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My goal is to change the world by helping people in situations I myself have been in. I had been bullied for a majority of my life for being different and I overcame it all and I want to help other people who are in a similar situation to myself. It is what wakes me up in the morning so I am going to school for engineering to help get the experience I need to build the business ideas I am going to make to help those people. I myself have ADHD, anxiety, autism and have pushed myself to become the best version of myself in school while working at Hannafords. Our family has a bunch of disabilities ranging from bipolar, to ADHD, and even depression and we all work together to become the best versions of ourselves. Despite these major setbacks affecting every aspect of our lives we make it work and perseverance has helped us all throughout the years. My ADHD, anxiety, and autism have made it hard to make friends but eventually I got out of my comfort zone to become friends with new people.
I've only been at Lincoln Academy for 2 years but I really wish my time with them could have been so much longer. The teachers and the staff are all so lovely and attentive to the students as well as very good at what they do. The students here are incredibly respectful, kind, and mature. Studying here has really opened up many opportunities and changed what I thought was possible for myself.
I've study in Lincoln Academy for four years, the students, teacher and stuff member are supportive and friendly. The school is pretty international, there are students from all over the world. There are so many clubs, activities for students to invovle.
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Being in Lincoln Academy is undoubtedly is the best experience I've ever had. Super nice teachers, very strong math and sport teams, and very beautiful environment. Although it was pleasure to be a part of such a wonderful community, some things could be very frustrating. Food is not the best part of the school; however restaurants in the downtown are amazing. If you are international student strict rules and very long distance from entertainment places could be very annoying after sometime living there. Despite all the cons, I enjoyed my time in the Lincoln Academy.
Lincoln Academy’s staff are welcoming and make sure you are healthy, safe, and comfortable. Students are really nice, most like to connect with international students, but you have to be outgoing and like to speak for yourself. For academics for international students, Lincoln Academy has a really great system for any level student. You can fit at any level, and the teachers are graduated from top school in the United States. If you live in a dorm, all there are weekend activities, you will not be bored. Lincoln Academy also has a strong band and theater program - just try it, you will love it! There are also really nice guidance counselors to help you choose courses and plan your future. Lincoln Academy’s kitchen is always trying to explore different types of foods. It is delicious and you will find your culture’s food and love. Maine is an amazingly safe place and dorm parents will take good care of you! If you chose this school, you will find yourself in this amazing place.
The school is an amazing school, the staff as well as the students are very welcoming and do all they can to ensure your comfort. The teachers are great and are always willing to help you. The food is GOOD. Although it may not be great, it is still some good quality food. Furthermore, there are lots of weekend activities to keep the boredom away. However, there is still the issue of diversity (but I wouldn’t blame them because I know many people who don’t know Maine exists), also the tight-knit friend groups (not too many people are willing to reach out of their groups and so cause a sort of division in the school) but this is a problem that we are almost bound to see everywhere.
I enjoyed my time at Lincoln Academy. The teachers and staff are supportive in all aspects and they can always assist with help. There are amazing education opportunities at Lincoln. I cannot imagine going to any other high school and I am very sad that I could not experience the end of my senior year at the campus because of Covid 19.
I have had a great time in my four years at Lincoln Academy. The teachers are supportive and invested in the education of all their students. Beyond that, I have had the opportunity to be involved in a lot of amazing clubs and groups that help the community. I feel like Lincoln Academy has helped me grow as both a student, and a person.
While my experience was alright, there are many social issues that can be fixed at Lincoln Academy. Drug use is rampant, with pot being sold often on school grounds. Students juul and vape freely, easily able to conceal their "gadgets" and even when caught, are not often, if ever, punished. Lincoln Academy has a boarding program that includes students from multiple countries. Despite this, there is still a multitude of racist undertones in the school. The LGBTQ+ community is large and has a club, but slurs such as "dyke" and "fag" are used by some students. Teachers don't always know how to handle it. The administration does not handle discipline well overall.
