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I never met a teacher that didn't care about their students and their futures. The school itself was just outdated, materials were older and the building was outdated.
Really makes an effort in supporting any student and their needs! Has many different music, art, sport and activities for all different types of students!
Lincoln High School is among the best of the best. Of the dozens of teachers I had in my time there, each and every one was overqualified and cared deeply about the success of their students. The Patriot spirit at the school was always high which made the wide variety of sporting events and wonderful music concerts all the better. I was more than prepared for college with the education I received at Lincoln. The AP program is absolutely thriving. The activities and clubs are endless; there is a way for anyone and everyone to be involved.
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I transferred from another school in the area to Lincoln for more academic choices and the band program. So far, I have greatly enjoyed the challenging academic environment Lincoln provides as well as a more diverse, accepting student body. Regardless of if you are involved in sports, the fine arts, or one of the many clubs they offer, I feel like there isn't an emphasis on any one activity. I also believe LHS provides courses that prepare students well for college if they choose to continue their education.
I absolutely loved attending Lincoln High School. The best part about this school is that there is a place for everyone. Lincoln goes above and beyond to make sure that everyone feels included and that they are getting the most out of their education. In addition to that, nearly every teacher that I encountered during my time at Lincoln was ready and willing to go above and beyond to help me achieve my goals and learn the most that I possibly could. Thank you Lincoln High School for making it the best four years possible! Even though some may consider us to be a big school, we are a family and I am going to miss seeing all of the teachers and underclassmen next year when I move on to the next stage of my life.
Although I still have one more year left at Lincoln High School, I can confidently say that I have enjoyed the experience. I feel comfortable and productive with all of my teachers which is very important to me. All around, I think Lincoln has a positive atmosphere where students are pushed to try their hardest.
I loved Lincoln high school it was fun. I was super pumped about my senior year but sadly covid 19 had other plans. My other years in high school though we’re a blast. I met so many new people every year. I’m hoping we will at least get a graduation even if it’s later in the summer bc we spent 13 years in school to be able to walk and I would love to walk with class of 2020 Lincoln high because I’ve known them for so long and soon we will be going our Separate ways. Overall high school experience id relate 7/10
Lincoln high school in Sioux Falls south dakota is a fairly good school with several ap class options. The patriots, however do not have a great football reputations, but make up for it with the amazing marching band. Classes are competitive, as it's a pretty bright school overall.
Lincoln High School has been a great experience which I believe prepared me for college. Lots of students take out-of-the-box opportunities with their schooling because of all the options of classes at Lincoln and with the district. The building itself is in need of some repairs, but the overall charm and atmosphere of the school has made for a great time. Students come together with a great staff to create a really good environment.
As a Senior I am very happy to have attended Lincoln. It has a lot of fun celebrations, such as our prep rallies, variety shows, and school play. It also has many programs and opportunities for it's students. It will not be uncommon to find a student that is apart of DECA, JROTC, Drama, and Debate. It has something for everyone and is full of supportive staff and teachers.
Lincoln High school is a nice and easy experience to those willing to try and commit. The helpful teacher that are willing to go the extra mile give the school an accepting and relaxing feeling. The staff is what sets Lincoln apart, every teacher loves what they do and feel personally connected with each student. In my four years of high school there, I loved every day there.
As a senior at Lincoln High School, I believe that I received a quality service of education. The teachers are very supportive and caring. The teachers taught us as a class and taught us individually when the concept was too difficult to comprehend.
The high school campus is rather diverse. Lincoln High has multiple booming programs from sports to fine arts. The teachers here truly look out for the students academic preparedness too.
I like that they had a Driver's education class at the school during the Summer months, it was a very positive experience.
It was overall a decent experience. It definitely could've been better. By this I mean the food could have been improved and also the hallways were too crowded.
I like the staff, first and foremost. It's filled to the brim with teachers who genuinely care about you and your education. I'm constantly supported by people who not only help me out now, but are working to help make sure my future is completely solid. It also strongly believes in the importance of arts programs.
Lincoln overall was and is a great high school to attend too. The atmosphere is very comforting and the students all work very well together. Every school is going to have it's up and downs with other students, teachers or other faculty. However, my favorite part about Lincoln was that they do a lot of things to get kids involved and offer many opportunities. I entered the public system in ninth grade and I have been offered many things to get involved in. I love being a student that represents the Patriots!
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My son graduated high school with 26 college credits and my daughter had 28 college credits. There are very few high school in South Dakota where that is possible.
Lincoln provides a very good experience in terms of academics. Many other schools around the area don't have as many opportunities in terms of being able to take AP classes and accelerated/honors classes. Almost every AP class that is worth taking and counts towards college credit is offered at Lincoln, even AP classes in the arts such as AP Music Theory and AP Photo. As being in the middle of the midwest, the diversity isn't great if that's what you're looking for. Lincoln's art programs are all thriving with well-developed teachers teaching them. Both the band directors and choir teachers have been in the program for years and the orchestra teacher has a doctorate. The athletics department is also doing very well. The coaches lead well and have been doing well in track and cross country, getting better at football, etc.
Lincoln High School has been an up and down experience for me. From year to year we have had changes in faculty, and administration; it has made it hard while transitioning through all my years in school. We have had two principles within my three years of school, which has brought big changes each time. I have appreciated and learned to adjust to both teachers. This year we also had three new assistant principles enter our school; having an all new staff has challenged students, but it has brought new excitements to Lincoln! Overall, my experience has been sub par. It has not been bad or great, but just an in between. I have had amazing experiences with music and academics here, but socializing has been hard. It is a very popular school, there is cliques and parties. Things I do not feel comfortable around; it has been one of the biggest challenges. I would appreciate changes being made in the student culture area, as well as the administration.
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