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LCHS was a good school, but it lacked a rounded education to prepare students for the real world. I once took a cooking class, and all we ever learned was how to make muffins, that were actually biscuits. There isn't many extra curricular activities, and it is easy to get in trouble. For me, Junior ROTC and soccer kept me out a trouble and helped keep my grades up.
This school is very inclusive in the opportunities in sports, CTE programs, and Special Education. The math department is very inadequate and could use some more help. The English, social studies, and science departments are the most qualified for the jobs they have. The custodians are the best at keeping the halls and bathrooms free of debris.
What I like about the school is that you get to meet some really good people and some of the teachers care about the students. What I don’t like is that some of the teachers don’t teach what they are supposed.
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Lincoln County High School has provided me with many opportunities. It has also pushed me to work hard for what I want.
The teachers really care about the students. I would like to see more class options for AP Students. Other than that, there are plenty of options for classes. It is easy to find friends at this school.
I loved how easy it was to be myself at my school. I loved my coaches and teachers, they helped me every day to become a responsible/college ready student. I also love the administration and all of my friends. I would like to change some of our athletic facilities because we are a little behind in those. I participate on the football team and I was a team captain!
I have a chronic medical condition which, when it flares up badly, makes it difficult for me to attend all day long. The teachers here are wonderful and actually care about their students. They have gone out of their way to help me stay caught up with my classes. I love it here.
Lincoln County High School was an experience, a unique experience. Mainly because of the teachers and the lack of diversity. The school is fairly new, ten years new, but it is still lacking in its resources. The bathrooms are always trashed due to the students, and when the janitors clean it, they are immediately destroyed once more. The teachers are extremely underpaid and there are very few that are actually qualified for the job. But there are a handful of teachers there that actually help and care for the kids. They prepared me for the ACT and taught many things I never cared for n the first place, they make learning fun and are amazing people.
At Lincoln County High School, there are many dedicated professionals willing to make a difference in each student's life. Many challenging courses exist that prepare the student for the next level of education. If I could recommend any change, it would be more chances to gain college credit.
As a freshman the first day I was scared. But as time went on I got used to it. Now as a senior it has promptly prepared me for college and I’m ready to go out into the world.
Lincoln county high school is a good school, but there are some problems at the school. I would like to see changes in cleanliness in the bathrooms and they need better teachers.
Can't saw it's awful. Could be cleaner. There's no diversity but you can't help who lives in the area and who doesn't. Just this leads to hate and discrimination with no repercussions. School puts money into the wrong things (why did we need to build a practice field of the football team doesn't win).
The best thing about Lincoln County High School is the special education class; the involved staff members are wonderful with their students as well as those not in their care. The school cooks are excellent as well. They are kind and happily cater to dietary needs. The worst things are the number of classes in which the main subject is gossip and an almost complete lack of discipline for use of banned substances and dress code violations. Many teachers' attitudes range from unfocused and careless to negligent as well. The overall experience is balanced, however, because the good and bad balance and create a neutral experience for students.
I have been here for 4 years. They claim to be "great" and the "best school". They have plenty of teachers that do not teach, treat kids unfairly, and have no sense of direction when it comes to students with mental disorders.
I like the atmosphere of Lincoln County High School. The teachers and students have a great relationship with one another and they is not much of a division between the two. The teachers are helpful and available for the students. There is not much I would like to change about the school. Maybe the class times. They seem much longer than needed.
Overall Lincoln County High School is a wonderful school. I do not feel as if many changes need to be made. Our parking lot could use some work. LCHS is a wonderful school and we have lots of wonderful teachers and students. I participate in basketball, soccer and tennis, they are all very organized and wonderful programs. Our National Honors Society Chapter is also continuing to grow.
Here at Lincoln County high school the teachers and faculty members make you feel welcome. They try their best to prepare everyone for college and give a good education. There are plenty of opportunities to be a part of the school and participate in school activities. Yes, Lincoln County high school has faults but tat doesn't make the whole school bad. They faults are simple things like no soap in the bathrooms and crowded hallways. I love me school and I'm proud to be a Lincoln County Panther!
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Some teachers actually try to teach but others don't really care as much. I feel my education could've been a lot more if the teachers would provided more useful work.
The teachers at school work hard to give us the education we need. When we need help they try their best to help; of course, there are many students who need help; but, they try and make time to get to every student who needs help. The teachers at school care about the students education and their achievements. They push us everyday to get better and better. Of course there are some teachers who do not care and try as much to help their students. Overall the teachers are wonderful, they care, try and make a relationship with their students, trustworthy, and very good teachers.
Most of the staff do not push students to try their best.
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