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I enjoy Lincoln Charter School. The teachers are amazing and they truly want to see you exceed. Lincoln Charter School loves to work with charity organizations and do volunteer work. We stand for honesty, respect, empathy, responsibility, service, and preparedness.
I had a great experience at Lincoln Charter. I love my teachers, everyone was super nice, and I feel ready for college.
Teachers were on a level that made you comfortable in class.. also available at any time when help was needed
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I really enjoy Lincoln Charter! Though it’s a small school, the community is close and we’re heavily involved with service. However, since it’s so small there’s limited opportunities
I loved going to Lincoln Charter, the teachers and staff are great! On an academic side the school is great, but on a more social level, it is a struggle navigating such a small school, especially in middle and high school.
I love Lincoln Charter and the college prep community they build students in. One thing they are really dedicated to is encouraging students and staff to get involved and give back to the community through community service opportunities. One thing that I wish they had was a wider variety of classes to offer students with different interests.
Lincoln Charter has changed a lot over the past 5 years. Teachers care about their students, sports programs are excellent, and clubs are average at best. Because it is such a small school, the school doesn't have all of the resources that most public schools have (cafeteria, library, multiple labs for stem classes) but make up for it in other ways (catered lunch, wide selection of college classes, service learning opportunities). I have had a good experience as a lincoln charter student over the past four years.
Provided a good education and prepared me for the future. Overall I would recommend it to anyone in the area.
I believe that Lincoln Charter truly cares for its students. Like all schools, there are bumps in the road but I have never felt like no one cared for my opinion. The school offers a lot. The only thing I would change would be adding the high school tradition of football, which LCS does not have.
Lincoln Charter School has granted me many different opportunities to excel in my athletics and academic career. They genuinely take interest in the students life styles in and outside of school, as well as connections with the students and administration. I feel that they have prepared me for college very well and have had my best interest throughout the 7 years I have been attending.
I joined the Lincoln Charter community as a freshman in high school and have enjoyed it thus far. The teachers build relationships with the students like no other school I have attended. They care about each one inside and outside of the classroom. The education and opportunities to study at a higher level are both incredibly accessible. The students are able to become as involved as they want or as little involved as they want.
As a college prep school, I am prepared to go to college. I have taken advanced courses to put me above students at other schools. I feel prepared for the future.
Lincoln Charter is an amazing school with great opportunities. Our faculty is always helping the children to meet their goals. This a college prep school which I am very thankful for. My friends from public schools are lost in their college process while Lincoln Charter is there to guide you through it.
Lincoln Charter does a great job at preparing its students for college and all of the challenges faced ahead. Between the teachers, administration, sports programs, clubs, and community service, there aren't many schools that are more well-rounded and place its students in positions to have future success than Lincoln Charter School.
I feel Lincoln charter is impartial too certain students. I would Not recommend them unless you want aggravations and problems I wish I could go lower than 1 star.
I have been at Lincoln Charter since kindergarten and I really like the aspect of the school they believe in respect in others and always doing right for others no matter what. I also like their mission statement it has allowed me to be the best student and person I could be.
In the years I attended Lincoln Charter the school developed with greater diversity, course difficulty and after school activities without loses its integrity and close knit community. Parental involvement has always been at the foundation of the school, along with giving back to our community. Each student and family has the opportunity to make an impact in our school and community. The school values student development both academically and personally so that when students graduates they are ready for the next steps in their lives.
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During my time at Lincoln Charter I had the privilege of learning different things. These things where went beyond the book. Many of the teachers here at this school taught me life lessons. Lessons I will never forget. However I do feel that administration did not care about their students or there teachers.
I mean it’s highschool, but overall it’s pretty good. Not diverse at all... 99% of students are upper middle class white kids which is fine, but there arent a lot of opportunities to meet new people when you’ve known the same kids since kindergarten. Most teachers are amazing- some aren’t but you win some you lose some. It’s not all that it’s made out to be, but I enjoy it for the most part. Some people seem very uptight and they split the honor roll kids and standard kids up so much that you hardly ever see the people in your own grade even though the school is really small.
Overall, a great school to go to. Most students are dedicated to succeeding and teachers are interested in individual students' success. There is not a lot of diversity, which is not beneficial to minority groups who are outliers in school. Also, not a lot of choices are given to students on what the future of their education will hold in high school.
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