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Lincoln High (San Diego) is a Great School, fully of Diversity. Has a College Program for HS Senior to have College credits before College starts
I like the diversity at my school. The pride that we have. The opportunity's. I would like to see better lunch at my school.
There are a lot of many clubs and programs available that help you for college for example Aaron price fellows program.
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What I like about Lincoln High School is the diversity of cultures. During these 3 years, almost 4 in Lincoln I felt super good, I felt accepted by the beautiful community that my colleagues gave me. Also, for their great support, they give people that English is their second language is amazing. They support you a lot until you feel comfortable being able to handle it by yourself. Lincoln teachers are very kind to students, they support you if you need help, try to do everything possible so you can improve. On the other hand, what I don't like about Lincoln is the food, I feel that the food they give is very bad, because nothing they give is healthy. But in others, Lincoln is a good school.
Lincoln high school culture is something you don’t find everywhere. It is such a family experience. The teachers are amazing. They offer so many programs to get students ready for college and they even offer after school tutoring.
I went here for all 4 years of my high school. It was fun, I made friends. My siblings and I went there, and so I would hang with them. Teachers were cool, the work was adjustable. The scheduling was cool. And the counselors were nice to talk to.
I really liked all the opportunities that were provided to me throughout my years of attendance. They have a lot of after school programs, clubs, and sports to help students be engaged with each other. They also have AP courses and college classes that help you get a taste of what college will be and they help you become prepare for this new experience. I also like how all my teachers were always available to help me improve in my classes. I don't think I would change anything, my experience has been great. Well, maybe I would change the food they give us, just some of the plates because others are really good.
I like the teachers and how they try their best to do what’s going to benefit the students. They try very hard to give you opportunities for college or other choices. I hope in the future this school becomes more beneficial and keeps doing great things.
Lincoln isn’t a bad school as others refer it is. There are kids at Lincoln who want to be somebody in life. Lincoln offers many resources and Lincoln prepares you for college with their many academic resources.
Some of the things i like about lincoln high school is the culture. the school is very exciting always has events and activities for its students. Another good thing about lincoln is that everyone is pretty involved with clubs and sports. not everything is positive though there tends to be a lot of fights.
I enjoyed my 4 years at Lincoln High School because I had so much going to this school. The teachers and friends I made are very friendly and nice to me. The student show a lot of school spirit here and support our school in every events we have.
i have been here for 4 year and it's not as bad as people say it is. At first i didn't know what to expect form this school but the school is alright. The class are easy and there is some that are hard. mostly i like is school,i have made some friends.
I like the diversity and culture of Lincoln High School. I also like the sports teams they offer because there are so many options, but the food is a little on the average side but people here is nice and its a safe campus so Lincoln is pretty good school.
When I came to Lincoln in 2015, my sophomore year I honestly didn't know what to expect, due to the reputation that I heard of but since coming to Lincoln I have really enjoyed my time here. I strongly encourage becoming a hornet, there are great opportunities, amazing experiences and a great faculty and staff, and they offer great classes including college course. I love Lincoln, and I'm forever a hornet!
I like the people that go here, students, teachers and counselors. The resources the school provides are more than other schools luckily. The advanced placement classes are plentiful.
My experience at Lincoln High School has been a journey being that we are an inner city school in Southeast San Diego. My favorite thing about being at Lincoln is the diversity. At other schools that I have attended it was predominately Asian so being around different efficiencies is a different experience. With the help of teachers and peers I can say the people at Lincoln are my family. Lincoln comes together as one when it comes to media trying to figure out what goes on around our school. For instance, the whole school had a peaceful protest so we can get the principal we want to represent our school. We also have college courses that get us ready for the college experience. Not to mention our sports & clubs are the best all around.
My experience in Lincoln high school has been pretty well. There lots of clubs to join. Many sports as well. At the moment I'm in softball and my teammates are very caring. The teachers as well. My two years at Lincoln has been great.
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Lincoln High offers free lunch to every student and proactively encourages and assists students in applying to colleges, scholarships, and the FAFSA. However, there are numerous fights and the offices are scattered around campus, instead of just being at the front. Overall, it is disorganized and the spirit assemblies need lots of improvement.
I like about the high school is that the teachers are actually really good. all the ones I had obligated that they see me do things in life that never give up they gave others opportunity's they never said you couldn't do things because they said you can. What I would like to see more is spirit because I hate seeing others say oh I like to see thing change and more people getting involve but nobody does anything.
I personally think Lincoln High School is a great school. Even though it may seem that they have a bad reputation, it's just the media and how it portrays it. I have never felt more connected and happy with the teachers there. They are always ready to help you or just be there for you whenever. They understand how it feels to be told that you're something else or somewhat bad just because of the area you live in.
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