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Lincoln Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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The school is really small. The class size is around 100. I liked that you could get to know your peers and teachers really well. Because grades 7-12 are in the same building you create lasting relationships with everyone. There are not the stereotypical cliches of people. Everyone is generally friendly to one another. It was a great school. I loved my years here and wish I could go back!
I am an active member in my schools choir and musical, along with NHS, and our culture club. My time at Lincoln gave me so many opportunities to shape who I am today.
My experience at Lincoln High school I would describe as an average High School experience, although I have never been to any other school. This school offers opportunities quite often and is a small school with a peaceful environment.
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I highly enjoy the teachers at Lincoln High School, as well as the environment I am surrounded by. However, I would enjoy to see changes in the courses offered as well as the criteria for graduation.
Lincoln is an okay school. It is in desperate need of updating and or remodeling but has very good academics
This is a great school. It's on the smaller side and everyone knows everyone. The teachers know all of the students and are very encouraging. The administration is very supportive of the students and their goals.
I love this school and everyone involved in it. I feel they have prepared me very well for college. I would like to see more diversity and equal representation in athletics.
Lincoln Junior/Senior High school of Ellwood city PA Is a quiet school. It has great academics, It prepares you for college, and feels very safe. But the main things I love about Lincoln High are the teachers, all of who would be considered nice. I also enjoyed their science labs and classes. Which are engaging and hands on.
The thing that gives this school 4 stars though are their resources. I have a back disability called CRMO which makes it impossible to make it to school. So after talking with the guidance counselor I got sent to the vice principle. He gave me a cyber course through the school, and let me come for afternoon classes.
Their is one thing I would change. The vice principle, Mr.Sovich, is the only reason I give the administration 3 stars. I say that because no one knows how to communicate. For example, if I tell one of the two guidance counselors something. I either never hear back from Her , or learn that only she knows about it even though it was important.
Does well for a small town school. Most teachers are very nice and teach well. Like every school there are bad teachers, but not a lot. You will learn what you need to but because its a small town school not many advanced classes are offered. School does not spend money very well but it tries to stay modern with STEM classes and technology. STEM program is terrible, terrible teacher, and a waste of money/time. Overall, not a bad high school but could use work to be better.
The staff and faculty are all really friendly and care about the students' health, well- being, education, and understanding of the tasks presented to them.
The teachers want you to succeed and do well in their classes and in your future. There are a few teachers that just seem to show up and teach but don't have any want to impact the students they teach in any significant way. The way the students schedule sometimes prevent you from being able to take all the advanced classes you want. Meaning that two advanced classes are offered the same period and you have to chose which one you want to take.
There is some nice people yet sometimes bullying can get suppressed at times, but nothing has been very severe. Overall, they try to prep you and give you the best experience they can
I graduated in May of 2018. Overall, my time at Lincoln Junior/Senior High was a very good experience. We did not have a big class so everyone knew each other and were pretty close. We had a good group of teachers that were committed to us getting the best education possible. We were not the technologically advanced but the students were eager to learn.
There was plenty of opportunity for advanced learning with honors courses, college credit courses, and AP classes offered. However, the reputation of the school is not great, which makes it difficult to get into elite colleges if that is something you are looking to do.
Overall, my experience at Lincoln High School was positive. The atmosphere is very conducive to learning. The teachers are adamant that their students get a good education and prepare for life after high school. The students and teachers have a good rapport with one another. The students are comfortable talking to teachers about school related and extracurricular issues. Our teachers are some of the very best in their subjects. Because Lincoln High School is comparatively small the students know each other. It also means that teachers know the students very well and can give them personal attention. The small size makes for a friendly and inclusive environment. The relaxed atmosphere makes learning easy and enjoyable. The only downside to my high school is the age of the facility. There can be some updates made on the classrooms and bathrooms.
I have attended Lincoln High School for almost 6 years. This year will be my very last, which makes me very sad. I have learned so much during my six years there. It has changed who I am now. The teachers are absolutely amazing. Everyone there is just so kind, and they help you with whatever you need. I am active in many different clubs also, and some of my sponsors are teachers. Its amazing how much time some of them take being a teacher, and help spreading awareness. Lincoln High School truly never disappointed me.
I thought it was a very good school, nice teachers and they will get you ready for college. They also offer a lot of scholarship you can take advantage of. I don't think it is a big deal, but only about 4-5% of students are minorities
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I had a great experience at Lincoln Junior/Senior High School. Every teacher at this school is very caring for students as individuals and also their academic wellness. They are always willing to take every extra measure necessary to help with a student's comprehension. Since Lincoln is such a small school it is very nice knowing almost every student by name. Also, the school has a lot of great programs such as peer leadership and mentoring club. There is also a tutoring program ran by the National Honor's Society where the students help each other, and learn from each other. The only thing I would change is how the school plans to go one-to-one in the next couple years where every student uses a laptop for all their classes. I disagree with the idea of replacing text books with computers for every class because it isn't best for all students. Right now, classrooms do a lot of different projects on the computer and I believe that works efficiently.
I think that Lincoln High School is a great school. The teachers are very nice and they get to know their students so you feel comfortable talking to them about things or asking questions. There are countless clubs, activities and sports to join. I am a cheerleader and the cheerleading program, I feel, is one of the best in the area. The food could be better but it is not bad. Overall, I think the school is a great place to get a good education.
The most popular of the language classes were Spanish and French. German was the least popular and was the class to go to if you didn't want to do any studying. I took up three languages one year and attempted to fit German into my lunch period. The teacher was very stressed out because no student respected him or listened to a word he had to say. Indeed it was like walking into an overcrowded train station, except all of the occupants were chimpanzees. I could not believe how corrupted the class was. Students seemed to believe that German class was the class to goof off, have absolutely no respect for authority, and take no guidance from anyone. I asked the teacher if he had tried to have the principal intervene, to which he said that the students were very well behaved when the principal was around, and acted up as soon as he left. It was truly unbelievable. On a positive note, all other classes seemed to be in good functioning order and teachers were informative and enthusiastic.
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