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Having gone here since Freshman year and being part of the district since 1st grade, I see different than most people. Lots of people seem to think this is a horrible school, however I don't see any very glaringly bad problems.
I like how this school does a outstanding job with having a wide range extracurricular activities that kids can participate in from clubs to sports and from college preparedness to community service.
Lincoln High School is a pretty good school. It all depends on what type of person you are. If you hang out with the right people, you’ll be fine. Although I wish they offered more honors and AP classes, I like all my teachers/classes.
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Most of the teachers really want you to succeed so they are always there to help. The school has a bad reputation because of some of the kids they go there. Even with that they people that work there try their hardest to help you in any way they can.
Lincoln high school is pretty much your average school. It's semi diverse. A few altercation here and there. Hand full of teachers that care, but the is a a elect that are lazy. Athletics are pretty decent.
I would like to see little to no fights happening during school. Also, students needs to stop disrespecting certain teachers. Overall, I had great teachers and was taught many beneficial things to use in the future.
I enjoyed my four years at Lincoln high school. Over the years they have developed to be what they have strive to be. The only reason they are getting a high star is due to the staff. They are the ones who pushed you and are great people.
Lincoln High School had a great impact on my life, I would do it all over again if I could.I made plenty of friends and the environment was very friendly. Of course there was drama and conflict amongst students but what school doesn't have drama? You can't name one, can you? I always tried my best to stay away from students who were involved in it and it ended up being a success.One of my favorite memories from Lincoln was the senior all night party, the party started at 11 p.m. and ended at 5 a.m., the night was full of amusement and students were also rambunctious. There was this one kid named Carl and he told jokes the whole night, he was hilarious along with his other friends. Food and more food was the only thing that was on my mind and boy was there a lot of food, delicious food at that. Events that were happening were lazer tag, sumo wrestling, bounce houses, and movies in the library. My favorite event was the movies in the library everyone had their snacks and blankets and we all watched movies. Towards the end of the party everyone was getting extremely sleepy and could barely talk but we all tried to hang in there until it reached 5 a.m.When it reached that time everyone called their parents and we said our goodbyes and went home. Lincoln High School was the best school I ever attended and I would definitely do it all over again.
The teachers at Lincoln High School are very respectful and responsible. When you need help they try their best to get you to understand, some more than others. If you ever need to be updated on your grades they make sure you see them and if your grades aren't the best they'll help you get them to where they need to be.Grades are always updated and assignments are almost always updated in the grade book.
The teachers are okay, but they need work . Work on respecting children, maintaining order in the classroom, and also learning how to understand students.
There nice for a school
There is some really cool teachers at lincoln high school
We have an organization at our school called Healing Heels and it is amazing. It educates and builds the confidence for at risk teens to take on the right path. And the adults that run the organization genuinely care for each student and all the students in the school.
I feel safe because the officers do their job
I love the school because there is so much to do and the staff are wonderful. I've made plenty of people that actually want to see me do good.
The teachers that I had weren't bad teachers but some of my teachers seem like they didn't care about students education or cared to hear the students ideas.
All we really have is security guards. No school nurse or anything like that.
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Majority of the after school activities are probably the best events at the school. Everyone gets to chill and hang out.
Pretty good. Last year here, so making the best of it.
Every teacher has their flaws, not for me to judge them on. Everyone there are respectable and nice people. Some better than others.
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