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Safety is not a priority. Student to teacher ratio is nor 19-1 it is at least 26-30 to 1
Old facilities-zero upkeep. Administration is a culture all its own. Nepotism runs rampant. Privacy rights of some students are not respected. Dress code is not enforced and bullying is an everyday occurrence. The school is grossly overcrowded.

The way they treat those who have a different view is shameful.

Their only saving grace is a handful of teachers who truly care. If my student did not have friends. I would not send him/her there.

Diversity is slim to none. Their board of directors have no idea how to allocate money to improve safety measures, improve student learning and pay teachers to name a few issues.

The facilities are old and dangerous.
The administrators, teachers and staff are all excellent and caring. Lincoln serves all ages and abilities with the same very high level of attention. My special needs child receives all the help she needs with patience and encouragement. At the same time, a high-performing child has amazing opportunities and just the right amount of challenge. One of our kids bypassed the traditional high school experience, preferring to attend community college classes after graduating from Lincoln's 8th grade. She was very well-prepared for concurrent enrollment program coming from this school. I cannot thank Lincoln enough for the wonderful education they provide!
Lincoln has a very nice, small community environment with closer relationships to teachers and peers. It is sometimes easier to learn within the smaller pool of people, but the smaller size of the school also limits resources and opportunity. Overall Lincoln is a great school for those who do well within a more close knit community.
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I went to Lincoln academy in the old building and had a good time there. It's a lot smaller than other elementary/middle schools and you end up knowing your entire grade by first and last name. The teachers were good, especially the middle school English and science teachers. Mr. Neimic got me interested in science which has influenced my career path.
it was a beautiful experience, very safe and diverse school!! teachers really care about their students and the academics thouroughkt prepared me for high school i’m graduating this year with a 4.2!! college classes were easier in high school after attending this school and it’s overall just a wonderful experience
I learned a lot, the school is excellent on academics. They have a lot of extra curricular programs, however I would like more programs on anti bullying.
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