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I like the environment. I like the way the teachers interact with the students and the amount of care they provide for each one.
Every high school will have its own set of challenges; LCS prepares you how to face challenges out in the world beyond school. So thankful for the teachers who really proved they truly cared about the students and took time to invest in them. 10/10 would recommend... looking back it was worth it to not have as many classroom opportunities as an lps may have had in trade for all who invested in fellow students and me.
Lincoln Christian is a tight-knit community. The teachers and staff care about the students and want to see them grow academically and personally.
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I didn't feel like I actually learned much. I know it's a religious school, but the forced participation in chapel, religious discussions, and bible reading was really too much. I didn't feel accepted. I wish I weren't forced to be graded on bible reading. I wish they had taught alongside the public schools and didn't keep us from reading certain books or learning certain scientific truths.
The leaders of the school have such a desire to see the students excel in every aspect. Another benefit of going to LCS is the small class sizes. Due to the small class sizes, there is a closer teacher to student relationship.
I liked the religious environment. It did not allow any bad behavior from the kids which made it a safe place to learn. The staff was kind and was willing to go the extra mile for their students. Some of the programs were treasured more than others by the board, and the relationships that I had with other students didn't last. Although, It is a growing school with new faculty members that are committed to making the experience for the student better than other years.
Lincoln Christian School is an amazing place to attend. Having a small school type atmosphere helps you to make more connections and more meaningful connections with your teachers, peers, and administrators. You're treated as a person rather than a number. The teachers and faculty care about you personally and want to see you succeed, not just in their class but in life.
I enjoyed the Connection to Christ and the ability to learn about the Lord. A lot was sacrificed for me to able to learn about my savior and I appreciate everything that the teachers do for me. They all have given me success or helped me get closer to the lord and I wouldn't be who I am without them
Overall a lot of good teachers and a higher education. This school loves God and are trying to be witnesses to others about Him.
A notable education. I transferred to Lincoln Christian School from the Lincoln Public School system, where I was a "C" average student. After transferring to Lincoln Christian, in less than a year I became an honor roll student. The smaller classes and dedicated faculty made a world of difference. I am thankful that God blessed me with the opportunity to attend and graduate from LCS.
Great Christian school with outstanding teachers. The focus is first on glorifying and honoring God in all areas: academics, activities, and athletics.
I really enjoyed being able to experience a christian education and be surrounded by lots of teachers who love you and take the time to invest in you personally and academically
Lincoln Christian offers a great atmosphere in which to learn about all subjects from a Christian perspective. The teachers are very committed to investing in students and helping them develop both academically and spiritually!
I came here in freshman from public school and I really like the school because it teaches great biblical Christian lessons where no where else teaches. This is a great for Christian lessons, safe school campus, friendly teachers and administration, lunch, and parent involvement, but very bad for people looking for diversity in every way, so little clubs except sports, very few technology courses offered, and out-of-date computer lab which still uses DELL desktops! Plus, be careful who you hang out with because rumors spread very quick in this little space.
Lincoln Christian School is a great private Christian school. It is very God centered in its education, but is also very effective in teaching styles. Students come out of LCS with better ACT/SAT scores than any other school in Lincoln NE. I have attended Lincoln Christian School since kindergarten and will graduate this year from LCS. One thing that I would like to change in my school is to add more diversity in classes. LCS provides very few extracurricular activities and a very small number of classes are offered. I would like to see LCS offer classes such as woodworking, CAD, and a more diverse set of science classes.
As a high school athlete, it is imperative that I balance my academics with my athletic training. Lincoln Christian has allowed me to do my best in both sports and school to the point that I am confident in my future success as a college student. I also have been encouraged by many of my fellow peers to get involved not only in sports, but also in other extra-curricular activities. I have gained a larger perspective on leadership being involved with National Honors Society and a Class Representative in the Student Council.Because of the work ethic required to do well in school -- such as homework integrity and accountability on exams-- I believe that I am prepared to apply that work ethic in college. Lincoln Christian's academics do not allow for the minimum results, our curriculum demands excellence in all we do. Also, I am proud to be a part of Lincoln Christian's reputation for having the highest ACT score average in Lincoln, Nebraska!
There are not a lot of extracurricular opportunities at this school except sports.
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This school is a great place to be. Always felt safe and always felt comfortable around literally every student and teacher. Had it been up to me, I still would've attended elsewhere as academic diversity and achievement are my most coveted aspects in a high school.
Perhaps the greatest quality of the school. The faculty to student ratio is excellent. All the teachers are very caring and involved.
I've attended this elementary/high school for 13 years now and I never saw a school fight.
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