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Lincoln High is a diverse school with people from many different culture religion and ethnicity. the teachers are friendly and are willing to help you with anything for you to move forward with your education. while its a school with around 2700 kids and its crowded, you have a lot of chances to make friends. the counselors are very helpful with what classes you want to take or might want to take according to your interests, especially with seniors going to college. they will help you with scholarships or ACT preps and many other things to get you ready for the challenges you might face going to college. overall lincoln is an excellent high school to attend they have programs to help you prepare for your future from the moment you step into the school as a freshmen.
I like how Lincoln is socially active around the Southside. Lincoln shows us how to be respectful towards elderly people and our fellow classmates. Lincoln has so much diversity that it's amazing, you learn about other people's cultures and religions. Lincoln provides a variety of sports and activities there is something there for everyone.
A good school with great teachers. I've never felt as if any teacher at lincoln was rude or unwilling to listen to my problems.
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When I moved from Illinois I thought making a change in schools was a good decision. But, coming to Lincoln I felt like I could’ve stayed where I was. My experience at the school wasn’t all that because the teachers were not good at covering all the criteria and it would always leave me confused. My last year there I decided to graduate early. It was so unprofessional how they didn’t have the early grad papers prepared so we couldn’t properly sign out for school. Which made it hard for the principal and vice principal know that the early grads have left. After graduation I didn’t receive my diploma. Which really topped it off for me because there were only two people who didn’t get there diplomas at the end. I was very disappointed because I worked so hard and I walk across the stage for my diploma not to be there because they forgot about it. Overall, I don’t recommend this school to anyone.
The students do not care enough about their schooling. Majority of the students participate in illegal activity and there are multiple fights a week. There are also many lock downs because of trespassing and illegal weapons.
Generally, it has been pretty okay. Teachers tend to care and classes are okay. Classes do seem to be dumbed down a lot.
At lincoln high school there are many opportunities that a lot of people do not either take advantage of or dont know about. the school has amazing teachers who look for the best in their students and strife to help them.
I like Lincoln High School because it is very diverse and very accepting of different cultures and types of people. I would like them to stick to a certain academic structure. It changes annually.
The teachers and associates seem very interested in the success of each student. I wish to see better class scheduling oppurtunities and management.
All my life until High School I have grown up with the same group of kids; preschool through 8th grade. I grew up in a Catholic school that teaches kids pre-school through 8th grade, 25 kids per room. Although that school taught me valuable lessons like family, faith, and friendships, I knew that it was time for a change. I had the chance to either go to Dowling Catholic High School or Lincoln. I had the chance to go to a school where I knew a lot of people, would challenge me and my faith, or a school where I knew nothing about . I decided that Lincoln would be the best choice, a place where I could get a new start. Since then, I have grown into what I believe is my best self, and I truly think that Lincoln has helped a lot due to its diversity, schooling systems, friends, and teachers.
Classes can be easy to get adapt to, and teachers give their students the benefit of the doubt. Only problems are overpopulation, school fighting, and SFR being recently force upon teachers. Wish there was also more attention to fine arts and the mental health of both students and staff.
The different sports I could choose from. The thing that I would like to see changed is students staying in class, students not being late class, students be more respectful and take more responsibility for their stupid actions.
It is a great school! I've made some of my best friends at this school and I feel that it is preparing me for college.
Lincoln High School has lots of diversity and lots of programs to include kids in . Sometimes Lincoln staff actrually put the student first and their academics
I liked the diversity that Lincoln High School has. I have around 500 people in my grade and I am able to connect with so many people who have so many different stories. I realize that is a unique experience that not everyone has, and I am very thankful for that
Overall, I enjoy this school, the teachers treated the students like adults and gave you respect that you earned. As my time there goes on I see how students get along with each other and making new friends was fairly easy, getting into band and going to school events also passed the time and brought some entertainment in my high school career. While in high school I am in the organization known as AVID it is a college and career readiness course and prepares me for the future and what to expect to set me up with what I need to be successful, this was great, AVID payed for my AP tests and ACT test, it greatly helped in the preparation for college and I knew what to expect even afterwards I have nothing but good things to say about Lincoln High School and would suggest this school to any highschooler.
I enjoy most teachers and administrators as well as students. The quality of education is average and I would look for more of a challenging environment.
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Overall I have enjoyed my time at Lincoln High School. I believe the school is diverse and has many different activities for students to participate in. I would like to see better resources for students as well as athletes. Our football field is very outdated and due to lack of funding for the school and athletic departments, I feel we lack in comparison to other schools in our city.
I would like to see there change in have more funding to our school. By this we would have more acces to things in helping us
When I first moved to Iowa I didnt know what to expect. But coming to Lincoln everything seemed smooth. I like that there's a variety of clubs, sports, and activities you can choose from. All the teachers are welcoming and like to talk to their students not just about school things. Overall very great.
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