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Lincoln City Career Technical High School Reviews

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Career tech is a great school, you can study and earn credits at any pace you are comfortable with. The teachers are there to help you at anytime.
The teachers at Career Tech are all nice people, who are very helpful and have all given me things that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. They're friends and they are there to help you get an education!
When entering the school, they give you a handbook with all of their expectations written inside. They state not only what they expect, but the punishments for falling below the line(being rude to other students or teachers, destroying school property, etc). Their expectations are very reasonable and very well enforced.
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Career Tech is an amazing school. The teachers don't look down on you like you're small and unimportant. They're like friends. In particular, I've gotten to know my history teacher so well, we're like actual friends. She helps me whenever I need it, and she understands when I'm frustrated with my work and helps me through it. Even though she's a history teacher, she's helped me excel in not only history, but in math, too. Ten out of ten, would recommend.
I've never done any of those listed above, but I know of several students who have. It's definitely not as bad as it could be.
They make learning so much fun, that you actually want to do homework. I find myself reading ahead more often than not.
We have crew, which is really cool. The teachers are always willing to stay after and discuss things with a student.
At Career Tech, social aspect isn't a problem. Everyone is nice.
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