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Best Highschool in Tennessee, you’ll never feel like family more than you will at Lincoln County Highschool. #ONELC
The staff at this school are truly there for the students. We are like one big family. They encourage us to do anything and everything. To try out for a sport, join a club, try a new class. LCHS is one of the greatest school out there.
The teachers and staff are accommodating in my willingness to learn. The curriculum is on par with the national requirements, and are preparing me for my college life.
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I like the way the school is set up,and I like the way it flows. The staff members are all nice to me, and are there to help when I need it. I would change the cleanliness of the school because it can get gross sometimes. I would also change the amount of students that are in the school. The school is too small for the amount of students that are in the school.
I loved my time at LCHS. It’s has a very tight knit family atmosphere. Of course while attending high school as a teenager you can’t wait to get out into the “real” world. Truth be told some of the best years of my life were within the halls of LCHS and I’ll forever treasure them.
I have had an exceptional experience during my time at Lincoln County High School. The friends that I have made to the education I have obtained, there are not many schools around this area that could have provided a better experience for my family. There have been many life lessons and personal growth opportunities that have also shaped what I will remember as high school. The students, teammates, and teachers that are around me each day have all played a tremendous role in who I have developed into for the last four years. Everyone from the front office all the way down to the custodians have brought a welcoming mood into our school building each day. There are many great personalities along with great people that make up our staff and student body at LCHS. I am very proud to call myself a member of Lincoln County High School.
The best! Lincoln County High offers an awesome array of courses and activities to meet the needs of all students. The staff treats all students as family. Students are engaged.
The AP classes are the best classes to take there. The honors classes are far easier than AP classes. The food though, is really not good.
Lincoln County is a genuinely good school. They have great teachers who are willing to bend over backwards for the students.
I love the school. I makes you feel like your at home. The teachers help you when ever you need it. They offfer many college opportunites. The gudiance concerls always help you with classes and any qestion you have.
Our school is one of the most spirited schools I have attended. We have such great teachers, and they are willing to stay before or after school just so you can learn what you are behind or struggling with. The best thing about my school, Lincoln County High School, is that we all are one big body. We come together to help people when they are down, and most of all, we act as a school should.
I've really enjoyed being a student at LCHS. The staff is very helpful with anything and everything! The only problem that I have is the teachers. Now, some are better than others, but there are a few who will not teach the class in a way that students can learn to their full potential.
What I liked about Lincoln County High a school is the people that are here. Everyone, including teachers and administrators, is here for you whenever you need them. I like how all of my schedules have been set up. It wasn’t overwhelming with hard classes all at once. What I would like to see change is the food. The food has been getting better over this past year, but it still isn’t that good.
I think our HighSchool has a very respectful group of students. I would like to see the teenagers more motivated about their education!
I liked the teachers at Lincoln County High School and the love they pour into their students. I have found most of the administration eager to help and providing such services very well. I wish that more AP classes and dual enrollment were made available to student to increase their college readiness. It would also be beneficial to students if more time in ACT prep were allowed and administration spent more time speaking about college scholarships and applications.
Lincoln County High School has a lot of problems that need to be fixed. Problems would be not supporting programs other than football. Though "they" say they support them, programs such as the music program can tell you they are not supported. Part of this lack of support is not just the administration, but also the Lincoln County Board of Education. I have found that with trying to get the changes needed to make the music program for the whole county better, the school board claims to be making changes though they are not doing anything.

They also have a problem involving the hiring of staff and the ability the staff have to do their job. I have had many teachers that have not been able to teach a course to my benefit. There are too many staff at this school. We have four assistant principles, a college counselor, and a graduation coach. Many of our sports coaches are not even teachers. They show up to watch kids at lunch and coach the sport after school.
I found it to be a great place and I wouldn't change much. I had great experiences and have made friends that will last a life time.
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My experience in Lincoln County high school has been a roller coaster, but it has shaped me on who I am becoming. The teachers there are hard on making sure you are following the rules and getting the best education possible. There have been many teachers that have helped me get my brain in check on what I want to do with my future and how to get there. The teachers and staff make sure this high school is safe with locked doors and gates and a no fighting policy. I do wish to change how they put out bullying and suicide prevention type topics because it isn't really being put out there the way it should for students to recognize the problem. I feel safe when I attend the school but others don't because they may be bullied by fellow classmates, but nothing is done about it. I feel that should be a problem that should be really addressed instead of brushed over.
I really like the administrative staff. They are always willing to help. I can really tell that they truly care about the students.
My expierence at Lincoln County High School is an unforgettable high school memory. I've created plenty of friends and lifetime memories. A problem that could be improved would have to be the temperature. An abundant amount of students complain that " it's too cold." That is the only thing tht came to mind when improving the school.
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