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When I attended Lincoln High School, it had a very big family feel to it. I knew my whole graduating class, I also knew most of the staff, and it felt like another home to me. It was definitely a school that you got out of it what you put in it. If you worked hard, the payout was big, but if you slacked off, you tended to fail. The teachers were easily approachable. So if you needed help in a subject, there never lacked a helping hand. After school, I would take advantage of peer tutoring, which allowed me to get help for myself, or help other students with their classwork as well.
At Lincoln High School, the faculty really care to show you all of the potentials you can achieve in life. The diversity of classes is really exceptional, especially for a High School.
It is an amazing High School, with lots of actives, pathways, that help direct you with your future goals after High School. Their Welding program and Ag, and FFA program are all amazing
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I love that Lincoln is filled with a bunch of really nice kids. No one seems like a bully there and everyone is super inviting. Although it would be nicer if administrators payed more attention to the parking lot and how it is too small and no one controls how and where people go in the morning .
This school may be old but it is truly a great experience. I feel that I had gotten the education that was needed to be successful in my junior college. Some of the classes could be taught better but everyone was always friendly and it stayed a clean campus the four years I went there. There are many clubs and sports that you can join for this school to make you feel involved.
What i like about Lincoln high school is the wide range of classes to choose from, and the school resources. I want to persue a career within the medical field, and the high school offers a medical assisting class that most schools don't. The school resources like afterschool tutoring and college meetings have been very helpful to me throughout the years. Afterschool tutoring has helped me keep good grades and the college meetings are always informational and have helped me decide what i want to do with my life. What i would like to see change at Lincoln high school is the school spirit. Often times, many kids wouldn't show up to the school rallys or dress up for school spirit days. I think those tyoe of activities are fun and it would be nice to see more people participate.
Lincoln High is a great school overall. The kids are extremely friendly along with the teachers. The school holds high expectations for their students, meaning that the expect everyone to have a 3.0 gpa or better. The school is being updated little by little to prepare for future generations.
This highschool is very old and needs to replace everything. There is nothing good about this school, the teachers give no effort to teach their students, most of the kids in all my classes have trouble understanding what to do most of the time. The bathrooms are filled with druggies and smokers 95 percent of the time. If you know what's good for your child, don't bring them here.
I love the teachers and the fact that they actually care about you. They have helped me through a lot of stuff and not just the subjects they teach, but about life. I love this school and it’s school spirit
My experience at Lincoln High School was great! The school holds such a high pride too its self that it never wants to fail. Therefore always pushing its students to do more and do greater. Although when it does fail Lincoln is very quick to fix it and learn from it. What I wish would change however would be the school lunch, I mean come on how can we not afford bulk healthy products that are genuine and in surplus to provide for our students. Howvere that is the only complaint I would have. Lincoln Highschool is an amazing school that has always helped me out when I need it and shaped me into the person I am today
I love all the people and teachers but I would like to see the school schedule change. It is hard to work around for work and activities outside of school.
Amazing school culture, each student treats their fellows peers as a part of the "Zebra family"! Great staff and beautiful campus- also a wide variety of class options to take!
Lincoln High School has an extremely welcoming environment as well as a rigorous curriculum for those who wish to challenge themselves. Academic growth is encouraged and rewarded accordingly. The students and staff are friendly. The campus has been recently remodeled with a new building and quad area for the students to spend lunchtime.
Most teachers and faculty were really nice and offered a good education. Some were lazy but they were few and far between.
The environment was friendly, and the teachers made an impact in students' academic and extracurricular endeavors.
I really loved the environment at Lincoln. It's a small town, so I knew a lot of people a fit in quickly. I was able to do things with my friends and easily play sports for the school. In a social sense, life was good. Academically, it was pretty challenging. I enjoyed that. I felt confident enough to take rigorous classes, but challenged enough to know that I had to work for success. I was able to connect with a few teachers that gave me a lot of encouragement and support during difficult times. I feel really connected with the school due to the outstanding administration and environment.
Lincoln High school is located in a small town and is the only high school in our district so you can imagine that everyone knows everyone. Our high school has one of the largest farms in the United States. Our farm has 900 acres and is the host for many agricultural subjects such as animal science. Another thing that most schools do not offer that ours does is the Project Lead The Way Pathways. I am currently in the Biomedical Pathway and loving every minute of it. In this class, I get hands-on experience and a look at what the medical field is all about. My favorite thing that I have done in this pathway is dissecting a sheep heart. Every school has some cons and for Lincoln it is the fact thatb we have over 2,000 kids attending the school and not enough resources tpo go around. Overall, my experience at Lincoln has been one I will never froget and I can't wait to see what my junior and senior years hold.
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I like how friendly everyone is each other. And how easy it is to make friends. I would change anything about it, I hope it will always stay as a great school.that
Lincoln High School is a great school with a one of a kind community. The buildings are a little old, but they make the best of them. There are many phenomenal teachers.
It is a very good school filled with amazing teachers and great oppurtunity for educational growth and help/preparedness for college.
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