Lincoln Academy is a wonderful school with many opportunities for students. There are clubs including service clubs, academic clubs, leadership clubs, technology clubs and more. We have a lot of sports and sporting events. There is a wide range of classes in the regular, honors and AP level. The guidance office, and many of the teachers, are always available to help you out if you are struggling. We have a lot of organized school trips such as Costa Rica, Spain, France and occasionally humanitarian trips. Non-boarding students have endless opportunities to interact with the boarding students. It really has been a great school for me, as I feel I am prepared more for college because of Lincoln Academy.
Lincoln Academy is well diversified school within its student population. Lincoln offers a wide variety of choices within its class curriculum and also with its extra-curricular activities that are available for students. Sometimes it feels as though the administration puts a little too much focus on the boarding students and not enough on the local population. Lincoln Academy is a semi-private high school that has approximately 80-90 boarding students and about 400 local students. The area does have local public high school so Lincoln Academy serves the area as the closest option for public type high school. Overall I had a very positive experience over my 4 years there.
The sports programs are great with all new facilities that are kept very well with great involvment from teachers who are very interested in student success
This is a wonderful school where I enjoyed the best time of high school. People are extremely friendly and motivates you to do great things both inside and outside school. There are tons of opportunities for students to get involved in not only on campus activities but also events in local community, state and up to national level.
I have enjoyed my time here at LA! Nice little community created here in Lincoln County, along with great academics. Sports could be better, but everything else is pretty awesome!
There are some things I truly wish were different but I want to try to keep this as positive as possible. My high school experience hasn't been great BUT there are some good things that did happen. My freshman year, they had a variety of food that I loved. My sophomore year they changed to a healthier choice of food but it hasn't been awful. I have not found a single hair in my food or any other disgusting thing in my food.
The assemblies are fun! It's nice to see everyone in the gym because a lot of schools don't do weekly assemblies like Lincoln Academy does!
Lincoln Academy is the best private high school I've been to of the five schools I've been to from 6th grade to 12th grade on passion alone. While the teachers are dorky all the time, Lincoln is that school where being invested in learning and passionate about a subject is normal and encouraged by the entire school. Lincoln isn't one of those places with just a bunch of smart people however, the teachers - especially in English and Social Studies - are some of the most passionate, engaging, and all-around motivating teachers I've had the pleasure to learn with. There are a lot of international students in the dorm from China, Vietnam, Spain, Korea, Kazakhstan, and others, and the dorm is one of the most fun places to spend the year. Whoever you are, Lincoln is a positive place to be that really understands how to include and celebrate people that don't fit the norm - including kids with disabilities and depression.
I have been attending Lincoln Academy for three years now, and the teachers, adults, and fellow students have helped me grow and discover myself. It is competitive and the teachers push you to do your best while still respecting your limitations. The teachers are also incredibly qualified smart, funny and understanding. The mix of American and international students is refreshing and educational on both sides. I have had a great experience and wonderful memories in this place.
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Lincoln Academy is a great place to spend your 4 years of high school. There is a diverse student body thanks to the residential program. The teachers here are friendly and really helpful as long as you spend some time to talk to them. The food this nice and the cooking staff are always trying to intergrade more types of food for the students. The community is close knit; it’s something you can’t really experience in an urban places. The weather here can be harsh at times if you’re a foreigner but you get used to it. This is my second and final year at Lincoln Academy and I have never once regretted my decision coming here.
School overall is great and improving every year, does not quite deserve the ranking it has, but also is not the best school around. Teachers are quite helpful and devote themselves to help you. Mostly it is not a school that everything is provided to you, you need to figure it out by yourself. Sports are taken quite serious and very valued. Sports players are way more valued than the rest of the roles in the school, but it is not at a level that is discriminative. People have different interests and characters. I tried to fit in the community as much as I could and earned unforgettable memories, however, there were times that I was not supported. Overall, Lincoln Academy is a great school for people who are looking for a good education in a small town community.
I am a senior in Lincoln Academy . This is currently my second year here. It was pretty fun every year, I was able to meet new people from different countries. I felt good at the dorm, and it is a nice community there. Also classes were also very good. You have the option to take classes depending on your academic capabilities. Overall it's a solid school. Mrs Duffy, Mr Manahan, Mr O'Mahoney, Mr Anderson, Mrs Mooney, Mrs Richardson, Mrs Curtis and Mr and Mrs Von Vogt, are some of the best teachers in the school
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