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Overall, my experience at Lincoln High school has been good. I feel like I'm receiving a well-rounded education and I'm being challenged as much as I'd like to be. There are many course options ranging from normal classes to AP and IB classes in many different subjects.
I loved a lot of my teachers but all of the school funding went into sports. The school is very pretty on the outside but it can get crowded.
Lincoln High school has been rated as on of the most beautiful high schools in Wisconsin. It has a large outdoor field for sports as well as an impressive architectural design. Though the outside of the school is impressive, the inside provides a hard working environment perfect for students to learn in. The classrooms are a bit crammed, as there is a large student body and not much space to fit everyone. Though space is a bit of an issue, the classrooms manage to function effectively and academics are exceptional. There are many extra curricular activities going on in clubs and sports that better students learning. There are also many opportunities for help if a student needs it, including tutoring and study groups in the library. The teachers care for their students and offer help to those who need it in and out of school hours. Lincoln produces very reliable and hardworking students that are ready and prepared for the next step of their lives whatever that may be.
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Lincoln High School is a link to my heart as I am a Link Leader to new welcoming students and a leader to my school! I hope to aspire students that are to go to Lincoln High School to use their time wisely in Lincoln High School. Lincoln High School has a lot to offer and if there isn't anything you want there it is easy to talk to teachers and staffs of the building to solve the problem. I remember we would always hold an event for new freshman a day before school start and I was once those welcomed students. I love the activities they hold as to build up the team work in homerooms and rise our attendance percentage. However, I would sometime love it if when they decide to do these activities that they would tell us two weeks in advance, so our teachers who give out tests or due dates on that week would prepare the students.
There were a wide range of courses and programs offered. The school is semi diverse with the majority being white. Graduation is a time for scacred traditon and uniqueness. Cafe food is adequate. School pride is adverage.
Most of the teachers I've had at Lincoln have been kind and understanding of my circumstances while also pushing me to learn and grow as a student. I was able to find friends among the large student body that I feel really understand me. I wish the school had more funding, as while it functions alright, it could be improved. One thing I don't approve of is the massive cut on advanced science classes for the 2019-2020 school year. While it will not affect me since I am graduating, I know a lot of students who were planning on and looking forward to taking these classes next year, and I don't think it is right to take away this opportunity from them.
I liked how easy it was to talk to teachers and administration. I would change how kids look at the sports and work ethic.
Lincoln High School in my years has experienced many changes, such as how when our principal left, a new one came, this being Mr.Thennes, who started the initiative to make Lincoln a well-functioning and welcoming environment. The food, on the other hand, is not very good, as we get it from a provider known as Chartwells, and their food is bland and tasteless. They have an excellent theater program I would recommend to anyone looking to have a fun time. My experience overall has been very good. On the other hand, the district itself has not always taken mental health all that seriously and has made me quite disappointed in how they handle it.
Lincoln was a very average school. At the time I was going there, which was only two years ago, I hated it. The teachers were decent, but the administration was awful. There were practically zero safety measures. Just two months ago, a piece of the ceiling fell in a classroom. In my Junior year, someone had snuck into the school and became a majority safety hazard for the student and staff. It was horrible.
As for the learning itself, at the time of going to school there, I thought it was mediocre at best. However, since attending Cardinal Stritch University, I see how well the school had prepared us for college. Most other students in my classes haven't learned half the things I did in my high school education, which is a shame.
There are so many classes available to take. When compared to other schools our school provides us with many options. The building is "historic" which means it's cold and hot. There are many great inspiring teachers. Only once out if all the teachers I met did we not see eye to eye. I love how our school has preserved a unique graduation ceremony down outside.
I enjoyed my time there for the most part. Though this were a little weird in there as the programing shifted and such but I mostly enjoyed my time there.
My experience at Lincoln High School was memorable. I still remember thinking about all the possibilities of how high school could go wrong at the beginning of sophomore year, but I was wrong. High School was not bad at all! I liked it. There were many clubs, activities, and sports that you could be involved in at Lincoln High School. Rolling into my last year of High School, I'll be even more involved than before! Go Ships!! #shipspride
What I like about Lincoln high school is the teachers are always there for you when you need help and they will lose some of their time just to help their students. I also like the clubs and the activities you can do that the school and there is so much to choice from. What I want to see change in Lincoln high school is teaching our students that we all here for one another and it’s okay to build friendship.
Overall Lincoln High School is a great school to attend. The teachers are very nice and do everything they can to help their students do well in their class and in life. The teachers even take their own personal time to help the kids and that really made going there special. The school could use more club opportunities though as there are currently not that many of them there.
The opportunities I have had in clubs, sports, internships and relationships with teachers have defined me as who I am today. I am so lucky to have gone to such a well rounded school and I feel prepared for my future endeavors!
Lincoln High School is a pretty good high school. It offers many great courses, including AP and IB courses, that push students to be their best and gets them to be college ready. The AP classes also allow students to take the AP test for each course they were enrolled in and possibly get college credit. Not all schools offer this which is why Lincoln is so special. The teachers are friendly and want their students to strive. They are always around and available to help their students with any questions they have. Looking for a good time on a Friday night? There are always sports going on no matter the season! Lincoln High School is a great public school for students to strive and look to their future.
Lincoln is a very good school, teachers care about their students and have interesting classes where you learn a lot. They have great extracurricular activities and they are getting more involved in making a better community for the entire school.
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Lincoln is a very calm but attentive school. I would like to see a change in voting and decision making, I don't like how most things are popularity votes. This year is about bettering yourself as a person and as a student. Many students don't find this appealing and a waste of time. I find that the constant talking about this is distracting and takes away from other things going on in school. This has taken up most of the time in Homeroom instead of focusing on homework or homework help.
I liked how everything has improved and continues for the better of the students. Recently our head staff was newly hired, and changes have helped make students more involved in activities. I also like how our music department is emmensly growing. More and more students are experiencing great things, having chances to take their musicality to new levels. Lincoln has graduates attending Eastman School of Music, and Berklee College of Music.
I liked the variety of classes and the ability to take college level courses. Select teachers such as Mrs. Horatis Foss and Mrs. Evenson are very supportive and helpful teachers. They care about your learning and your success.
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