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I went to Lincoln high school for three years and I enjoyed it. Lincoln High is a diverse school with good education.
Lincoln High School is a very diverse school with a wide array of opportunities provided to its students. It is the most diverse school in Lincoln, NE making it a great location for the IB Program. The IB Program opened many doors for me and adequately prepared me for college. Overall, a great school.
I love Lincoln High School. The faculty and staff is incredible, interesting, and supportive. I met so many wonderful people at this school.
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Lincoln High School is the most diverse school in the Lincoln Nebraska. It is also the oldest and has a rich history that is showcased throughout the school itself. Teachers and staff work extremely hard to provide a great education for their students and genuinely care about them. All in all, this school is the best in Lincoln both experience wise and education wise.
I like how diverse my school is and how nice some teachers could be at times. The people I was friends with made it ten times better. I feel that our admins got less stricter on this year's class,
Lincoln High School is an amazing public school where teachers and administration actually care about their students. There are so many resources available to students such as: free after school tutoring, many multi-cultural clubs, free dinner and snacks after school through CLC programming, peer mediators, activities to improve mindfulness and so much more. There is truly a place for everyone to fit in at Lincoln High.
During my time at Lincoln High School, I was a part of the IB program which was nice. It felt like a small community. Lincoln High also had a ton of activities and clubs which I was able to participate in! My favorite part, though, was this activity called festivus which was half a day of fun and for all of us students to hangout in a controlled environment and get to know people of different clubs who we would not normally get to know.
I attended Lincoln High School as it was the only school in my city which held the International Baccalaureate Program. Due to this program I am more than prepared for college. The teachers at Lincoln High are the best teachers I've ever had. With the close connections formed through the IB program, I was able to have close interactions with my teachers and students which allowed for a more tit knit community and long lasting relationships. The diversity at Lincoln High is the highest in the city. Walking in the hallways hearing three different languages is absolutely stunning and has fueled my passion for exploring the world and the amazing cultures which it holds. Things that I would change about Lincoln High are its stress levels due to the expectations of students in high-level classes such as AP and IB programs. While not an easy problem to fix, there are class-specific solutions such as lightening homework loads and readjusting classwork as well as how class time is spent.
Lincoln High is a home away from home! It's place where everyone can find somewhere to belong and discover themselves!
Lincoln high is very diverse, with students from all over the globe. There are also many different classes to take, so you'll never run out of options. Teachers here are very supportive and considerate.
When I went to this I saw how diverse it was and was grateful to know that I could be myself here without feeling judged. What I also liked most was the teachers they were helpful with every student and helped us get ready for college overall they all wanted us to succeed in the future.
I am currently a senior and I've been to the school for all my 4 years, and I have no regrets. It' an amazing diverse school, everyone is different and has a different story. I'm different than many of them and they respect me a lot, and every morning I step foot in the building, I feel safe, respected, and it feels like home.
Lincoln High School is a diverse and accepting school, where everyone's talents will be accepted and appreciated. The culture of the school is very inviting, and people are very friendly and kind.
Lincoln High School is a great school with great students. It is the most diverse school in the city and it shows, you can't walk down a hallway without hearing at least 3 languages. It is a great school which I would recommend to anyone who wants a great high school experience.
I like how diverse this school is. I like how every week they celebrate something different. It could be culture, LGBT+, etc. This week is LGBT+ so everyone expresses themselves and who they are. I also like how diverse their clubs are they have clubs about almost everything. From ASL, to LGBT+, to gaming, etc. I like how helpful the teachers are (I don't know all of them but the ones I have had) help me out because they care and want me to pass their class. so if I need extra help they will stay after school to help me. I think they should get better cafeteria food.Its really gross and even the admin and stuff agree.
Most diverse, tightly knit school out there. The administration and staff cares so much about their students. Teachers give a viable effort to create a personal relationship with every student. Education is amazing here too, they have the IB program (only school in Lincoln with it), AP, Dif, and regular level classes. Teachers push their students to do their best and get the best out of them.
I liked the numerous extracurricular activities available. I enjoyed being a part of their drama program for the short time I was there.
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I really liked the family that they gave me. They made me feel welcome in a place where I don't think I could have been welcome in other places.
Very diverse school with opportunities for all!
Wonderful principle, who actively participates in students' academic life.
Teachers are very nice, they help us right away when seen there is a problem. Help us ready for college
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