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I attened Jefferson Public schools throuhout my childhood. I love Gahanna Lincoln High School. I did theatre throughout high school and it allowed me to grow and gain confidence. The AP classes offered prepared me for every exam and has helped tremedously in preparing for college.
The teachers are very supportive and always willing to help you out. This school has an amazing amount of diversity in it, which makes it such a refeshing and unique experience.
I like the people at gahanna Lincoln and the community because all the die hard support and how much the community cared about the students was great. I also loved them energy that flowed throughout the school it was contagious and one thing I’m going to miss for sure
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Hallways can be a bit crowded between classes so it is a bit hard to get from one side of the building to the other in the six minutes we are given between classes. Most study halls are held in the cafeteria, not the best study spaces. The teachers are great, they are always willing to help their students. Wide diversity in classes.
At Gahanna Lincoln high school I had an amazing time as a athlete and as a student with having the ability to have amazing coaches and great teachers had my high school experience at the highest level possible.
I feel that the administration and teachers “systems” don’t work. I feel that they also try to reach out in ways that are not effective but don’t change. There are many things that go unnoticed.
I enjoyed the overall experience. The teaching are engaging and challenging to help you further your education. I also enjoyed the interaction with my coaches, who helped mentor me in my soccer career.
I am grateful that my high school has given me opportunities in sports, leadership, community relations, and academics. I know many high school students do not take advantage of the opportunities available to them. I was lucky enough to have a tremendous amount of support from my family and the educators in our district. This lead me to student council, soccer, cross country, track and field, national honor society and an accelerated bioscience program.

I would like for our school to have more updates. It is an older district and some of the facilities are aged and worn down. We live in a strong community and I would like them to support the educational system.
I am currently still enrolled at this high school and so far I am enjoying my last year at lincoln high school.
At this high school it was always an open and welcoming atmosphere from both the staff and the students. I never had to worry about being unsafe emotionally or physically for that matter. We have two buildings that are catty corner to each other which is very annoying but the second addition is so nice that it does not bother to many people.
I love Lincoln High School!! The theater Dept has helped me to find my life’s passion and I have met some amazing teachers and friends! It is a great school!
I have had an overall really positive experience at the high school. It is quite a big school, but the staff work really hard to make everyone feel very welcomed. There are so many clubs and extracurricular activities that you are bound to find the place where you belong!
I have loved my experience at Gahanna Lincoln High School. Teachers are great and I have made some great friends as well. I feel I have learned a lot and I am ready to start the next chapter of my life. I feel I am well prepared.
During my brief time there, I appreciated the environment and the friendliness of the teachers and students. A good school for anyone.
I liked how diverse it is and how many different people you can see around. Some people come from poor families while others come from rich. It's just crazy to see it. And i also like how the teachers seem to care
What I like about Lincoln High School is the variety and quantity of classes that we have here. There is really something for everyone. However, there is a ginormous gap between regular classes and their honors equivalent. The regular is found boring by many, but the honors classes are usually about ten times harder and have twenty times more homework. If there was a class in between where those two were, I guarantee that a lot of people would join that class.
Lincoln High School will not only feel like a second home, but it also is a place where you will find life-long friends. Along with the friends you make comes an endless amount of memories from all the various extracurricular activities there are available at the school. This high school also supports each and every person that walks through its doors. It also has amazing Division 1 sport programs as well as a top-notch music and theater department.
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Coming from a private elementary and middle school, I was pleasantly surprised with how kind and tolerant the general population was and how good the academics were for those students who have motivation like myself.
Gahanna Lincoln is a wonderful, cultural experience for students. The school is filled with many kids of different ethnic, financial and religious backgrounds. Gahanna Lincoln has so much room to grow. I would recommend them to be more environmentally conscious, seeing as the school uses plastic wear and does not have any recycling bins. I think the teachers try their hardest to make a difference in the kids life. I would also appreciate it if the courses were a bit more of a challenge.
Gahanna Lincoln High School was extremely diverse in student population as well as faculty in LGBTQIA+ percentages, socioeconomic status, and race. Lincoln offers a variety of AP courses and has a variety of avenues for students to pursue post-high school graduation opportunities. It is very involved with its local community and makes strides to become a more technologically advanced school. Overall, I would rate it four to four and a half stars, especially for its being a public school.
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