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It's an alright school, nothing special. Teachers are alright. Students are quite annoying and cause disturbances to the learning environment. I would like for the school to add more sports for students who don't want to play the current sport.
Lincoln is a very adaptive school and has well rounded students. The teachers continuously go above and beyond to ensure that students' wellness and educations are always prioritized. The Lincoln community has an open mind that perseveres in hard times and guarantees students' needs are met. Lincoln is home to many generations of graduates and their impeccable reputation still holds high ranking. I am proud to be a Lincoln Abe and to have been a part of such a great community.
I like how friendly the teachers are, they help with students if needed to. The teachers take time in there day to see how you are doing. They care fore you.
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i started my freshman year and i am a junior now, from the first day of my high school experience the teachers where nice but some where not. the students there are very diverse and there is a good chance you can find your cirlce of friends. lincolns sports are very good, but one down side is if your sport is not good you get no support and if you are a womens sport good or not its hard gettting supports from students and staff memebers but the dean is very involeved and overall actually cares about the well being of the students.
My experience at Lincoln isn’t anything special. In the schools environment, everyone just felt like family. Lincoln staff members are very well appreciated and I can strongly say that they are good at what they do. Lincoln feels like home, away from home. There’s so much diversity among the students and lots of people have found those they consider family there. Lincoln too, is one big family. My high school experience will be unforgettable and the memories that come with me will forever be remembered.
I would recommend Lincoln High School to students who are from a very low income, looking to be involved in sports, and for those who want to be apart of their community. Lincoln strives their highest to successfully prepare students of color for the next life ahead of them. Building relationships are also important for students and teachers from this environment. You'll hear a lot of different things here at Lincoln. As a former captain of the cheer team. co captain of the Non Fiction dance team and former president of BSU, i can assure you Lincoln is differently continuing their tradition of caring for their students. They as have a Recourse center, the teacher who runs the program is very helping and always reaching out to EVERY student who needs help they deserve.
Lincoln was a good school for me to go to when I was in high school. The school is very diverse and it is literally a "melting pot". The teachers are so invested in student academics and care about the student's future. I made life long friends from Lincoln and I am glad I attended.
Great environment for College Bound Scholars! Many opportunities for advancement, and resources to help you on your educational journey!
Love the diversity of people here , many afterschool clubs very helpful to those in need, good sports/teamwork, lots of friendship no drama.
Lincoln High School is a very diverse and friendly school. From the outside, it might look like an old and boring school but once stepped inside, you can totally feel the warm welcoming atmosphere. Students at Lincoln High School are very diverse, composed of many different races, ethnicities, and of course, different backgrounds. However, every kids are treated the same, no more no less, everyone are the same at Lincoln High School. One of my favorite things about Lincoln High School is that the teachers give off a very positive and friendly vibe, they always try to bring out the best of students, try to make school feels like home to the students. They always try to stay on their best, showing their best sides even though they're having tough moments.
Though one thing I want Lincoln to change is the involvement of the students in school related activities. I think that the school needs to improve more on getting students to get involved.
I like how my school offers lots of ap courses. Those courses enable us students to be more aware of how much work a college class can be. I feel better prepared to start college thanks to the courses I have taken. One thing I would improve is having more tutors.
I liked how Lincoln High School is very diverse and the teachers help you get ready for after life high school. Something I want to see changed though is the food at the school, it's not very good.
I like that Lincoln is a community, it’s a place where you can get help at any time. There are so many resources you just have to be willing to put effort in to find them . Most of the teachers that I’ve had, have helped me a lot throughout the years and I really appreciate that. They’re not only at Lincoln to teach but they’re here to really help the students and to get to know all of us.
Overall Lincoln is decently well, it is extremely diverse so if someone would like to work in a diverse environment, it would be perfect for them. You have great staffs and teachers overall. The lunches need to improve though, portions are just not right for the age group we are in, because we are at the growing stages of life and need nutrition and the quality of food needs to improve too.
Its an okay school, however the teachers dont really discipline the students much. Even though students arent allowed off campus or in the hallways during lunch, the students still do so. And all the fights that occur the security doesnt really help stop. The lockers you are forced to share with another person, and they're barely big enough to hold one persons items, so you're better off just not using them at all.
I like that the teachers at Lincoln care about the students outside of the classroom. Also I like that Lincoln is very diverse
I love how diverse my school is. The teachers and staff really show all students how much they care for us, our education and our well being. There are many programs that allow students to be actively involved with making our school a better place to be. Other programs allow us to get extra help we may need and help us get ready for college. What I would like to see and hear change is the reputation people give my school. Others see my school as a bad school and I disagree with the reasons they have. I’m not saying I go to a perfect school but I am saying that it is going a great job at preparing students for their future.
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My experience with Lincoln High School is overall, awesome so far. I'm going to be a Junior next school year and everything with that school has been great. The staff and teachers are all there to support you and provide everything and anything you need to the best of their abilities. It doesn't really matter if you know the staff or teacher, every single one of them will always be there to help you.The clubs and programs are all great too.

To add on, this school is fulled with diversity. Down the hall, your passing people that are Asian, African American, Hispanic, American, Cambodian, Pacific Islander and so much more. There are also many different languages, Other than English, I've heard of Russian, Chinese, Spanish, French and Japanese. And the fact that they have foreign language classes makes it better.
Lincolns a great school full of support and staff who will get you ready for exams and college. Teachers at the school are willing to help you and get you to where you need to be academically and coachs will at lincoln push you to become better. Other students are diverse and interesting.
It is amazing no matter what everyone is excepted everyone looks down on our school but they don't know what it's like it's the best school you could ever go to and I'm proud to be going there and happy to be graduating from there one day class of 2019
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