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We only have security cameras, that is it.
Coaches are great, and it is a bunch of fun.
The parents in the community are not understanding.
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Our teachers are very friendly and willing to help.
The school was recently built and new cameras were put everywhere.
We have multiple clubs and we sports is given a lot of funding. This has led to a small budget for the theater program and art club. We do have some participation in sports, but we aren't very good at them. We do have extremely talented artists currently, but they don't get as much funding.
It is a very small school system which has made it extremely hard to get away from toxic people. We also have had problems with coaches being students parents or grandparents. I wish I had gone to a bigger school, instead of this small racist community I grew up in.
The overall quality of teacher used to be amazing, but in the last few years we have had quiet a few teachers leave or retire. Those teachers were very engaging, knew their material, and could handle the classroom. They have now been replaced by 1st year teachers. These teachers lack understanding of some of the material and cannot control the classroom. This has made it incredibly hard to excel, especially since these teachers are the math and science teachers.
Bullying is said to be a problem, but I don't believe it is as big as it is made out to be. There is no school nurse, the secretaries have to take care of you if anything happens, usually you just go home. When there is a bomb threat the school goes the extra mile, they take all of the necessary precautions to keep the students safe.
The main after school programs at the school are sports. Our sports teams tend to be below average. The same people are involved in all of the sports, but no one is spectacular. They are usually at the bottom of the conference. Other after school programs are drama, pep club, and art club. Pep club and art club aren't very well put together and there isn't a lot of involvement. Drama club is average. The other groups usually take place during school.
I feel like Lincoln is an average school. There is nothing really special about it. The sports teams are average, the clubs are average, the education is average. As far as the students are, there are a lot of cliques, people group together. Everyone talks behind each others backs, and the students don't get along very well.
Many of the new teachers do not put in any effort to help the students succeed. They do the bare minimum for what is required. There are only a few teachers who genuinely seem to care about our education.
Not much is offered for extracurricular. The advisors for the existing clubs are OK at best.
Mostly the teachers are high quality. They mostly seem engaged with the students. The biggest problem is high turnover.
Other than bullying, safety is not an issue. Overall the school is quite safe.
Teachers are awesome. Administration is poor. When we started at this school we had awesome administration but those people all retired and we are not impressed with the new staff.
There are a lot of options to choose from for lunch and a lot of which is healthy.
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There are a lot of variety of sports students can be involved in and a majority of students are involved in athletics.
The majority of the students stay away from drugs and alcohol and there is nothing to worry about as far as saftey.
The teachers at the school and the rest of the administration are very supportive and helpful to us students.
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