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I have gone to Lincoln High School in Vincennes Indiana for all four years of my high school career. While there are many things about it I wish I could change, it was a fairly decent school to attend compared to some other schools, especially in the area. The education I have received at this school was pretty good and the things that I wish were different have more to do with the state rather than the school itself. The teachers and staff are for the most part good at their jobs and many of them I got along with very well. In all, fairly decent.
Lincoln High School is a good school for people who enjoy being involved with sports and academic activities.
Lincoln high school is a great environment to be in. Its got a lot of diversity and cultural information. The teachers are great for information and helping you with things you ask for. The food is not bad. At lincoln you make lifelong friends and most of the people around are very friendly. There are many classes that prepare you for college too. Going to lincoln is great as a student!
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Vincennes Lincoln High School is overall an okay school. They have multiple dual credit classes offered through Vincennes University. My favorite part about this school would have to be the fine arts and internship opportunities.
Lincoln was a great school to attend. It is the largest school, being the only public school in Vincennes, but it does not lack character. This is largely due to the fantastic teachers. I still enjoy running into some old teachers who are as helpful and friendly as ever. I would also like to point out the great Early college program they've started recently which pushes higher education at earlier ages which I believe helps create good educational practices and habits.
Some very stellar teachers who excel at their jobs. Student-teacher interaction is decent, but could have been better. Had very few problems during my time there. One complaint would be that students tended to get away with goofing off, bullying, etc. often.
The feature that I enjoyed most about Lincoln High School is the early college program that they work with Vincennes University. This allows for college classes taught at the high school for a cheaper price. For the most part, I enjoy the staff and how they teach.
There isn't really anyone to talk to.
The school has lots it could work on.
Some of the parents let their children do what they choose.
They need more knowledge in technology and to use more real life experience.
There have been a few cases where we had to take precautions due to a threat at the school. The staff does not make the students feel very safe.
I never felt the need to attend any after-school activities, unless it involved art club.
The area has a lot of drug addicts, and many of those drug addicts are parents.
The teachers, for the most part, are not always understanding or helpful. Many times, the teacher does not seem to know or understand all of the topic being discussed.
I enjoy the teaching staff at this school. They are encouraging and wish for me to excel in all my classes. Most students are very involved rather it be in sports, music, or art. As students we support each other in all areas. During major sporting events, the faculty and students both show superior school spirit.
This is in comparison to other local schools. Lincoln is the best in the general area (there are three other schools locally that are around). Lincoln is still not as good as Jasper or Indianapolis academically.
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The lunch at this school is filled with options to fit everyones needs.
Lincoln High School has many passionate, intelligent, and effective teachers. There are the few, like in most schools, I am sure, who have chosen the wrong career path.
In my experience, I found that there are multiple, various interests and involvements among the student body, but everyone manages to get along, for the most part.
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