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Lincoln Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I absolutely love being here at Lincoln Junior Senior High School. I am always able to ask any questions I need with homework. I like how people are almost always involved in several sports and clubs. I do wish people wouldn't gossip as much as they do.
There is a lot of one and one time and the teachers really care about the future of their students. They try their hardest to help with whatever they can and most of them will go out of their way to get something done. They are qualified teachers who know what they are taking about and they are very fair towards all the students.
Most of my teachers have been excellent. This is a small school, so teachers can be more involved with teaching individual students. Most student and teacher relationships are great. However, sports seem to be more valued than the few fine arts we have. But, if you like sports you have many options and will most likely be able to play without having to tryout for a team.

There are a few things I would like to have improved. There is not a tornado shelter; one year a tornado got very close to the school and we had to stay in the locker rooms. Also, the roof had been leaking in several places, but it seems to be fixed now.
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What I liked most about Lincoln Jr. Sr. High School, is the accessibility. Every teacher knows you by name and you have a good one on one connection with a teacher. So if you are struggling in a certain class, then our teachers would be more than happy to help you with whatever you may need. One advantage that Lincoln Jr. Sr. High School has is the classroom sizes. They are relatively smaller, which benefits students because again, you have that one on one teacher availability. We also have very helpful teachers who all have one thing in common and that is to see every student succeed.
I really like this school because it has a lot of opportunities that other schools don't normally have. The school offers lots of college level classes and the teacher are good with helping students that need it. Everyone is very good about coming to support sports teams or even the school plays. The school spirit is one of the best in our school's league. We don't have a lot of students at the school but we all get along pretty well. There isn't very many students that end up in detention or suspended.
Its a great school. Lots of opportunities to participate in so many activities. It's a small town with small class sizes. I loved going to school with kids that I grew up with. I felt like I had strong relationships with faculty and so much support.
This school feels like home, typical small town feel. It was a great school to intend, and advance athletically in.
the size of the classes and most of the teachers are great
Our school has an average amount of extracurricular activities. There isn't a big variety to choose from though. The ones we do have are a blast, and the majority of the students enjoy them.
Students skirts, and shorts have to be fingertip length. We are also allowed to wear tank tops if the straps are three fingers thick. Shirts cannot have any form of profanity. If any of these rules are violated, students are required to change clothes.
We had a kid threaten to bring a gun to school and shoot people once and that was taken care of immediately. The cops were called, we were put into lockdown, and the kid was expelled from our school. Any other safety threats have always been taken care of seriously and immediately.
We have your general sports and they are a lot of fun. Our facilities are pretty average, as are our coaches. We recently added a senior P.E. class since Freshman P.E. is the only other physical education class offered for high school students. The seniors absolutely love it. The majority of the athletes enjoy their sports and coaches, but it would be more beneficial if there was a different coach for every sport, not the same coach coaching multiple sports.
Our food has always been delicious for cafeteria food. Even when the new lunch regulations came out our cooks still made everything edible and desirable. There is also lots of choices. I have never brought my own lunch all through high school, and have always looked forward to eating school lunch.
Our level of technology is good, but our school beautification could use some work. The bathrooms need locks for the doors, and some areas of the school need a fresh coat of paint or a new carpet. Also, teacher assistance is fantastic, but it is harder to find student tutoring.
I love my little 1A school. Sometimes I've wished I could've gone to a bigger school to get more benefits, but I really wouldn't have had it any other way. I love being able to know every student and teacher I pass in the hallways. I love being able to be extremely involved in clubs and athletics. It was also extremely helpful to be able to have that one-on-one with any teacher whose class I needed help in. I was an important asset to my school and not just a number. That means a lot to me and I definitely would go to my high school againl
The academics that are offered include general classes with a few college credit classes. There isn't necessarily an AP/honors program, college credit is as "honored" as it gets. Most students needs are filled by the general class selection, but there isn't much variety.
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