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The teachers are possibly the only good thing about this school. The students if popular are allowed to break dress code and skip class. The sports are celebrated above all else and bigotry is rampant among students and some teachers. If you report bullying , nothing happens and counselor's are no help. If you're new, you'll possible have to figure everything out for yourself while also being required to remember five or more login information with the librarian getting mad and denying you the information when you ask.
There was always a heavy focus on athletics, which is great for the athletes. Not so great for the rest of us.
It honestly wasn't bad my freshman year and then they started to treat us like trash. The food is terrible, they don't give you much selection at all. The teaching is horrible and you get no help on college things, even tho they act like they will.
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I attend the greatest school. We have top notch teachers who are willing to spend their free time helping students. The school offers so many extracurricular activities and always does something extra for the students no matter what the event.
The school can sometimes be a bit ridiculous. There is a large emphasis on sports. I have also dealt with teachers who have no clue about the subject they're supposed to be teaching.
Overall Lincoln is a great school. The staff and administration seem to truly care about each and every one of the students. They do very well at including the parents in extracurricular activities. For example they allow parents to attend school dance orientation. One thing I wish they would change is the way they focus on sports more than academics, at times.
My teachers at Lincoln High were very involved. They genuinely care for their students and want them to have the best education possible. They are always willing to help a student who is falling behind.
The Lincoln High School experience was very enjoyable. The school is more like a family. The teachers are very friendly and involved. The Lincoln High Band is superior to others in the area. The band directors Mr. and Mrs. Channel have helped to shape me into the person that I am.
I wouldn't want to go to any other school! The teachers at Lincoln deeply and truly care about their students and the overall environment is very friendly. I've been involved in the band, theater, NJROTC, Key Club, Student Council and am currently managing the boys soccer team. Trust me when I say this is one heck of a school
Lincoln High School ensures a fun, safe learning environment for its students. Faculty and staff work alongside parents to give their kids the chance to be truly successful as future citizens. Whether you’re looking to become college or career ready, Lincoln High School is guaranteed to be the right fit.
Lincoln has been a second home to me over the past three years. Before I even reach the doors in the morning there is always a staff member standing out front, waiting to greet me, and every student. Lincoln High has helped me decide what I want to do after school, and what my talents are ( specifically within the business program.
During my time at Lincoln, I made everlasting friendships with teachers, students, and other staff members. I was very involved with sports and community service, as well as Honors Society. However, I also witnessed the unfortunate downfall of many and bullying on more than one occasion that was often overlooked by the faculty. Overall, though, I could not have chosen a better high school to spend my past four years.
I love this school. So far I’m top scholar in English, math, and Spanish! Since, I transferred high schools, I’ve done so much better in school.
I had a moderate experience with Lincoln High. I felt as if I did not really fit in to any cliques, however I played a sport which helped with branching out to new opportunities. I had a small group of friends and like any one else, we were ready to graduate and get our diploma.
I changed schools and moved to Lincoln High school my sophomore year. It was the best decision I have ever made in my life. The teachers are excellent, the students are all friendly and getting involved in school activities is so easy and fun.
Over all poor quality school. The school building is out of date and the technology is severely lacking. Most of the teachers want to teach, but others just don't care.
The experience at Lincoln High School is like no other. We are a small school compared to other schools around the world. You know everyone by a first name bases. You are like a family: theres people you don't like, people you can't stand to be around, people you like, and people you love. At the end of your senior year you stand beside each other with your arms wrapped around each other's neck singing in the school alma mater.
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Lincoln High School is an overall great school. There are great kids and amazing teachers. The only thing I'd like to see different is more activities that the students can get involved in so everyone can have a chance at being known for something great.
Lincoln High School has given me a comforting and safe environment to grow up in these last four years. The teachers have been nothing but helpful in preparing all students, including myself, to graduate and enter the adult world with an open mind. I do feel extremely prepared for college and I owe it all to Lincoln High School.
I have attended Lincoln High School for four years faithfully and it has many ups and downs. I came in as a freshman the same time as a whole new administration did. It was a big change for the entire school because many rules and regulations were changed. They did an amazing job coming in and taking a hold of the students. Lincoln High School is a very friendly place to be and the students are a tight group. The students are very good at showing school spirit and the teachers and students work really well together. The principles and counsellors are very good at making sure the seniors are getting ready for college. We have two meetings a month with information about colleges and scholarships. They take care of every student and make sure they are going down the right paths. Overall, Lincoln High School is a very well rounded school that has many great qualities.
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