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To be honest with you i love Lincoln high school , its such an positive environment even through we are always on the news for negative things we are also an family a family in and out of this school.
I was a student here. I enjoyed my time because I have a niche group of diverse friends, but a majority of the school was white. Not that there was a problem with that, but it felt like a snobby environment
Everything about the school is great, just try to not stick to a friend group really hard because they are just ugh
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I like how this school is very connected and has a lot of spirit. Did all four years of high school here and I loved it.
So far, it seems very welcoming and involved with students adventure through high school and to college. Though some people in the school may not be the nicest, the school does the best they can to step away from drama and into the future.
It was a very interacting high school. Having many activities students could get involved in. The teachers were great and supported their student well.

I would have liked more guidance by my counselors to help prepare me for college. I think with the right counselor I would have went on a different educational path.
Generally, it is a great school! The teachers are nice, for the most part, and the classes can be difficult, but are mostly interesting. Obviously, this isn't the school's fault, but there are a lot of kids who don't care at all about the school, which is annoying, but sometimes, you just have to deal with it. Unfortunately, the events are not very good, to be honest. The assemblies are typically very cringy, or rather dumb, with a few exceptions, getting facts incorrect for assemblies like the Black History one, or playing terrible rap music. The same can be said with the Homeroom schedules in a lot of cases, with pointless stuff. The music program is excellent, however, especially band.
Really good education with really good teacher. School is outside with multiply buildings so you got to walk to classes like college which I really love.
Wonderful school & excellent resources. We are privileged to have so many parents & alumni in our area willing to invest in our school. Students all have the opportunity to benefit from the investment that is made into each students potential educational experience; even if not all take advantage. Fun school, great teachers & support. Encouraging environment & fostering of post educational success. Learning opportunities for those academically driven students as well as those more interested in creative (music/theatre) or industrial/technically driven (engineering/drafting/construction etc). Plenty of opportunities to discuss college plans & lots of exposure to future planning.

The lunch program should cater to those with food restrictions & allergies. Not a lot of gluten free food options.
What I like about this school is that the teachers are chill and they want to help us succeed. Something I’ll like to see change the dress code. It should be more stricter or we should get uniforms.
I have been attending Lincoln High School since freshman year and my journey started bumpy. I hit a few pot holes in the road but I was able to get through them with the help of the supportive friends I made. I have noticed that the bathroom facilities could be in much better shape and the food is nearly the same assortment of choices everyday. I have made great connections with my teachers but I have been exposed to a few teachers who seem to not care about their students well being. With all that being said Lincoln High is a great place to grow as a person, but I still think the school needs to grow itself in order to better the students and families in the community.
Was a old school but very tight knit community, that was the best part about it. Made a few lifelong friends
Lincoln is a pretty good school. There are tons of staff that actually care about the students' and try to make school not boring. There are also lots of school wide activities that basically anyone can go to. The music and sports programs are also pretty good, even if some are a bit expensive and time consuming (but that's okay because it shows the dedication of the students).
I enjoy the environment that is able to be portrayed such as the teachers as well as the people. However, there are many aspects that can change such as the diversity and emphasize the importance of clubs and school activities.
Being a student at Lincoln has been a wonderful experience. Bathrooms and classrooms have a bad bug problem, but academically a very good school. Tutoring is avalible to those who may need it. Ap course are offered starting as early as freshman year.
All the teachers I've had have been very well-educated and portray expertise in their subject of teaching. Teachers make class time enjoyable while staying productive. The student body does an amazing at planning school functions and activities. They greatly promote school spirit and never give up.
My four years at Lincoln High were amazing, as the teachers I had put students' learning as number one. There were many opportunities for student involvement/extra curriculum, such as group volunteering, clubs, events and so on. I would have enjoyed seeing a program or recommended electives for students interested in STEM, however.
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The school was very average, however overpopulated. We were provided excellent resources and the teachers genuinely care for their students success. The administration did not have the same idea in mind. programs were cut and funding generally went to building new sport affiliated structures.
I loved the teachers they were the best always encouraging me to do better. I’ve made some of the closet friend connections with the others around me both new and old friends.
it's a good high school with many resources and programs to be successful. being there for 4 years I have learned and applied everything Ive learned to my real life. there are some staff that don't work with the students.
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