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An amazing public school which provides the perfect balance of academic and extracurricular success. The IB program is rigorous but enables students to be global citizens and to help their community at the grassroots and national level. The teachers are all so committed to their students and truly want to see each person succeed.
Lincoln High School left me with amazing and unforgettable memories. The teachers that taught me in the past four years have been extremely supportive. One of my favorite qualities that Lincoln has is their environmental and social awareness. The diversity assemblies helped me build confidence in who I am. The global warming walk out helped me understand that our planet is on the verge or dying, and as a student, we need to let the world hear our voice. The newly built gender neutral bathroom helped me understand that it is so important that I accept people as who they are. LIncoln offers a lot of sports teams, clubs, which made the school experience extremely fun.
However, there were some flaws as well. Lincoln High School is one of the oldest high schools that was founded in the Portland Public District, and is located in downtown Portland. I have seen a lot of homeless people. The campus itself is old, and I have encountered roof leakages, broken bathrooms.
As far as public schools go, Lincoln was a good experience for me. I felt supported by most of my teachers, made good friends and had the opportunity to complete the full IB program. The school's principal, Peyton Chapman, is the best principal I have ever had and deserves a raise for her effort.
The school, despite trying its best, is overcrowded. I heard it was designed for 950 students, and now has twice that. Luckily it is getting gutted and rebuilt, so hopefully it will finally be able to support the growing number of students enrolled each year.
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Some teachers don't really listen. They just teach. The school is mostly white, so it's not very diverse. I feel like those of minorities do get treated differently than those in the majority. Whites get special treatment.
My experience has been pretty positive overall. The school itself is very old, so that is definitely a negative when it comes to facilities, but a new (and presumably better) building is currently being built on the field and should be complete by 2023. There are also some pretty amazing teachers and staff members. However, I also found that at times Lincoln could have a very competitive environment.
Lincoln is an inner city school, and while the facilities were less than par, we are in the process of getting renovated! The teachers taught for the sake of their students, and really cared about the safety and well being of everyone. There were also many unique opportunities in terms of classes that were offered including Culinary Arts, Computer Science, and Product Design.
Lincoln has a stellar academic profile that includes a top notch science and math program as well as diverse options for history credits. I did struggle with the racial profile at Lincoln. A very large majority of the student population is white, and the staff reflects this demographic too. There is also a huge deficit in the amount of funding that sports receives versus the amount of funding that the arts receives-- which is 0$. Over-all my experience has been positive, and I thank the environment in which I have grown for the massive gains that I have made in self improvement.
Overall, I have had an OK experience going to Lincoln High School. The building of Lincoln itself was one of the most run down school buildings I have seen. The water is undrinkable because there is lead in the water. Most of the ceilings were either broken or had holes in them. Water would drip from the ceilings when it rained (living in Portland it rains all the time). Not only was the building itself in horrible condition but the staff (teachers) were not very good. They clearly had no passion for what they were teaching and only gave us busy work. Some would not even try to teach us and would make us learn the material on our own. The student life is quite interesting but is pretty much like any other high school forming social hierarchies. These hierarchies have caused lots of problems and have made people feel left out and as if they are inferior to others. Lincoln High School overall is not a school I would recommend.
Lincoln is a school that is very strong in terms of academics. I would really like to see more diversity in Lincoln both in terms of student body and faculty members. Also, Lincoln's art programs is a bit underfunded, and I would really like to see resources put into student's art education as well aside from academics.
Lincoln offers a fantastic curriculum and a wide variety of interesting classes. The teachers are supportive and there are many clubs you can join. However, the building itself is falling apart and the school is not very diverse.
The school offered ample academic challenges and provided great opportunities for activities outside the classroom. The school was far too political in my view, particularly in encouraging students to participate in political protests (including via soft suggestions within the classroom). There also could have been more direct assistance with the college application process (e.g., by using students' senior English class to help prepare common app. essays).
At Lincoln High School I have been a part of movements and walkouts that brings the best out of the Portland Community. I am motivated so much by my teachers and my peers. I have enjoyed my 4 years at Lincoln High School and I’m excited to find another college community alike it.
Teachers were nice but the building Was awful and how administration went about resolving issues could have been a lot better.
Great academics, terrible building but they are building a new one soon. Zero diversity at the school, but quality teachers and quality activities.
My last 3 years at Lincoln High School, I have built tremendous relationships with students and teachers that have helped me succeed in the highly competitive academic atmosphere. The best part of Lincoln is the overwhelming amount of support within the school. This includes after school tutoring, racial alliance clubs, amazing counselors and mediators, that gives every student the opportunity to thrive. Excited for my senior year!
The building itself is falling apart and overcrowded. While there are many amazing teachers and staff, there are also some who do not care about the success of their students and not much is done to improve the experience of students in these situations.
The teachers are hit or miss. There is still asbestos in the current building and will soon be torn down to build a new one. The classrooms are often too small and teachers don't always have a permanent room of their own. Student culture is pretty good, bullying is low but there is a rebellious culture with the kids. Alcohol and drug abuse is relatively high and partying is frequent. The kids pretty quickly become cliquey and don't often branch outside of their friend groups. Mostly just a school of "do as you're told and you'll survive"
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It is very inclusive, as well as provides, as a safe and enjoyable environment for students to learn in.
Lincoln High School is great if you care about academics, specifically IB, and very little else. It's getting redone in 2020 but currently, the building is falling apart and is frankly dangerous. Ceiling tiles fall off, mystery liquids seep into the bathrooms, and lead contaminates the water.
Lincoln High School is a very academically challenging school and will prepare you for college well. There are many terrible teachers at this school who could not care less about you. There is a huge problem with depression and drug use at lincoln. At school it's the only thing people talk about and think about.
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