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The thing that I loved about Lincoln college preparatory is that the environment is different. As big as the school may be we all support each other like family. However, sports need to be more focused on, all of our boys and girls involved in a sport work so hard for their dreams. I feel like our students need more credit for our talent.
Lincoln used to be one of the uppermost schools, but it's since fallen below the line. The standards were lowered and the output quality lowered. I would not go back and wouldn't send my kids there either. There isn't nearly enough communication and there is way more bs.
The student body at Lincoln College Preparatory Academy is one of the worst student bodies I have ever experienced. About 70% of student do not care about their future at all, and are only at school because their parents forced them to go. The average student has below average intelligence and work ethic, and cause a distraction for the few students who care about their academics. The staff and faculty, actually like to help the student succeed, despite their obstacles. Overall the school suffers from a poor culture and poor funding.
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I am currenlty a senior of Lincoln College Prep. I entered this school when I was a 6th grader and throughout all my years, I have been taught at a college level. The academics of this school push me to become and do my best. I feel very safe here, and the students are very diverse and have been for the past 6 years. Our sport teams are very good. One thing that this school could improve is administration. We've had different administration staff throughout the years. They offer IB courses as well to offer college credits. Last but not least, being at this school brings you benefits because a lot of colleges see that us students went to lincoln college prep and we get considered.
I'm a sophomore at LCPA. I've been in LCPA since the 6th grade. LCPA has been a great experience for me. I love the staff that works here and I've made many friends here who I consider family. I love how diverse LCPA is and how open-minded everyone is. When I have a problem I can always just go to any of the teachers. The teachers are always there to help you if you need them. You just have to ask for it. The only problem I have with the school is the number of times they change things. For example this year they open up a middle school. They kept changing the bus time that we needed to get to the bus which resulted in many of us being late. Also, I don't like the amount of attention they put on football and use a lot of money on the team. We don't even have proper science equipment for labs but they use all the money for the new football field and new uniforms. Other than these things, my experience is really good.
This school really prepares you for college, they just made a new middle school I go to I don't like school but it makes it fun. They teach us skills to get us prepared. We have lots of fun activities. Parents out there I encourage you to bring your kids to this school. :)
Lincoln is a very great environment that pushes its students to grow and fulfill their potential. The academics are excellent, and the kids are nice. Everyone can find a place where they will fit in.
As a current student, I can say for the past 5 years I've seen Lincoln grow as a building, with its academics, faculty, and students. Lincoln, to me, will always be a good school. Sure, it had its ups and downs like any school would have, but with Lincoln it's different. I've seen how much we progressed in that school. For instance, back in my eight grade year, 2016, there wasn't much representation for the LGBTQ community; but now in my Junior year, the students are widely represented and welcomed. And that puts a smile on my face. My school can be very welcoming for students from different backgrounds, race, sexuality, etc. And I believe that's what makes me want to stay in Lincoln. Not for its academics, but for its environment.
I love my school and always will. I think Lincoln does an excellent job trying to prepare the student for college but at the same time there are a lot of things that need to be changed within the culture of our school. I think many people involved with our school need to get out the mindset that we are an inner city school so we should expect to get bad things, or that having basic things for example soap in the restrooms is a privilege rather than something that should be expected. I do love my class and I am grateful that I had Lincoln to give me so many close friends, and an opportunity to play a sport in college.
I love that they have teacher that goes above and beyond to make sure the kids understand the curriculum. Also the help for seniors they make sure we know how to apply for college, submit essays.
I love how diverse the school is and how my teachers try to provide all the help and support for us.
I have learned how to use my intelligence for the good of the community and to become dedicated to my education. First, to use my intelligence for the good of the community, Lincoln College Preparatory Academy, made sure that I was always involved in my community. They made sure I gave back, tutored kids and even fed the homeless. I used the intelligence I have to good in my community because Lincoln instilled in me a passion to help others that need guidance. Lastly, this school taught me to be passionate about my education, this school prepared me for the real world. They informed me that if I wanted to learn I have to go get it because nothing can be handed to me. They taught me that I actually have to care about what I'm learning and try to apply it to my life. This school has bettered me as a person by all of the lessons I've learned because of them. My experience as Lincoln College Preparatory Academy has been educational, eye-opening and beneficial to my well-being
2018 Grad, don't regret my choice. LCPA prepared me for college through their IB program, and I built great relationships with several of my teachers. Very diverse, felt safe at school, offered various groups and sports to be a part of, and offered the help you needed in a difficult class. Food options were not always great, but overall grateful for the education I received. As time goes by, the school is remodeled, and this year Oct. 2019, we finally got our own football field. Thank you LCPA, once a tiger always a tiger. ~
I have been in LCPA from 7th-12th grade and it is like a second home. The people are supportive and bullying is rare because everyone have . It is a college prep school so our classes are harder than other public schools, and we are known for our academics than anything else. I always get help from anyone I need, I love the staff and I feel very safe and I grow as a student.
I like the sports & the pride that the students have for this school and their culture. I think that they should provide more classes that could benefit the students more aside from IB, such as dual credit classes. Overall, I’m glad that this school is moving towards the better
Overall, it's a pretty good school with relatively passionate teachers and driven students. This being said, it could still improve with general student and teacher morale and enthusiasm towards the school. This could be done by improving facilities and cleaning the school.
Overall I felt that Lincoln really was a great fit from me. From 6th-12th grade I experienced some of the best and worst times of my life. However I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.
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Being a student at Lincoln College Prep was a very interesting experience. I have attended Lincoln for a total of four years. Within that time, I was able to make great connections not just with other students, but faculty members as well. Lincoln has helped me sharpen my skills both in networking and for college readiness as well. I would recommend Lincoln to any student looking for a future with success.
Very diverse, excellent sportsmanship, equality, fun, if you are wanting to go to a college or do something that'll pursue your career of your choice, go to LCPA!
Fronts as a school for high level students, but the administration, direction and planning of the school is lacking. Students are required to take IB courses, regardless of whether they choose to become IB canidates or not. Below the surface, Lincoln is an IB school that doesn't know how to be an IB school - which is evident in the teachers' unfamiliarity with the curriculum, and ultimately leaves the students ill-prepared for their junior and Senior year. In it's current state, the faculty and staff are overall sub-par yet there is a development to becoming a better school. Even as student, I don't recommend coming to the school unless you've considered the IB pathway first (Because in the end, that's the only thing that matters to the administration).
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