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Lincoln Humanities/Communications Magnet High School Reviews

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What I enjoy most about LHS is the school enthusiasm for our sports. I love that at any game, there are at least 5 teachers that attend to see their students perform.
I love the extracurriculars that we have and the involvement that I see from parents,students, and staff in them. I don’t like the food it has no taste and is often leftovers from the day before. The school also lacks resources and funding since it is in a low income area and few people believe the students are going to do something with their lives.
My overall experience at Lincoln was amazing . Attending Lincoln high school has shaped me into the person I am today . It has been many challenges and different obstacles that made me become more determined about my education. Such as my teachers ,the work that they assign me sometimes is not understanding so this gives me a way to brainstorm and problem solve. This method of learning makes me feel as if with the right mind set I could do anything .
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This year at Lincoln High School I learned a lot and really loved the environment. School here was always exciting to go to and I almost never wanted to leave.Lincoln high is a great School!
What I like most about school is the great teachers whos actually passionate about their classroom and students. They are one in a dozen and fortunately I had been lucky enough to be part of their classrooms.I really appreciate that my school placed an emphasis on both service and cross-cultural experiences. My school definitely recognized the importance of academics, but they made sure students knew that wasn’t the only important thing. They really encouraged us to go out into our community and make a positive impact. They also encouraged us to learn about other cultures, and people from different backgrounds. We had students from a lot of different ethnic backgrounds. The only that could have been better was the school lunch other than that I love my school.
It’s not as bad as outsiders make it. I enjoy playing football here. The food is nasty and I don’t think that’s the school fault. Ms Tarleton is the best English teacher in the country.
Some of the teachers at this school are nice and try to do everything to help all kids reach their max abilities, other teachers seem like they don’t care and just do it to get money. The principal is always ready to talk to the students about problems they are having with the teachers and will do anything to help kids stay out of trouble and get them to success. The different sports teams have coaches that want their team to succeed, I am on the cross country team and the coach wants the best for us and has high expectations for us academically. I am also on the soccer team and even though we haven’t been the best team in our district we have gotten better and gained expectations from classmates and staff at that school.
The school has a lot of school spirit and personally I learned to love the school that I go to. But there are some flaws. The school doesn’t receive much funding and the school is very understaffed. Many children don’t care about the education they receive and they make very low grades. The school as a whole has a lot of school spirit and everyone has pride in going to Lincoln. The sports programs are very decent, however sports such as baseball, softball, soccer, and golf don’t have much funding and lacks equipment.
My experience at Lincoln was one of a kind. It was wild and fun, but me and the students had to know how to turn it off sometimes. If i could change one thing ; I would change is the bell schedule and administration.
i'd like to change the pride, many people don't have real lincoln pride and that should be changed. Most teachers are very helpful in most of the situations that they can help with. most of the students bet against the sports and it shouldn't be like that because going to lincoln they represent lincoln and going against the teams
The school is very small, so it is great for those shooting for high rankings as there is less competition. Lincoln's staff is not the best at organizing or ensuring that things are done on time, so if you find yourself constantly on a tight schedule, Lincoln might not be the best option for you. That being said, the ups and downs of a Lincoln experience are what create a community in South Dallas that holds together, even during its toughest times. Lincoln is a school for those who love. Bullying is not much of a problem here. Lincoln is a real family-oriented environment.
it is a good school I am coming to the end of high school and to the beginning of my me Going to this school has been one of my biggest priorities and the most routine part of my life for the past thirteen years. I have many more years to get through, but the years that I spent in this school were the most memorable. I have learned so much since then, it has made me a different person today. I have so many memories from my earlier years in school. I especially remember how much easier it was back then and how much harder it is becoming now as I get older.
I have been going to Lincoln Humanities/Communications Magnet since 2016. Since I've arrived there, I've always felt welcomed when I am there. I've learned and grown ever since I've been there. The teachers and staff are very caring and compassionate people and I am very grateful to have had them be in my life for these past years. What I would like to see change is the students and how they behave towards the teachers and I would also like to see the students wanting to be more involved in their learning. If you go to Lincoln High School, I can guarantee that you will feel at home and you will feel wanted.
I was really comfortable at this school and didn't ever feel like I didn't belong. People stood together and when it was time we all knew when to work together. I would only like to change the teaching environment.
Attending Lincoln High School my sophomore year was the best decision I made for my education. My friends and teachers introduce me to new things in and outside of school. The counselors provided me with resource to help prepare for college and I'm thankful for them, making me the intelligent person I am to this day.
The teachers do care and give you opportunities to make up your work or help where needed. Changes needed is more students and more teachers.
I attended Lincoln high school from Aug. 2008- May 2012. Honestly after my freshman year I have to say the school started to decline. Reason I say that is because by the time I became a senior there were a lot of classes we had lost that I feel as though kids should have been taken. But after I graduated I found out that they started slowly but surely getting some of those classes back.
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My experience at Lincoln High School was extremely exciting. I️ learned a lot and got to enjoy the first semester with my friends. It was very stressful but I️ stayed focused and accomplished everything I️ wanted to.
My experience at Lincoln high school has been great. I love the fact that our scores have been improving tremendously and that we get a lot of recognition because without it then what is a school? In addition, I do believe that the food could be better because the food that we do have will cause people not to eat at all which would then not let us student athletes be able to get the nutrition that we need.
im a graduated of Lincoln high class of 15' and the school is overall a good high school especially academically and sports wise many of the student attend college out of state because the scores are high and go play collage sports with scholariships
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