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great overall. most teachers truly cared about their students. wish we would of done more student activities outside of class though.
All of the staff truly cares about each of the students and tries their hardest to see them succeed. While the facilities and resources are a bit lacking due to being apart of the Appalachian region, everyone tries their hardest to create a comfortable environment for the students
Lincoln County High School was an okay school. Over the years the teacher constantly were in and out. But it was really good at helping students become college and/or career ready.
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I thoroughly enjoyed the four years of my life that I have spent at Lincoln County High School. The staff was always lovely, caring, and hardworking. My only complaint is the school's immense lack of diversity and cultural awareness/sensitivity.
This school definitely has students academically capable but continues to miss the mark when hiring administrators. Facilities are being improved, but a constant stream of questionable ideas from those in charge holds this school behind.
Teachers could be better, sports focus is good, food not so much. Wish the counselors would care more about seniors to make sure the are college ready.
All of Lincoln County High School, From the students to the staff has truly become my famIly over the last 4 years. Amazing teachers and a wonderful atmosphere.
LCHS is very good at putting forth their student as the first priority. They administrate a very good teaching and learning environment. The school is very safe and welcoming. School Spirit at LCHS is shown everyday. There are many extracurricular activities to participate in at this school.
I liked the engineering classes that were once offered. I would like to see those classes brought back.
Lincoln County High School is a very competent public high school, given the circumstances that it is placed in. Lack of help from the state is not beneficial to the success of the school, but it is still able to produce achieving students.
My experience with Lincoln County High school has been a blast, this school has helped me overall change my life completely involving how I care about my education and this school has helped me tremendously with knowing new things that i never new before in the past !
I like soup but the FBI said I can’t have soup and the school is in partnership with the FBI, so that means I can’t have soup at school and it makes me so sad man :(
We do crack in the bathroom and there are worms coming out of the ceiling. My teacher took away my flash drive because she thought it was a Juul. I’ve yet to get my homework assignment back and I graduated least year.
My experience at Lincoln County High School was positive. It pains me to go off to college next year, because I will truly miss this high school. The teachers I was blessed with have taught me so much over the last 13 years of school.
LCHS is a clean school , needs better teaching staff that care for the students. Dress code is strict,unless you are staff. School is VERY focused on Sports
I went all 4 years to LCHS and I loved all of my teachers. I was able to obtain my CNA's through their vocational program and get a job in the medical field right out of high school. My schedule was made so that I was comfortable and didn't feel that I was too overloaded. My junior year I was also able to get dual credit through EKU and have 3 credit hours for college.
When I first came to Lincoln County High School, I really loved the environment because the teachers are very nice and easy to get along with. They always help me whenever I need help no matter what. My school also provides every student with a Chromebook to do homework on. I think that the school providing us with a Chromebook was very useful because I can get all my homework and extra studying done at home. Lincoln County High school is also the 83rd percentile, which means that my school is better than 83% of the other schools academically in Kentucky. The guidance is always helpful to me whenever I ask them questions about things. My school has also won awards in clubs for their academic talent and had a good average ACT score. Therefore, Lincoln County High School is a good school to be in for academic reasons and the teacher/ guidance that always help the students.
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Overall, while it is school and not my favorite thing in the world I cannot complain the school has always done a good job when it comes to my education.
The teachers are amazing for the rural and low-paying situation we currently have. The administrative staff, however, is horrible. On multiple occasions I have seen and heard students talked about in the most unprofessional ways possible. They give up on students very fast and will avoid challenging students so they can do less paperwork.
Lincoln County High School would easily go down in the Hall of Average High Schools if such a thing existed
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