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For the most part, I had a good experience at LCHS. The teachers and the administrators are helpful and try to look after the students. They are there to help anyone who needs help. Some of the teachers, they even stay after school and sometimes they come before school so that students can get extra hep. It's not all ways easy to keep everyone out of trouble, but they do try their best. One thing I don't really like and enjoy is that some of the teachers are too lenient. I do believe that everyone deserves a second chance, but if students decided not to do their work, I think they should receive the grades they deserve.
I think it is a safe school and offers a good education. There is a good selection of classes for everyone.
I've had a good high school experience. The food sucks most of the time, but there are a lot of options, most are unhealthy. The teachers of the higher classes are great (except for one), but lower ones are not so great. The administration can be rude, but they are considerate and caring when the time is right. There are many dual credit classes available to prepare you for college which is great. I feel more confident moving forward because of this. There is an on-campus policeman during all school hours, and he makes you feel safe while learning. The doors are always locked to anybody on the outside, and they can only enter after checking into the office to earn a visitor's pass. The school is very safe, and there are multiple drills to prepare for the worst case scenarios. Basically every student and teacher is white with a handful of exceptions. There are tons of activities to get involved in, and many are well-funded. Sports are taken extremely seriously. It shows during games.
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I truly loved and appreciated many of the staff members of Lincoln Community High. I can honestly say almost every teacher I had actually cared for my education and wished to see me succeed. However, activities wise I would love to see many improvements. Coming from such a small background, my school doesn't have a lot of money, so how the school spends its money is very important. For all four of my years, it has been made very clear that any activity related to the arts is not taken very seriously. Almost all activities funding goes to basketball and football despite only one of those teams being acceptable. I have personally experienced many short-changes in clubs such as scholastic bowl where we have boxes full of broken equipment we're forced to use due to there being no other choice.
The teachers are fairly helpful. They are always open to giving extra time to help the students understand the concepts in the classroom. The food is decent. There are always lots of options at lunch time. The atmosphere is overall safe and comfortable for the students.
I like the teachers and how they are always there to help you, even if you are at home. Their emails are always open and most of the time unless it is late, they respond fast. The classes are helpful and push you to do your best.
I like that I know almost everyone in the school. I also enjoy the fact that I am given the opportunity to take advanced courses because those help to prepare me for college and my future. One thing I do not enjoy about this school is the lack of counseling and some teachers do not seem to be there for the love of teaching students, and, therefore, do not provide their students with the best learning environment possible. Overall, I enjoy attending this school.
As with any high school, there are some major issues. However, this school does have many opportunities for many if not all students to help them find a career path. I think some of the problems stem from the authorities of the school and money issues.
Lincoln Community is a pretty good school. A lot of money is put into the sports teams, but that is because the basketball team is really good. I would like to see more attention directed to the art, creative writing, and music programs, but we get a lot of support from the surrounding community so those programs do get a lot of support. The school is pretty clean. Most teachers are friendly.
Maybe more challenging classes for honor's students - there are college dual credit classes, but I feel like there could be more challenging electives as well. I am happy with my performance at LCHS
I liked the friends I met at the high school. I also enjoyed being apart of the LCHS Cheer team for all 4 years. Lincoln is also very big when it comes to basketball and seeing the school and town come together for games is really unbelievable and unique.
Lincoln Community High School is a close-knit school. The faculty and students have great relationships. The amount of time and effort the teachers put into the students gives them the upper hand to learn and succeed in whatever they do. Having great relationships with teachers and peers creates an environment that is excellent for learning. LCHS is an athletic based school. The only downfall is the closed-off mindset that students have if they do not participate in athletic activities. Lincoln Railer Basketball is the focal point in this school. Overall, Lincoln Community High School gives each student great opportunities to be successful in life.
I honestly belive this school is a poor example of how children should be prepared for the real world. There are severe drug problems, inappropriate student and teacher relationships, and even inappropriate relationships between faculty. This facility is a poor excuse for education
I like all the teachers, they are all very sweet and nice. The thing I would like to change is that the gym gets an air conditioner.
The highschool is very easy to navigate. Everyone is really nice, as well as the teachers. They were very helpful and wanted to see you succeed.
What I like most about LCHS is that so many schools feed into it, you end up meeting a lot of people you didn't go to grade school with. I also love the athletic atmosphere and the school spirit. There are a few teachers who seem to really care about their students and learning, but those teachers mainly teach upper-level classes. I enjoy having the opportunity to take advanced classes, but I wish there was a greater variety of them. I wish that the advanced classes were a bit more challenging and not just time-consuming. The cafeteria food: 5.5 out of 10, edible but not delicious or healthy. The school building itself is disgusting, full of mold, odd smells, cockroaches, and rodents. The people can be very cliquey, but they usually ignore their biases. The school administration is too strict concerning just about every rule. I also find it bothersome that the school counselors say they are there to help but do not seek to help or complain about parents/students behind their backs.
Some of the teachers are excellent at Lincoln community high school. Overall, the atmosphere is conducive to learning. The culture is good and there are a lot of clubs and sports to be a part of. The school spirit is awesome.
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Overall, my experience at LCHS was a positive one. However, commonly found in all educational institutions, there are a couple unnecessary rules and enforcers of such rules that make big deals out of nothing.
My experience I had at Lincoln was overall very good. I am deaf, so they did very well with assisting me with that despite them not having a deaf student before. All of my teachers were very kind and helpful along in my four years as their student. They had a variety of classes from hard weighted classes down to more simple classes for those who needed that option. The dress code is a bit ridiculous due to not having ripped jeans, no shoulders can be seen, and the shorts have to be longer than your fingertips. The shorts one was the hardest for me due to my longer arms. Overall, being a Lincoln Railer was fun and I got to participate in several sports and activities. There was something for everyone whether it was the math club or band or sports. The teachers are always trying to make their students successful and is always offering help to me when I needed it. Not every student agrees with my statement because of our ranging personalities and attitudes.
I would like to see the way that bullying is handled at this school changed because they do not do much to stop bullying and sometimes it gets pretty bad. I love my english 3 teacher though, Mr. Ewald is the best teacher there without a doubt. Mr. Ewald not only teaches english things but also life lessons we will carry forever.
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