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Lincoln County High School Reviews

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Since it is a small town, it makes it so much easier to make friends. The area is so friendly because everyone knows everybody. The only thing I would probably change is the way information gets around so quickly. Other than that, it is a great school with lots of fun teachers and administrators. They help make it a great experience.
Hi! My name is Shakita. I am currently a student at Lincoln County High School. This is my last year and I am pretty excited. I love coming to school to see my friends and a few teachers. Lincoln County has changed over the years. Some changes have been good and others not so good. Lincoln County is a very diverse community which has also affected our school system. Throughout the years rules have become more strict in our school. Dress code has become so strict that I think we should just wear uniforms. Some teachers do not care about students as much as you think. Students here don’t have a voice. We can’t speak for ourselves without the school shutting our opinions down. I’m happy this is my last year but I hope things will change when I leave.
Lincoln County High has a diverse opportunity of class choices from regular, honors, AP, and dual enrollment. The teachers interact well with the students and if having trouble in their classes offer opportunities to improve grade and understanding of material.
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Pros: Lincoln County is a small town, so there are small classes. This school system offers a small variety of pathway courses to search for a career. The teachers are very friendly.
Cons: This school system is not a school who contacts parents/guardians when an incident occurs, regardless to the the severity of it.
I like the way that the teachers arrange things so that everyone can learn. The staff are very strict on punishments and making sure that the people of the school feel safe enough to come here. I would change a lot about this school but not really too much. I would change little simple things like lunch, and the way we learn certain things. We don't really get to choose and if we do, it's really the same things everyday.
I have been going to this school since pre-k. I have loved it and am blessed to be in such a great place. Some people like to complain about it, but we honestly have it pretty good here.
All schools have pros and cons. LCHS is a smal school with helpful teachers. Since the school is small the teachers are able to give us one on one help with specific things. We’re able to do more as a class than a large school would be able to do.
The teachers are nice, but they're too easy on students. They basically give away 100s, especially to students with a scholarship. The kids are AWFUL. There's a serious bullying problem at this school, and administrators do nothing. This school doesn't prepare you for college.
It’s a small town school, which has its ups and downs. Mostly friendly teachers and staff. Loved making new friends and playing sports.
Lincoln County High School is an area where students can grow in knowledge and strength with protection. While there are times where fights can break out, the faculty is quick in their response and is able to handle any situation calmly. To be in this school has allowed me to explore fields of knowledge that I never would have expected to enjoy. From music, to healthcare, and even to welding, there is something for everyone at Lincoln County High School.
Lincoln County High School is a great school. The teachers prepare you what is to come in the future. The facility is great. I come to school everyday feeling safe and knowing that I am protected.
I like the small town feeling while also the teachers focusing on each student and being able to help each one with individual needs. They also provide a safe and wonderful environment and I will be proud to call them my high school alma mater.
I like everything about Lincoln County High School. They make sure that you have everything you need in order to graduate!
At first i believed it is a great school. There are many good teachers but there are also some bad ones. The teachers can sometimes show favoritism to certain students and sometimes a teacher may push a class too hard and make class stressful. However, there are also great teachers who understand that you have other things to do and try to work with you. The children in the school are mostly terrible personality wise. However, there are some that if you give them time are actually pretty nice. The sports for the school is rigged so that football gets alot of the funds. We also have smaller sports that nobody really cares for nor funds. Overall it is an ok school but not the best
I love Lincoln County High School , because if you need help with anything they will try to help you. The principal and counselor are great at the school if you need anything you can go to them. I really love how sweet the teachers and students are, and this is why I love Lincoln County High School.
At times, when you feel discouraged and feel like giivng up, the student could talk to one of their teachers and that is all the hope the student needs. Me, myself, have been in times like these and all I had to do was open my mouth and talk. The thought of another human being that cares and just want you to succeed is everything. They treat you like their own childrens with love and support! That's why I would do it all over again
Each year as I moved to another grade, every teacher that taught me, I connect with them and have a special bonds. Some I can talk about my personal life, others I can talk about my career jobs, and others just want me to succed and for that I enjoy those teachers!
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One good thing about Lincoln County is I have never felt unsafe! I know the staff would do everything in their will to protect us students!
The most fun extracurricular opportunities to me would be cheer leading and fellowship of Christian athletes. I have loved cheering with a passion and especially being able to gather with my teammates and learn more about God!
Lincoln County has been an awesome experience for me. It is a small school system and everyone knows everyone. We are like one big family! My favorite experience through the years has to be the Musical Theater class. I have been in this class all four years of high school, putting on many different productions. It has been a blast because me and my father have been able to choreograph every play together! There are not many schools you could experience this at! Lincoln County is one of the best out there!
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