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At Limestone Community High School I liked the sports and student involvement. The diversity could be improved as well as school culture, but the education is good.
Limestone is a small school with many different classes to choose from. The Rockets won the state baseball championship in 2015 and continue to encourage athletes. Limestone also has connections with Illinois Central College to provide college credits to eager students. However if Limestone is known for anything it would be the one million dollars it has raised for easter seals. If I could change something about Limestone it would be the lack of students. Limestone could use more students in clubs, and helping with the easter seals programs.
Limestone sets good standards for students and offers an almost endless amount of class and extra curricular activity opportunities. Some school policies, however, need work.
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In my four years at Limestone I have seen it all. I've seen the good the school has done in the community, helping the children of Easter Seals and it's various volunteer based events that keep the community involved and I've seen the ability the entire student body has to care for it's community. Limestone has many special events and extracurricular activities that are held to the same standard as their common course counterparts, which is a huge benefit to it's students. Moreover, the entire teaching staff is so supportive of not only the in-class aspect of their role in our lives, but providing us with the necessary skills to move on in our academic and professional careers.
Pros: good teachers, academics, clubs, activities, and school spirit
Cons: racial division and no air conditioning
During my time at Limestone, I have experienced many great things. I have been involved with the Air Force J.R.O.T.C program at the school for the past four years, and I have actively been involved with the community service they do. I wish the school itself would be more actively involved with community service, I have only been on one outside of J.R.O.T.C, which was held by a Limestone teacher. I believe that if the school would have the students participate in community service, they would find that their students will have more opportunities in college. Within helping around the community, the students would find that it is truly an enjoyable experience that everyone should take part in.
Didn't like it there. If you don't play sports, or if you haven't went to there grade schools, you will not get a scholarship. Some of the teachers are rude
Limestone High School is a great school. My grandparents went there, my parent went there, and now I go there. I was in volleyball, soccer, band, and choir. I have had an awesome experience there and I hope my brother does too. I have made many friends and memories at Limestone that I will have forever. I am currently involved in the fall play and I am a LCHS chamber singer for the madrigal dinner. I feel the staff has prepared me well for my future at college and later in my career.
Limestone does everything that is required for health related issues. When I walk into that school I never feel threatened or unsafe.
Extracurricular activities are great at Limestone. There are many clubs such as: key club, student council, rocket 1, band, limelight, robotics, amulet, and JROTC. Most students involved this these activities are very committed.
Limestone has been an awesome experience for me I have been involved in cheerleading since my freshman year. Every year the cheerleaders perform at the easter seals assembly and the telethon. The reaction of the kids when they see us cheerleaders is something I will never forget. If I could impact anyones life I'm glad it's the easter seals kids.
The teachers at Limestone Community high school are very motivating. Everyday they come to school helping us make our way to graduation day, that is their goal. Most teacher will stay after class to help a struggling kid. Every teacher is different in their teaching skills but it seems to be effective for most students.
Clubs are very good but sports are very political where some coaches do a good job but others are not as engaged.
Teachers do care about their subjects and want to teach. I don't think the curriculum that is provided leans to support your most talented students. The enriched subjects still are not challenging enough or bring in real world experience and application of skill development.
I think these are fine. As my son has not been involved, there has been incidents of people being thrown down stairs and other severe bullying incidents.
I think the school has good intentions but they bow to political who's who in the community to make decisions. Athletics always comes before academics. The teachers are great but they are not allowed due to government restrictions to fully engage students outside of what is on the "test". Too many talented kids are not challenged enough, get bored and check out. Administration does not support teachers as they should.
I always felt safe in this school and never felt threatened
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The most popular programs are of course athletics, but madrigals and the art club and marching band deserve more credit than the football and basketball teams
The community and extracurricular activities are the reasons I would choose Limestone. The arts programs at this school are top notch and deserve more funding
Teachers care about students and many teach life lessons and go above and beyond classroom teaching
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