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Not gonna lie the school is a good school academically, most of the teachers do their job, the staff are wonderful some may say theyre like family. the diversity
aomg the school is great ebery year year theres culture fest, where the students express there culture. the counselers prepare the students with colleges readiness by hosting multiple workshops and college trips.
School's education is very poor. There's many opportunities but overall it was a decent place to be for four years.
When I first came to Lincoln high school in my eleventh grade. When I came to this school for enrollment on the first day, all the teachers were very friendly and they would help me arrange courses and answer my questions. There are also bilingual consultant teachers in the school, and some students with poor English can talk to them in their mother tongue. Among all my courses, lunch is undoubtedly the most popular and the most lively one. The school provides free breakfast and lunch every day, and it is very rich. So, I am very happy that I have come to Lincoln High School and I am very happy to meet new teachers and new friends.
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I had a terrible experience with the some of the students. But the staff overall were great and caring.
Provided many opportunities. I felt that I tried out new things and gained a great experience. The people could be better but I felt that the people I've met i can say are my true friends.
The teachers and staff are nice, with a few exceptions that's only here for the paychecks. One of the few problems here is peer pressure that willed classmates to skip class, disrespect teachers, etc. But the climate support staff are getting these students under control. overall, it's a nice school if you know what you want to get out of high school
I attended Lincoln High School for three years. It does not have a good reputation but it does have good teachers that take care of the good students that attend
Lincoln high school has great environment of teaching and education and variety of classes that students can choose to attend. When I was first time go to the Lincoln high school, I felt that was clear and bright and makes me felt so comfortable and relaxing. But in some classes that the students was so noise and makes me can not pay attention to the class and makes some teacher can not controls of them.
Everyone says it's a bad school. But to be truthful, you just have to have the determination to find what's right for you. The teachers are there to help you, but whether or not you want to get involved with student drama is up to you.
I liked the diversity and how much the teachers cared to see the students succeed in their education and lives.
Lincoln, overall, is a decent school with a lot of hardworking students and teachers, who try their best to provide the materials for their students.
Lincoln High School was a great experience for me. You really have to work for your success. Throughout my time at Lincoln, I managed to pass me classes with straight A's, receiving a 4.0 GPA. Get involved with the school's clubs and associations, they are a big help for your future. Form a relationship with your teachers. Despite my quiet and shy personality, teachers had often admired me for my effort in school and offered advice for college. I will never forget my best teachers and how kind they were. The only bad thing about this school is the immaturity of the students. I've managed to steer away from the kids who had no desire to attend class and kept them from preventing my own success. Many who have never attended Lincoln will say that the school is too easy and no one teaches, but they are completely wrong. Classes in your junior and senior year will be the most difficult, and your teachers will not put up with your slack.
I like Lincoln high school, because teachers are kind and securities are doing their best for our safety. I made a lot of friends in Lincoln high school and they don't have too many Chinese in the school, so it helped me with my English. I think they need do some changes in lunch line, because there are many students cut the lunch line that make other students get their lunch late, so I hope they can try to solve this problem or they can make another line for pizza, so people in the lunch line will reduce.
Good teacher, but not good student! When I first start school, it is easy for me to make friends, but the student in is very group, and some student are not good quality, they will make fun of you base on your race.
Im very involved, and I love everything I do.
I have been given more opportunities in this school than any other school i have been to.
My teachers have been very helpful to me ever since I started attending Lincoln. If it weren't for my teachers I wouldn't be Senior Class President or be as involved as I currently am.
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the nurse rarely know what to do
The extracurricular activities are pretty great
the sports and band are pretty good
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