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Lincoln East High School Reviews

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Lincoln East was an amazing community of academically fueled individuals. The teachers are professionally and concerned with the wellbeing of their students.
What I enjoyed most about going to Lincoln East high school was the kindness and professionalism the faculty presented to each and every student.
I have loved my four years at Lincoln East High School. I have met so many wonderful people and the teachers there are amazing! I loved the sports I played and all of the experiences I had.
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The teachers make all the difference in this school. Most really seem to care about their students and work hard to make sure we understand the material and do the best we can.
Something I would love to see at Lincoln East High School is diversity being a minority in a non diverse school can be very hard because no one really understands where you're coming from your the outcast but other than that I've had a very good experience at Lincoln East high school, My freshman year and sophomore year I had no idea what I was doing and I was very ignorant about the great education that I had. I moved to Mexico for a semester of my junior year specifically, my most important year of high school. I learned quite a lot from that experience, my whole mentality about school changed. I learned to appreciate the great education and teachers I have at Lincoln East high school and how appreciative I should be to have an amazing free education in a country that gives me so many opportunities. I'm so grateful for that and to be apart of Lincoln East High School.
My experience at Lincoln East was very good! Most of my teachers were great at their job and knew how to get the class involved in day-to-day activities. I highly suggest getting involved in one of the many activities.
Lincoln East has a stellar academic passion, and promotes intuitive thinking, but has a more elite spectrum that may impair well-roundedness.
I had a great high school experience. The teachers were amazing. There is a lot of great opportunities academically and in athletics.
Lincoln East has an amazing group of teachers that really go out of their way to make sure you are learning and getting the help you need. Not only are they great at teaching, but they are great people too! They are always willing to join in on fun school competitions or fundraisers. The sports are pretty good too, so going to a sporting event is a big part of the community. There's also a club for anyone and allows to meet new people. Overall, I truly believe it's the best public high school in Nebraska.
I have loved my experience at Lincoln East High School. The academics are great and you will encounter some of the best teachers you will ever have. The faculty at East truly cares for their students and will do whatever they need to help with their success. The athletics program produces great athletes and prides itself in good sportsmanship.
They seem to care about the education, safety, and generally well-being of their students and that’s something you don’t find in every district.
I've had an overall positive experience at East, however, I have had significant issues with a select few teaches but otherwise the staff, academics and school are all well above average and have prepared me well for college.
I am a junior at Lincoln East High. I have loved my high school since the first day of school. It is not easy having a student body of over 2,000 students and navigating the halls but somehow I still manage to find friendly faces and have made plenty of friends. The teachers are top notch. They are always available for help and willing to make the high school experience enjoyable. As I am navigating my college options, my guidance counselors have also helped me find sites for scholarships. I love my school!
Academics are very strong at East from both teacher expectations and student desires. I appreciated the many different class offerings.
East high has well prepared me for things to come after high school. The teachers at East like to teach and teach the area that they have classes on to their best ability.
It was ok overall but there was very little parent involvement. Teachers were either amazing or not great. It was great to get those certain teachers but I am still confused how some teachers stayed employed with how little they tried and cared about their classrooms and students. I also think their needs to be more of an incentive to have teachers do a better job so that the average in a certain class isn't an F. Also even if it is an AP class that does not give the right to a teacher to not teach and expect the students to do absolutely everything involving learning.
The school is overcrowded. Hard to get to classes and walk through the halls with the amount of people at this school. However, their are some great teachers and a variety of classes we can take.
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I moved from Kentucky my Sophomore year, which was very difficult to do. We decided on East because of it's highly rated music department, and it did not disappoint! Singers is by far my favorite part of the day, and I hear such good things about the show choirs! On top of that, the student body and faculty were very welcoming through my transfer there. It was everything I could ask for in a school.
Amazing teachers and staff that will go out of their way to help you. Most people are kind and supportive of your goals.
The school was very typical. The school is very good in the athletic department and value their athletes.
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