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All of the good teachers left to go to other schools that pay more and their replacements are teachers that have never taught before and are power hungry.
As a person who attends Lincoln High School I think Lincoln has a lot to offer to the students such as clubs, spourts, and collage classes. I think that Lincoln focus to much of it's attention on spourts. They use all there money on Football fields and Basketball courts. I think that Lincoln should try to focus more into clubs as FFA, and FBLA. And they shouldd focus on band and choirs also. I think a lot of bullying goes on at Lincoln. Lincoln throws computer work at people and dosent work through this work with students.
Although it is not hard to find good teachers, but finding a great teacher is another story. Here at Lincoln High School I have experienced the greatest time of my entire high school. Throughout my years here I have seeked and received all the help I could ever want and more. My counselors have provided us with great ACT resources and tutoring. This type of help keeps me stay motivated to keep my grades up all while applying for colleges and scholarships. The community and help I have received here is by far better help than anywhere else I have looked. I get what I need done all with the help of our Lincoln High School counselors.
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School has very good facilities but does not get students ready for the outside world! Everything is online so they just throw a course at you and demand you to finish it for a grade. This school is all about athletics and athletics only.

Some nice teachers willing to work with you but going to a different school will definitely be in your best interest.
Very heavily focused on the athletic teams. Nowhere near enough funding towards any of the arts programs, which are mostly funded by the programs themselves. On the upside though, due to the size of the district as a whole, everyone knows everyone and there really is a family feel. The teachers are amazing and are more than open to helping students whenever needed.
Lincoln is a school populated by students raised in poverty and it shows in programs and education standards. The administration is overly focused on learning by use of technology and the students struggle because of it. The administration is too concerned by test scores and apples pressure to teachers which leads them to spend half of the class time testing students rather than teaching them. Athletics is prioritized but we are not successful in the sports offered. Funding is poured into new basketball courts and a football field with terf but we only disappoint ourselves on them. The areas that are successful such as our FFA program and our FBLA program are basically loathed by administration. Teachers are underpaid and not supported in terms of administration so we often start the year with handfuls of beginning teachers that move to better facilities with better students after a year.
I really do love this town along with the school. I have gone to Lincoln since I was 4 years old and this May I will be graduating from the same school I began at. We have excellent resources most seniors have Mac-Book Airs and every other grade has Chrome-books. We built a new high school about 5 years ago so all of our facilities are excellent whether it be classrooms or athletic facilities. We recently just added a half a million dollar turf football field to our list of assets and we are quite proud of it. The biggest part about this school is we just don't have the best teachers. Nothing against the knowledge of our teachers, but most of our teachers are coaches and our schedule doesn't allow them all the time they need for their teams and other students academic needs. I love this school, but I personally believe that you will get a better education if you take more advanced virtual classes.
I would like to see our school hire more teachers capable of teaching higher level courses. At this time, most are done through Virtual Arkansas. We need to higher coaches with more experience and proven records so we can develop athletes. The food is horrible since we changed to a food service company. Parents even complained at the athletic banquet because they catered the event and the food was the same as served to students, horrible and from a can. To improve this, they need to get rid of the food service and their current staff and hire people that know how to cook. No processed food but home cooked food that people will enjoy eating. Just because you are cooking for kids does not mean that the quality needs to go down.
Lincoln High School has an amazing Agriculture department with Nationally recognized teachers. These 2 teachers are the reason I love my school. They have taught me how to study for test and presentations at a college or above level.
They are pretty mediocre to me. We are in a small town so we don't get much, we put far too much into our athletics program ( 6+ coaches) even though the only thing we can really take pride in is our agriculture branch. But the school has nice teachers and is small, it also gains you access to Upward Bound and Northwest Technical Institute (NWTI). The town itself is quite bad, the town is dangerous and we have nothing here besides a neighborhood harps.
There's always that one to two teachers you'll hate but surprisingly for a small town has a lot of opportunities including multiple college classes and certifications. I got my PCA, CPR, PET SAVER, and computer certifications while attending!
There were many things I enjoyed about Lincoln high school. The school itself was very unique and had many opportunities for kids to learn. Also the fact that we were a “new tech” school was even better, gave us more of a advantage to see the world a little bit better. My experience here was definitely one I will never forget taught me how to be a man and focus on what really matters in the real world. One thing I would like to change is more independence. What I mean by this is that teachers would always be helping students with work related projects etc, and that’s completely fine I understand that. I also understand that you need to let the kids sometimes do it by themselves because when they graduate and go off to college they’ll soon realize they won’t have that extra help or chip on there shoulders.
Lincoln High School was not the biggest school but it was still fun. Everyone knew each other because it was small. I feel like Lincoln High School is very lenient on their students. They always try to add new changes to make the school better. I think Lincoln needs to boost their school spirit but it seems like it's starting to become better.
I do like Lincoln. However, I feel that they care about sports too much. For example, one time I got nominated for a reward. In order to have an opportunity to receive the reward I needed to go to Washington. So I asked the school for help and they told me that they couldn't fund the trip, not even through a fundraiser.
This school is a well rounded school to get an education from. I have had lots of great experiences here with students, teachers, and other faculty
They offer a lot of college classes which is very helpful.
Lincoln Consolidated School District is a very unique place to attend Kindergarten through Twelfth grade. This school has a one on one relationship with the faculty and students. Some schools are so big that the students are just people passing through. But Lincoln makes sure that the students feel loved by it's faculty. Not only are the people who are involved in sports included in major activities but even people who struggle with autism, down syndrome and even other hardships. Despite Lincoln being a school who is majorly supportive of sports rather than anything else, they have recently been working on trying to include clubs and organizations more than they used to.
Our Drama class at Lincoln High School had it's funds cut and we really wanted to do the original play of snow white. We didn't have costumes and our props were old, so me and a handful of drama student decided to make a secret club undercover as a ACT study session to have bake sales and dances to raise enough money so that we could get the things we needed. We raised around 4-5 hundred dollars. Not only was our teacher proud of us, we were proud of ourselves.
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