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I really enjoyed my time at LHS. I had some great teachers that really cared about their students. I really would not change anything at my school.
My experience from Lincoln Highschool would say it was an amazing journey. For me coming in as a freshman being considered the ¨shy one¨, that'll never ask questions in class, stay to myself and wouldn't try to fit in compared to my other peers. But just to see the development from then to now is unbelievable. From me being a shy person to now being an outgoing loving present in the classrooms, being able to get along and be involved with all my classmates. The teachers really brought that out of me also sports developing that leader in me. The teachers wouldn't only just teach they would give you advice about life and being you, having confidence in yourself and that'll be one thing I will always cherish with me for the rest of my life. And that is my experience from the journey I had in Lincoln Highschool.
This school is either very fun and interesting or very boring, there really is no in between. The sports at Lincoln are very competitive though.
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Has more than a handful of dedicated teachers and staff. Very technology based and has a great variety of sports, clubs, and extracurricular activities.
As a sophomore, Lincoln High School hasn’t done anything for me. Maybe they should support something other than the sports teams.
I like how the school is more focused on our learning and makes sure we know what we are doing and make great grades. Also the principle and assistant principle comes into our classrooms and asks us questions about what we're learning in that class. I like how they are involved with us more.
LHS was the best high school in Talladega County. We had the best academics but we also had chances to let loose and have fun. Our teachers were never uptight about anything and we always had the best school spirit.
Always felt involved, included, and safe. There are always schools that have bigger sports programs, arts programs, fancier facilities, or nicer food offerings, but for a small, rural school district this school is really very good.
I started my high school career at the Central High School of Clay County but moved to Lincoln High School at the beginning of the second semester of my ninth grade year. Many things that I like about Lincoln is the the use of technology within the classrooms and also the interaction between students and faculty . At Lincoln most of the things we do are done electronically to prepare us for today’s world. In our society today most things we do it done electronically so the fact that they are preparing us for that is amazing. At my old school it was not like that we were rarely every doing anything electronically. Also at Lincoln the faculty is very involved in the students growth and learning process. Most of the time the faculty will focus on the students individually to help them better understand how to teach that student. Lincoln is a very good school that is trying to prepare us for the world and how to function in today’s society.
If you take advanced classes then you get the better teachers. In these upper level classes there is little to no diversity.
I have been in Lincoln schools my entire life, it’s a family type of atmosphere. We have good younger energized teachers who want to be there and it shows.
I would love to see a strengthening in the administration along with stability. The teachers are mostly great. Most are caring about their students, while others are simply there for the paycheck. Academics are decent if you take the AP route. If not, then you are mostly baby-sat for the day with pointless assignments. Before leaving, there was talk about changing how students not in advanced classes are treated. The athletics was basically the focus of the school which is disappointing considering how poor the teams generally are. Special treatment appeared to be given to those who were involved with athletics or those who had family working for the school.
Transitioning from middle school into high school was an exciting time of my life, and having more freedom and responsibility at home and at school was pretty great. I played Volleyball all four years.My teammates and I were all really close, almost like sisters. We all started out playing Rec League softball and basically grew up together when we were younger. I love Volleyball, playing sports was my favorite part of high school; I always looked forward to team dinners and bus rides to away games. Everyone came together for the team sport and got along it didn’t matter who you were, where you came from, or what you looked like.
LHS has been my school for over six years. I have had my ups and down but I wouldn't recommend any other school. The teachers are extremely nice and they will work with you on anything! So many clubs you can join I can't count them on my fingers. We have so many new modern technology along with the old so there is no reason to know anything. Not everything is perfect but hat's okay, who needs perfect?
My experience at Lincoln High school has been more than memorable. The classes and teachers have given me the boost I need to apply myself into the real world!
Lincoln High School is a great school with a grounded education plan. The teachers that I have had an opportunity to interact with are excellent. Even though my school is located in a small country town, we have all the tools and knowledge base support that we need to achieve whatever goal that one sets for themselves.
Lincoln is a place where everybody can fit in. My experiences there consist of both academics and athletics. The teachers there are very supportive in the fact that athletes have a lot on their plates, and coaches are willing to see that academic goals are maintained. The school has had it's fair share of issues of late. My problems during my schooling were usually amongst other students. I did not have issues concerning teachers and coaches.
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I liked the teachers that were willing to help me do my work, and were never impatient with me. i would like to see some favoring change.
Peer pressure is everywhere you go. You just have to be strong enough to say NO and/or make the right choices and decisions. There are people of all races that attend my school but no one is judged based on skin color, religion and sexual orientation.
There are many extracurricular activities at LHS. Sports of all kinds are very popular. The administration is very supportive of these activities and encourage everyone to try to participate in something that interests them.
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