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I liked how there was choices for classes to do in Lincoln, it was like all the classes you could take to get some sort of college credit. I just didn't like how they handled the drama, some people just get used to blaming their suicideness on you. And the administrators blame you too for it, to be honest teachers talk behind your back too so don't be surprised if you eavesdrop and they are saying horrible things to go. My science teacher is the only one that isn't like that, he doesn't talk crap behind your back unless you really do tick off a nerve, and even that he doesn't say your name he just lists what the student does. My science teacher is the best teacher I could have ever asked for.
The teachers are phenomenal. Some obviously love their subject and it’s obvious in their teaching. However some of the teachers are a little less fantastic. And some students make it a very bad environment to learn in
The food is horrible the kids are disgusting half the teachers don't care the other half are too fake.
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Overall, I think Lincoln provides students with a high quality and beneficial educational experience, as do most other high schools. No school can be perfect and not every student will agree with every teacher, but for the most part, Lincoln was a great learning environment.
I have had a great experience at Lincoln High School. There are so many friendly and encouraging staff members and students. Some things that I like about my school are having teachers that are easy to talk to, many different clubs, sports, and a friendly environment.
Its a small school with quite a lot of opportunities and good teachers. The teachers try to create bonds with your throughout your school career and sometimes stay in contact through your life journey.
I have had a great experience at Lincoln. Most of the teachers there are phenomenal and bend over backwards to make sure their students are comfortable and/or understand the material, generally all you need to do is ask. There is a strong sense of community in the school, even right down to the lunch ladies. Almost everyone is accepting and friendly and although there is bullying, from what I know it is taken care of very quickly. There is also even an app that can be used to make anonymous reports of bullying or crimes at LHS.
Most teachers were very kind and helpful. The student body had a fair share of troublesome kids, but the teachers overall were able to control the poor behavior. The office staff and principals were some of the nicest people I have met and talked to. They're all very understanding of students situations and have given the benefit-of-the-doubt to so many students.
Lincoln High School was definitely a great school to receive my high school education. Every staff that works throughout that school district, really know how to interact with all of the students and help them in any way possible. They made sure not only to help the students receive their education but they have made sure each individual student was in the right mindset to do so. I would have wanted to almost graduate from any other college, and that is the truth!
Highly recommend the school. Very happy here and safe and plenty to be involved in. Everyone is very supporting.
I think that overall the school is good. The administration tries to make life bearable for students by adding special days for homecoming and other dances and they offer many programs for college readiness
I enjoy being at Lincoln High School. I mostly enjoy the club Cool to Be Kind. In the club, they reveal the effects of bullying and the importance of kindness. One thing I wish Lincoln had was more AP and Honor classes.
I had a good experience at Lincoln, but like most high schools there is a lot of gossip and bullying that goes on. I kept to myself but still witnessed some of it.
School has fights often. Has a problem with drugs, specifically vaping. Teachers try their hardest but usually fall flat due to students not listening.
I have mixed feelings about Lincoln High School. I think it is a great school, but there are times when I wish that I was graduated. The teachers are nice and are great at helping you with problems. Lincoln High School has a huge variety of sports and clubs. The times that I wish that I was graduated is when the students get into fights or they are smoking in the bathroom. When they yell at the teachers because they don't want to give up their phone. There are numerous times where I can't wait to graduate and I am thankful that next year will be my last year, but I have also had a great experience at Lincoln High School.
Lincoln High School is a decent school. Some of the teachers are extremely caring and invested in your future. Others are there just to get paid. Our school has many clubs and sports. If there isn't a club for something you're interested in, you can simply create your own club. This is a very supportive school. Positive comments on sticky notes can always be found on lockers or bathroom mirrors. We have a large club called Cool 2 Be Kind, and their main goal is to promote kindness as well as to ensure everyone knows they're cared for. The work they do around the school always brightens my day.
It’s great, rapids pride! Great school culture with school spirit weeks before dances as well as student participation at sporting events. Great school with the majority being good kids and good students.
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The administration is mostly supportive of all extracurriculars. It is easy to find a club or group of people to call your family.
It's a very good school, they are just very strict. The teachers think they are preparing you for college but they're almost over preparing you. But there is nothing wrong with that I guess. Being in the town it's in you can't expect a whole lot better.
Some staff are amazing and have so much knowledge. The bad thing office staff are not the most friendly. The food is great.
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