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Limon Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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Limon High School not only excels in academics but also in sports. Teachers take the time to connect with their students and help them reach their goals. The community alongside the school is incredible. Everyone is supportive whether it's football or science fair. I can not imagine a better learning environment for students. There are classes for almost everything. Sadly there is no art program which is one of the only downsides. Limon is a great school, and I am so grateful to have attended. If you are looking for a school that focuses on you and your needs in school and in sports. Then Limon High School is the place for you.
Limon High School is a great school, with outstanding teachers, a supporting staff and a great student body. Teachers really care about students and want them to succeed in life!
At Limon High School, students are able to participate in many extra curricular events. some of these include sports and clubs. Some of these clubs include FFA, FBLA and many more. At school, teachers know the student personally. Sometimes the coaches are teachers.
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Limon is a great small community that is very good at athletics and academics. There are some drug problems but nothing more than tobacco and alcohol.
I really like the community involvement. Additionally, the people here push you to be better every single day and want you to strive to reach your full potential. We have been accredited with distinction for two years in a row. I feel that compared to other schools in my area, Limon has helped me be well prepared for my future.
This is by far the worst school my kids have ever attended. They have para "professionals" that intentionally cause conflict between students, lunch ladies who are beyond rude, an incompetent secretary, and an absolutely ridiculous dress code. They do not prepare their students for the real world and it's no surprise half of the kids end up staying in this dreadful town because they don't know how to function outside their little bubbles. And there is a huge amount of favoritism going on as well.. and I'm talking between staff and students. I can't wait to get us back over to the Cherry Creek School District.
The teachers are helpful no matter what they are helping with with. Following with very fun events at this school, I do overall appreciate attending it. Everyone is very accepting of who you are. Not even joking, I show up to school wearing cosplay (costumes) normally and nobody bats an eye.
At Limon Junior-Senior High, I have learned to become an independent person who knows how to work for what I need in life. The people around the school are supportive. The teachers want to help students succeed. There is never a point where you are stopped being helped.
Limon High School was a beautiful place to grow up simply because of how close the community is. You feel as if in the situation that you need something, several people are there to help you. The people you see everyday in the halls are the same people you will play sports with, so you can easily makes bonds and strong relationships.
I've been attending Limon Junior-Senior High School since 8th grade. I've experienced the teacher who teach with a passion. They help struggling students and work well with everyone. There is a many sports to play and clubs to join. There was recently a business program added which increases our variety.
Limon has treated me very well ever since I moved here in the sixth grade. There has been a couple times where the classes have been a little difficult, but there wasn't ever a time where I couldn't ask the teacher for help or clarification.
Limon Junior-Senior High School is a great school. The school is very high in their academics as well as their athletics. Limon High School is a school where students are able to have the one-on-one experience with their teachers.
It is a great small town school. Everybody knows each other. It is also a good town to grow up in. The school is very support as is the community too.
Technology is used differently throughout the school. It depends on how the teachers use their classroom technology.
Besides the fact that in some areas they ceiling seems to be falling in, the school is great. In the locker room, there is a leak and sometimes there are some in the gym, but most people seem to ignore that since we have a new school building.
There are mostly sport opportunities at Limon. The teachers support the students' want to participate in a sport, so they help out the students as much as possible to make their grades easier to maintain. Typically, kids know what they are getting into when they sign up for a club or sport, so they stick to it.
The teachers have all very unique teaching styles at Limon High School. Some teachers use a book and know everything off the back of their hand. Others have just started using a new book or have not as much experience with rowdy kids and have troubles. It depends on which teacher it is.
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Academics offered at this school range from common high school credits to extremely difficult college credit classes. The professors who teach these subjects are highly knowledgable about the material they present to their classes. Every year at the beginning of may students are given a sheet of paper to decide which classes they wish to participate in for the following year. Typically as a freshman and sophomore they are very limited on what they can select. Every year opens up another slot for an elective to fall in. As a student at this school, at times I find the work load to be a bit much for freshman and sophomores due to their inexperience of time management. It can be highly difficult for students to accomplish all their homework in one night if they are involved in sports. One of the most popular classes offered at Limon High School is the Industrial Arts program. This program teaches students how to construct a project from scratch. By having this class, it teaches students that they have to be precise with every measurement and cut to allow every piece to fit together.
Don't seem to care.

Don't stay after school to help kids.
What your last name is counts how you are graded and treated in sports.
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