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If you're an athletic person who loves to take part in sports, this is probably the best school in Tallahassee for you. If you don't, however, you'll find that your hobbies aren't funded nearly as adequately and your needs won't be met. One year they spent all of the school's funds on new uniforms for the football team and caused a shortage of soap and paper towels in every bathroom of the school for months. Kids were bringing in their own wipes top wash their hands properly.
Advising also failed to let me know I didn't have enough math credits for Bright Futures until the week before graduation. They seem so overloaded with students that they don't properly review any of them.
The school is great besides major problems with administrators and discipline. There are a lot of things to do and get involved in.
It was very good. I feel that it is the best school in Leon county including the academics and sports combined are both great. I enjoyed my 4 years there and I also recommend this school if you are a middle schooler going into high school.
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I thought as though Lincoln High School was a pretty good school. It was accepting and diverse for the most part. The administration is a little bad at communication. The English department is probably one of the best ones, with a wide variety of diverse and wonderful teachers. The science department is kind of lacking, though.
Lincoln is an amazing school with great teachers who do their best to work with you if you are struggling. They look out for their students and if there are any issues at home causing complications with completeing assigned work, they are very understanding and do their best to help make adjustments. This is very important for the students.
Lincoln High school was a great public high school with amazingly smart and active kids. Although the administration did not always do the best job of helping the kids prepare for college or strengthening their skills. The sports and music programs are both very successful but aren't always appreciated as much as they should be due to a lack of school spirit and not as much funding. There is also a very big difference in the success of the history, math, and English departments vs. the science and language departments which are definitely struggling. But, all together Lincoln is an amazing school in a very good area that many ids would be lucky to go to.
Lincoln High School is great in academic stability, sports, and social and cultural life. Lincoln serves as a high ranking school with some of the most talented students within the state. While there may be some issues within Lincoln such as a lack of diversity within the Asian and Hispanic populations, Lincoln serves as a school welcome to people of all races, ethnicities, social statuses, sexual orientation, and nationalities.
I've been attending this school for about 4 years now and I've really enjoyed it here. Many of the students are very nice and there are many great teachers, from what I've experienced.
lincoln is a good high school. there is a little something for everyone, if you’re willing to look for it. the teachers genuinely care about the students and are willing to make meaningful connections. resources are always available.
Lincoln High School encourages a lot of school spirit that I think brings people together really well. People come together for sports and clubs that they’re passionate about and everybody finds somewhere they can feel comfortable. However, sometimes the administration seems to care more about punishing students rather than preventing things from happening in the first place.
I am a senior and my time at Lincoln High School has been good so far. The school is a fairly large and diverse. I have made some great friends. The school offers a wide variety of courses that promote college readiness. I must admit some of the classes are extremely hard but if you get the right teacher that makes it a lot easier. Some of my most memorable moments are from being a part of the football team. We had some great times together in the locker room, on the practice, traveling to games, and during games. I wouldn't trade my experience at Lincoln High School for nothing in the world.
I find out science and math departments are lacking, and the communication to seniors is poor. The school otherwise is clean and seemingly well-managed. Good AP program, however I wish dual-enrollment was more available.
This school is decent and could have improvements done all around. The administration seems a little nonchalant and laid back about the students, but there are those few staff members that seem to care about the wellbeing of the school and it’s students.
Tons of wonderful teachers and staff there with a wide variety of personality and skill. A decent amount of sport and other events to entertain the social butterflies. The school is getting progressively better with taking feedback and measures in account to assure the safety of the staff and students.
Lincoln High School feels like family. You can tell the staff, teachers and coaches arw really dedicated to their jobs. They could offer more electives.
Lincoln High School has a very large population, doing something that could get people connected or help them meet new people within the school would be great. There is a great support for the students and many opportunities like vocational trainings and support for the Arts.
Lincoln is the best in Leon County Big Bend Area. The Trojans dominate in academics and athletics. I'm proud to call myself a Trojan.
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What I like about Lincoln High School is the amount of diversity around in school. There are many people from multiple backgrounds, and that feels like you could fit in anywhere. There are also many clubs and extracurricular activities so there is something for everybody. Also, teachers really emphasize college readiness and getting prepared. Something i would change is the science curriculum, since a lot of students struggle in that department.
I enjoyed my time spent at Lincoln High School. The teachers care about their students and there are many activities and extracurriculars for the students to get involved in. The school has many Advanced Placement classes available to students who are seeking college credit to become closer to their respective degrees. The school is safe and they have many drills to prepare students for any emergencies that may arise during their time at the school.
I like that Lincoln High School has some really good teachers who are dedicated enough to teach us even though they are showing signs of exhaustion after a long day. I also like the people here because they seemed like very nice, open-minded people. But one thing that disturbed me was the beginning stages of the school because if you are a newcomer, the faculty sometimes freaked out and caused some mess in order to get things right so it is really important that you should ask them carefully about entire information about everything they has in the school. One thing I wished for was for them to manage the whole situation better if they are under pressure.
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