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Lincoln is a great school for anyone wanting a future. It is full of very smart students with big dreams. Many students participate in extracurricular activities. The school also encourages mission trips, teaching their students about culture around the world. The teachers and staff really care about their students, and offer counseling and prayer at school. There are not a lot of minority students at Lincoln.
Lincoln Christian is a great school with a lot of influence. This school helps build relationship and learning how to mentally and spiritually grow. Lincoln offers many goals for their students to meet and help them grow. The expectations are set high but also are very achievable. Many teachers and administration are very helpful in their students growth.
We love the culture at Lincoln. The families are friendly, teachers are happy to be at work & genuinely love and care for their students. Administration holds high standards and supports families, teachers, and students. We have been very pleased with the extracurricular offerings for our children. We are also grateful for the relational discipleship and spiritual formation our children are receiving in the classroom as well as from their coaches. Lincoln is truly one of the best schools in the nation and we feel blessed to be a part.
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Lincoln has a good christian environment and very nice facilities. The academics and sports programs are great. I would like to see more elective classes offered to students.
Lincoln Christian School is a great school if you like a small community. It almost feels like a little family. The teachers are very helpful and are willing to put in extra effort that you sometimes need. The facilities are state of the art and are constantly being upgraded for the best overall experience. We are a privately funded school, so our resources come from our tuition. The tuition comes with a program that allows parents to constantly be updated on their child's status. As for sports, they are successful in most areas, but the options are very limited. If a student wants to join other clubs or activity, the selections are also in short supply. The academics at LCS are what set it apart from other schools across the nation. It has very challenging classes that test you not only mentally, but teach you how to form excellent habits for college. Overall, Lincoln Christian School is a great environment that prepares students to continue into the next chapter of life.
I don’t even know where to begin! Lincoln has been an incredible school for our kids. Class sizes are still relatively small and the teachers are outstanding!!!!! Security at the school is on another level and couldn’t ask for more. They care about academics but care even more about pouring into our kids to make sure they have a love for Jesus. Just outstanding in my book!
Most of the teachers are great. My daughter has received a good education. Facilities are excellent. My daughter has friends from every background. Coaches are great. Good value for the experience. Things I would like to see changed: Communication (we've been misinformed/uninformed many times over the years), Training (HS office staff and Service Center staff need to learn some customer service skills), Payment options (they recently changed to a payment system that gives only one way to pay, and it charges extra to use a debit/credit card.)
I absolutely loved how supportive our teachers at Lincoln were. They were a part of our lives and knew what we were going through at home and at school. They were all wonderful role models to look up to and aspire to be like. The atmosphere of cleanliness and security are also superb.
I absolutely loved Lincoln Christian School. They are super friendly and make you feel like you are apart of a big family.
Lincoln teachers truly care about their students and the kind of people they will grow up to be. The teachers and admin help every kid be the best version of themselves, and everyone is dedicated to the same goal: to introduce families to the Real Jesus.
Everyone has been so nice and welcoming to our family. We've had a very positive experience with the school and are so thankful we chose to send our child to Lincoln Christian. The entire staff and parents have been so supportive and other families have made our transition to the school an easy one. We can't say enough about how much we love it!
Lincoln Christian School has small class sizes, it is safe, and it has an amazing atmosphere. The school is also a very tight knit community that has a supporting atmosphere to be pushed in academics and athletics.
I've been at Lincoln for my whole life with pretty much the same people. Lincoln does not have a wide variety of class selections that most other schools offer. It is my passion to learn Spanish, but Spanish 2 is the highest level offered. It is a predominately white school, with a handful of Black, Mexican, and Asian students. Racism is an issue coming from students and it needs to be addressed, but all of administration and teachers are white so they wouldn't understand. There are no clubs offered. We all of the basic sports except for tennis, swimming, and soccer. I would have loved to play tennis. The security is outstanding, there are security/police officers all over campus, at all times.
I like a lot of people I have met throughout the years. I have liked playing baseball and football during my entire high school career. The sports have taught me how to be a better man and a better person in society. I feel like some of the teachers could have been better, but overall I liked most of them. They have helped me prepare for college in many ways.
The teachers are amazing. They have helped me grow so much academically and spiritually. I knew if I ever had a problem I could go to them without hesitation. Athletics are really awesome. Academics are truly spectacular. All of the teachers want you to know the material really well. Enough that you can teach someone how to do the problem or skill. I really feel prepared for college academically and spiritually. The teachers have been teaching almost a year in advance. Bible class has been so helpful. We do all kinds of debates over various topics that we might get asked in college. Both of the academic counselors are amazing. They are so awesome. My college search has become so much easier with their help. The Elementary and middle school are also really fantastic. E if you’re looking for a place for an awesome Christian school, great academics, a sports team or even something musical or artsy Lincoln is the school for you.
Kids will be kids wherever they are. Teaching them strong principles that they will take to next stages of their lives is the hard part. Teaching them to not just cover up their problems but actually to the right thing. All other aspects of the school have been very thought out and are done with excellence.
I like how the school holds the same Christian values that I hold. Also, the staff is very friendly and helpful. The only criticism I have is that if a senior wants to job out, they cannot do so until their sport is over. Tis is a problem for anyone on the golf team.
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I enjoy Lincoln because I am provided with ways to succeed both in my current academics and in my college years. The teachers deeply care about helping their students experience success and try very hard for their students to see it.
I liked the shared Christian values and safe environment. The only thing I would have ever changed was hypocracy of my peers.
I loved the atmosphere with the teachers and staff, they wanted to see you succeed and grow as a person. I got extra help on things multiple times and that helped make it a great experience.
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