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Even though my experience was not typical due to illness (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) the school staff members went out of their way to help me every step of the way. The administration, teachers and counselors were extremely helpful. They spent time helping adjust my schedule and allowing for me to get work turned in based on my treatment schedule. Even though it is a large school they recognized my individual strengths and challenges. Lincoln celebrates the arts and is strong in sports as well. There are clubs, organizations, and opportunities all people. Communication is excellent, keeping parents and students informed. Lincoln was great place to learn and grow.
What I liked most about Lincoln High School was the music department. I was very involved in music there and that was the best part of the school. There are also many students that are high achievers, so this often times leaves a gap between the high achievers and the students who do not perform as well. There are many places where this school excels at, but there are also many places that the school lags behind.
The academics at Lincoln are slightly above average, but the hallways are always very crowded, and it is not large enough for the quantity of students it has enrolled.
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The teachers were awesome and prepared me well for all of the tests. Many of the tests felt easier and if I needed help I could always come in before or after school. Teachers were always prepared, exited, and happy to teach! Other than the occasional weird kid making out in the middle of the hallways, it was a great place to go!
Over the 4 years I have attended Lincoln, I have gained friendships and knowledge I will take with me into the future. Through our marching band program, I have learned the importance of reliability, being on time, responsibility and pride in my work. The teachers are fairly good at working with the students and most are very good at what they do. I have had the pleasure of working with teachers who care about me as a student by helping me with my homework. But, I've also had teachers who care about me as a person as well. The building is definitely run down and struggles to house the 2,000+ student body, however the class sizes are well adapted with sizes anywhere from 12 to 32.
A great, clean school with plenty of activities and clubs to partake in. Everyone is nice and easy to talk to, especially teachers!
I like the school spirit Lincoln High School has. I wish that there could be more diversity possibly, but I don't think that is something anyone can control
It seems that this school district is very spread out. Many people choose to live in the Lincoln school district because Lincoln High School is the highest placed school in Sioux Falls and many parents want their kids in that district.
From what I’ve seen, the best teachers go to accelerated/AP classes, which does make sense. However, as Lincoln pays SD’s teacher wage, which is, what, second lowest in the country? The rest of the teachers, the non accelerated teachers, are not as good, or involved. I’ve had one teacher try and bribe me to do better on the final, get at least a 99%. So if you’re a nonaccelerated student, well, the school doesn’t really care about you, (unless you’re an athlete). It’s unfair, and I wish they had their priorities straight.
Lincoln High school might not have the highest graduation rate, but they work harder than any other school in the district. The school has one of the highest amounts of non-English students and we work very hard to get them onto the same level as other students, even if it takes another year. The teachers all work extremely hard to make sure that students are doing their best and are feeling their best about school. Lincoln also has one of the strongest marching bands and tennis teams of the Midwest along with the only Latin class of the surrounding states for a public school. The four years I have spent here have been amazing and I couldn't wish for a better high school to see myself grow at.
I liked going to Lincoln because everyone is so nice and it is a safe place. One thing I would change is that the teachers are so strict about doing everything right.
Lincoln High School has a wonderful program of extracurricular activities. If you have a passion for something you can find a club, activity, or group that shares and encourages that passion. And, if one does not already exist it is simple to create your own and quickly find that community. For being a school within South Dakota it is considerably diverse including a large population of people political displaced from other countries. However, the majority of the population still falls in the caucasian middle-class classification. The school includes a cafeteria and school store where students can eat however the selection does not stray beyond the typical options. There are many options for free or reduced lunch or extracurricular involvement. Lincoln High School is a closed campus school within the Sioux Falls Public School District. There is a multitude of musical ensembles in Choir, Orchestra, and Band. There are also multiple theatrical/musical productions a year.
My experience at Lincoln had been wonderful. All of the teachers are absolutely amazing and always have the students’ best interest at heart. People are always willing to help and create an even better learning experience.
Lincoln High School is the place to be! The school has such a welcoming environment and is always kept tidy. The staff is beyond amazing, filled with patient, understanding, and excellent teachers.
Character and life lines the halls and a rich history of excellence propelles Lincoln into creating a nurturing and adaptive learning environment.
I enjoyed Lincoln High School because the school had a lot of diversity and most of the faculty seemed like they genuinely cared about the students. We had some really great coaches and the sports that I participated in the coaches always drove me to be the very best athlete and student that I could be. They never gave up on me and always pushed me harder and further so that I could succeed and with that being said thank you LHS for all the great memories.
I loved lincoln. It's hard moving to a new chapter. I enjoyed the school that was filled with so many students. I have a feeling Mr. Grimm will continue to do a wonderful job. I hope they keep the senior only lunch area so that others can enjoy the same freedom I had during my lunch period. I also hope the teachers keep being fun to be around.
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I was highly involved in the music at Lincoln High School. I spent 4 years in band, 2 years in choir and I took AP music history my senior year. The music area at Lincoln is very good and the high school is known for being very good in terms of the fine arts and education in general. I was able to take a good number of AP classes and felt that many of the teachers were very qualified to teach their respective classes. I can't think of anything specific that I would change, as most of my experience was fun and enjoyable, but I do think that trying to get more students involved in everything that the high school and the Sioux Falls school district does would be a good change for not only the city, but also the students, faculty and parents involved at the high school education level.
I really enjoyed my time at Lincoln High School. The best thing about Lincoln is that the school is not just good at one thing. Any activity a person could go to is amazing. The athletics are fun, the music is great and academics are amazing. The school has so many AP classes available to its students. One thing I want to see change at Lincoln is the resources available to struggling kids, but I know the new principle is working hard to change that.
Lincoln High School is a very great school to go out of the 3 other schools you could choose from in this town. We have high rates on our AP courses and have the highest graduate numbers. We have an amazing music department, especially if you're into (marching)band. Our athletics program is also very great, most students at Lincoln High School are involved in some extra-curricular activity whether it be an afterschool club, sports, music, art, and more. There is a lot of great things happening here.
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