club which only few students take part of.
My school is very unique. If anyone was not a part of the staff or amongst the students, it would be difficult for someone to try and understand it. We are a public charter school with not much but make the best of what we have. We have an amazing basketball team and it brings us that sense of communnity and gathering all schools should have. We wear uniforms and have a tiny school but we are still just like any ither school's. However, if anyone is a staff member or student then they are family as well.
There is no room for teacher's that slack.
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This school makes me feel very safe. There is at least one security guard at every entrance door in all buildings watching the security cameras at all times. Other security guards and members of the SST (Student Security Team) are walking around the hallways checking every part of the building making sure children are safe and in classes. The SST always have walkie talkies on them in case of any emergencies. In the case of a lockdown, SST and teachers make sure that every single student is in a safe room or at least inside a building.
Our school is a small school, so our after school activity programs may not be as strong as those at other schools. The clubs are fun and enjoyable, but since we have only been opened for at least 6 years, we do not have much. We just got a gym this year. We do not even have a library. Hopefully, we will be getting one soon.
This school has helped me transform into a powerful young lady and truly prepared me for life. This school has changed my life and helped me find myself. I am a new person because of Mrs. Figueroa and I am proud of all my achievements. I love this school and I do not regret coming here at all. I can honestly say that I do not know where I would be if I did not come here, but it definitely would not have been a good place.
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