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There is a school police officer to help protect if any situation was to occur but to also help monitor the school. I feel very safe at this school because of the staff and also the students. The health programs and resources are wonderful due to the great school nurse that is there along making sure every student that walks through that door is healthy. There is also a school councilor to assist students with acedemics but also personal issues.
This school has great opportunities for everyone. The clubs at this school offer a little something for everyone. Whether is choir or agriculture students have a good chance of finding something they love. The commitment is great due to how involved the students are. There is also support groups to help students who are struggling in classes. They are available during lunch or after school.
Everyone at Lincoln Hill is unique. There are so many different people and so many personalities which makes it a great school.
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I came to this school in my junior year as I was struggling at another high school. When I got to Lincoln Hill the staff were wonderful. They were so supportive in helping me figure out a way to get my credits taken care of and find anyway possible to help me. They suggested a program called independent where you take home your assignments and do them at your own pace. While doing this program it allowed to to catch up on my credits but not only did i get so far ahead that i graduated a half of year early. This school is the best for helping students achieve in anyway possible.
Beyond the drug problem, my school didn't have many issues. The counselors and staff were always willing to help students with problems and didn't have much tolerance for illegal activities.
The teachers I had almost always had a great attitude, a lot of patience, and were always willing to help.
I felt as prepared for the "real world" as I could ever be. I don't believe you can ever truly be completely prepared for a new experience.
Lincoln Hill High School is highly commended for its diversity.
Wow just wow i have nothing to say this is great. The best.
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