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Lincoln Junior High School Reviews

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Teachers are nice, very strict rules some of which are unnecessary. Techs are breaking the school guidelines I signed.
It is a good school overall. I had a great time playing in sports and just being more active throughout the community and helping out the school. Academics were a little harder due to the fact that our failing grade was 74% and lower making it a little harder for some students. I think it is a very well organized school and would recommend it to almost anyone.
The food taste like cardboard
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then principal doesn't really do anything but sit in his office and be on his computer.
every thing is amazing except our WIFI sucks you are always getting kicked off.
Wednesday nights we have an open gym/pool for two hours and if you have failing a class you can come and get help in that class for an hour then go to the gym for an hour.
We have a lot of different ethnicity's in this school. WE have very low peer pressure.
there was a student who wrote a note saying he was going to shoot the school up and the cops were not called until the students parent called two weeks later
Lincoln has a very upbeat atmosphere. Here we believe that grades are more important than sports. Although we have a higher grading scale, then most schools, i feel that the teachers push you too your limits.
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