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Since Lincoln County is so small you are able to literally do everything the school has to offer. You are able to participate in sports, music, theater, dance, and student government all at the same time. My senior year I did Cheer, Cross-Country, Drill team, and was in the Senior class presidency. Also with small classes you really get the chance to know your teachers and they really care about you. I moved into this town when I was twelve years old and am so happy I got the chance to go to LCHS, it is my home and even with all of the ups and downs I would gladly go there again. I just wish had had the opportunity to take some AP classes or do more challenging school work.
Our health and safety is definitely a priority within our school. The staff care about whether we are okay or not. Bullying isn't a huge thing here, but if it was I am not sure whether or not how good they would enforce ways to stop it. We don't have a health nurse. I believe our school is pretty safe though.
I think our school has many options within extracurricular activities. There is welding, and woodshop and things like that. We have multiple sports you can participate in and there is many clubs.
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My overall experience at this school has been okay. Many of the teachers and coaches are biased though. We have good school spirit. If I could do it all over again, I would probably choose this school again.
The school I attend is a very nice school. Many of our buses have problems. There is no tutoring available within the school. We all have laptops, but they are very slow and have many problems. Many parents are involved depending on how involved their child is.
Safety is pretty good in the school and not too many use drugs or drink alcohol.
There are some teachers who are really great at what they do and others not as much.
I really find the majority of the school accepting and willing to have some fun times at events for those that show up!
I feel safe and not under a barrage of rules, but other students seem to complain over it a lot.
I feel that the organizations could be better, but they aren't horrible at all, not by far!
The facilities the school owns is either old (but kept nice) or not bad. I believe it isn't the largest atmosphere for athletics, but the opportunities are like none other. Fans are usually only big on Football (at times) and basketball.
Coming from a small school, I really like how everything is. The availability of everything is much more open to students in that case and it is more ease of use as well.
The school lunches here aren't very good. They don't really seem healthy either. I have realized that not many people want to eat there. The facility part of it is very clean though. I haven't even heard of special dietary accomadtions. The workers are nice, but the food isn't good.
There is some good coaches and there is some bad coaches. Some of the coaches will put you on the team or not depending on who you are. For instance, you may get cut from a certain team if you don't have the right group of friends. Although here we have very good athletes for how small we are. We work well together and depending on the sport you might have alot of fans there to support you.
The social scene is people many just have their groups and stick with them. It many just depends upon who you are, what church you go to, and what family you come from or what sports you play.
Most of the food was greasy. But it usually had a few of the food groups present. Food was more expensive than it needed to be. There weren't options if people were allergic or needed special accommodations.
Teachers and staff are very aware of any bullying or any controversy within the school grounds. It's a small school with a very small campus so teachers and staff are always aware of everything occurring.
Parents and staff have a very close relationship and teachers are constantly making sure parents are aware of their students' grades.
Guidance counselor for college is very helpful. He helped me fill out paperwork and scholarships. He also helped me decipher which school to attend.
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There are several clubs and several sports. This school was highly driven by its sports. Basketball was the most popular sport as the entire community attended each game whether it was home or away.
There are clubs like FFA, SkillsUSA, and Rodeo club. I was a member of FFA and SkillsUSA. I attended state competition for both, and nationals for SkillsUSA.
This school also has show choir and theater. All the staff and teachers are very supportive of each and every club and sport that this school has to offer.
I only felt prepared because of the effort I put into my high school career. I was involved in a lot of extracurricular activities and student government. College courses come easier to me because I made an effort to learn what my teachers were trying to teach. I made an effort to expand my knowledge, and I couldn't be any more grateful for my teachers and advisors in high school who taught me.
This school only provided general courses and few extra courses.
It was easy to receive A's at this school, but I also think it was easy because of the relationship you had with your teachers. Teachers are always willing to help you succeed and learn. The classes were also very small so it was easy to make sure you understood each subject thoroughly.
My only critique is this school capitalizes on sports. If it's a basketball game day, classes are cut short and majority of the school leaves on the bus. Meaning, less academics.
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