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The environment is great and the administration is on top of everything for every students to excel and prepare them physically and mentally for college.
I really liked it. I graduated in 2017. This school does prepare you and then some when you go to college depending on what teachers you have. The college I go to is very similar to this but has more to offer. I do miss the achy very much.
Wasn’t the greatest of schools but it was a great experience. I made friends that I would have 6 years later and I earned my cosmetology license
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Right now, I will be entering the senior year. I finished my junior year. Yes, it was very tough and very hard for me to concentrate on my studies because of all these incidents going on around. The teachers are great, the gym, the foodare okay. But it is very difficult to crack the exam to get into it.
The teachers at this school care about your education and want you to do your best even if it means sacrificing some of their time to offer help to students on their free time.
Teacher said I was handicapped, I started cryin no kap, it make me fel very sad u know man, not everyone smart like zat
Lincoln was a great school. It allowed me to learn in good conditions while also allowing me to grow into a more diverse and open-minded person.
My experience at Lincoln High School was interesting. It definitely wasn't what I expected. I did not feel safe at this school because of the students. Things happen that I feel like shouldn't have happen. Also, I feel like as far as resources when it came to test and work it wasn't fully there. The school worried more about us wearing our uniform than anything else. Some of the teachers unfortunately did not know how to properly teach the material they were supposed to and were very disrespectful. If one student did something did anything that was unacceptable she would take her anger out on the entire class. I found that to be unfair because it was not everyone. Overall, I wish I would have went to another high school. I wouldn't recommend this school to anyone.
What I like about Lincoln High School is the competitive spirit of dedication to education that is endowed within its students and programs. I am A Jrotc Captain CO (company commander) I have seen first hand, the soul of the Lincoln Lions. We are dedicated students who have vigilant academics and pride. Lincoln High school is second to McNair Academics in graduation success and scholastics within the district. Our students strive and aspire for college readiness in Cosmetology, Teaching, Science and Military careers. What I would like to see in Lincoln is the increase of SLC (secondary learning communities). Due to budget cuts we have lost Fashion, Wood shop and Automotive. It is sad to see these programs leave, when students have varying interest with. No other High school has we have the dedication to scholastic at Lincoln High School were quality is paramount.
I love the diversity in the school. The teachers care about the kids as much as education. Administration makes sure the school is running right at all times. One thing I would like to see change is the environment.
Lincoln High school has many activities that involves students to make friends and join the clubs. What I really like about this school is that it's very diverse. We have students from around the world here and its an interesting way to make friends.
Lincoln is a pretty average school in my opinion. It's okay from my standpoint. It's close to my house, not too far walking distance, and has convenient stores.
Everything in this school needs to change, nothing gets done here. They do not prepare their students for college, teachers are just their to collect a pay check.
They follow what is required and I like that.
Its open to anyone and everyone attending the school and has to grades.
its okay, may not be the best but its due able.
Some teachers are nicer than others, but due to the fact that most are on tenure. Even though some are rude and non-approachable the teachers that are nice make up for those very few.
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The school is as safe as any school can be.
There were many options for someone who was not athletic to excel in different activities.
There is a dedication from parents to want their child to finish high school, but it can not be said for all student's parents.
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