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I have learned a lot about life and school that will benefit me in the future also the sports. I played varsity basketball for 3 years and it was enjoyable
i am currently a senior, Lincoln isn’t a bad school at all although it is pretty average in the sense of school spirit and some activities that we do, I wish it could had been more active, sometimes i felt like everything was slow paced in a sense. Some teachers have made my year when i had them, others are alright. The work that they hand out is pretty manageable for the most part.
PS: you should open more bathroom the one by the cafeteria is the only one that’s always open, a big school with different bathrooms on different floors and only one is open no wonder half the time its dirty .-.
Its a pretty decent school. Learned things that can help me in the future but not really benefit me. Except for one teacher thats really good at helping for future planning.
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My experience with Lincoln high school is okay for the most part. Lincoln is really big on helping your future. Great support.
Lincoln High School has changed drastically in the 4 years I have been here. It went from a school with a notoriously bad reputation to being one of the best schools in Yonkers! We have teachers that go above and beyond to help us students and faculty that goes out of their way for us! I recommend anyone who is about to go into high school in Yonkers that they go to this school.
Lincoln High School was one of the best high schools in Yonkers. I have great memories of freshman year. It was hard because of transitions from 8th grade to 9th grade but I met some amazing teachers in this school that help me get through to high school. I’ve also met our wonderful, kind, and hard working counselor. Yes, this school is amazing and I’ll never forget those good moments of being a Lincoln High School student.
This school is very good and it cares for its students. The administration is very kind and they show compassion for their students. I love going here and i really dont want to leave. Lincoln is a very good school.
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Great college preparation and excellent teachers. The school has a close knit community environment and there are many outlets for students to explore and expand their talents.
Fairly good school with a very diverse group of students from many different backgrounds. In addition to that the teachers really work hard to make sure that the student who want to learn do learn.
I love how the administration treats us students as if we were children of their own . i’m going to them dearly .
I love that the teachers, academic advisors and principal care about us and our future. The staff at this school are strict but very loving
I really like my school and this school help me with everything. The teachers are nice and I am close with my teachers and they help me with anything when I ask them, and they are happy to help me.
Something I like about Lincoln High School is how comfortable all the teachers and staff made me feel coming to this school. Every teacher I've had has helped me in every way possible. It was either to pass my regents or helped me with my college stuff. The only thing I would like to see change is the food.
I wouldn’t like to change anything, I like the vibes when you come in, how the administrators treat you & how the students safety is their priority and they also have Very good teachers.
Lincoln is filled with opportunities and is a great experience. If anyone come to this school you will feel welcomed
I like how the ninth grade teachers are dedicated to their students and helping them achieve. I wish I had this consistency as I continued on throughout my high school experience. I often time felt neglected by my teachers and didn’t really receive any challenging work.
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It was a decent high school. Not much activities to be involved in. The teachers were amazing and definitely help guide the students. I graduated in 2010 so I am not sure if the school has changed since then.
It was a nice school in general, but the administration needs work. Little to no parent involvement. 3 people in the PTA.
Lincoln High gave so many opportunities I couldn't miss out on. Their best known for the Business Academy and the Scientific research program. Winning first place and running up in multiple competitions.

Great school!!
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