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Lincoln County High School is located in Eureka, Montana. This small town has been a great place to grow and learn. The community is loving and generous, which has helped me through my years as a student. It is a great place to grow up.
My experience is good. The school is very susceptible to change. The teachers, students, and principal are good about listening to your needs and ideas. You won't go hungry here and you will definitely receive an education.
In Lincoln County High School, the atmosphere is so welcoming. We have a sports program that has grown so much in the past couple years, and it's because the students are creating a culture of hard work and dedication not only to the gym, but to the classroom. We have amazing teachers and a principle that is caring and truly wants to see every student succeed.
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Lincoln County High School is a great school for being located in a town with less than 2,000 people. Our sports teams are great, the teachers are involved with their students, and we have one of the best auditoriums around! Since LCHS is located in such a small town, we don't get as many opportunities here as larger schools would. We make the best and try hard for what we can have though!
I love going to school here. It has excellent programs for all students. Lincoln Co High School has many different types of clubs such as pep club, career club, key club, honor society, international club, and many others. Our sports programs are also very successful and have been increasing over the past couple of years. Our numbers of student participants in clubs and sports continue to grow. The teachers truly care about their students and try to help them succeed. The campus is also fairly new with many facilities other schools the same size don't have the privilege of having, such as our auditorium that is used for school and community events because of its size. Overall, my exoerience these last few years has been fantastic.
This high school does not teach you a lot. You have teachers that dont care, or just dont do enough to make sure you learn. Teachers definitely have favorites
Overall, my academics went pretty well. I wish that the teachers utilized technology a little more. There are a few clubs and/or extra curriculars that you can participate in.
Eureka is a very small town so everyone is very close and loving. The community is very involved in all school events and is super supportive. The staff is amazing and overall my experience has been great. For being such a small school we have advanced technology and a ton of opportunities for all the kids. It's just a great environment to live and learn in.
I have made so many great memories at this school and I have learned so much about life by attending. This school is unique in that it is a small town school that gives the hands on experience with many teachers. Teachers are able to help kids more and are willing to stay after or come in before school. I would choose this school again just because the people here at the school want the best for their students.
The teachers try their best to get the point across to the students. Their teaching styles are all different but most are very effective. I see that most teachers love to be around kids and are engaged but there can be times when I see a teacher slacking on that part of the job. These teachers have fantastic communication skill and try to convey their message quite well. The consistency in grading isn't bad but I can see room for improving.
There are many sports and clubs offered. Many people are committed to sports. People are often discouraged because of terrible coaches.
Some of my favorite experiences are school trips, and sporting events. I wouldn't chose this school because it is very small, but it isn't a bad school.
Some of my teachers are great and have lots of knowledge, while some don't put in very much effort, and seem like they don't care.
There is not many things that specifically make the school safe. There is no police or certain predures that students and teachers follow daily. However, I feel very safe at my school and i feel like most kids do as well. I think it helps that most kids in our school are very close and every one knows everyone.
There is only about five different clubs and they really don't do a whole lot. Not many kids are in them and the ones that are, are in all the other ones also. However, our school has great spirit in sports and most of the time lots of kids show up to home games. I love playing sports at my high school.
Its not very exciting most of the time. This may be do to how little kids we have in our school or just the lack of teachers and parents engaging kids into clubs and what not. If I could I would like to try a high school experience at a different school.
They are a couple teachers that I feel really get their lessons a cross, and care about the kids learning the lessons instead of just listening to the them and saying okay. I feel like the teaching styles of some teachers just are not caring enough towards students.
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My school is pretty safe. I don't feel like I'm going to be threatened or in danger there. Probably the worst problem is drugs and alcohol. If anything, I would most likely feel the pressure to party, drink, and smoke weed. I suppose that is basically what every school is like, but that is the thing that is the most unhealthy about our school.
Our school focuses on sports more than any other extracurricular activity. Most of the money for those activities go to sports. We have three travel buses, and sports always have first dibs on them. School field trips and any other activities most often are forced to ride normal buses, even if they have farther to go.

Last year our Speech and Drama team won the State Championship, so it's obvious that the extracurricular activities besides sports do have participants and are successful, they just aren't given as much attention.
I have lost a lot of friends since I started high school, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. I lost them because I outgrew them. I was placed in the higher up classes and therefore did not get the same amount of interaction with the people in my class that I had before. Something that makes our school unique is we have music in the hallways between classes. I've never been to another school that did that. It shuts off a minute before the late bell rings, so we are able to know when we need to get to class. It's very handy and has helped me with making sure I am not tardy. That is probably my favorite thing about my school.
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