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Lima Senior High School of Multiple Intelligences Reviews

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The school is full of diverse people though the overall quality of education is poor due to teachers and students alike giving up on each other.
Lima Senior was an average school. Classes weren't very hard, teachers their did care and I developed many good lasting relationships with them. The environment of the school varied, they did have the occasional school fights in the cafeteria, but it just depends who you hang around with. Was very active with the music department as I was apart of the school orchestra. Was left feeling disappointed since the department lacked funding to get better instruments, some students had to use older instruments that could of shattered any second. Poor orchestra teacher, did more conducting rather than improving the skills of the musicians. Student musicians varied in skill and Musical groups lacked organization. overall it was an okay school.
They truly care about their students and always work to give the best education to everyone. They give us a diverse classroom and make sure that the classroom size is small to make it more one on one.
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Lima senior High school is a great high school to attend. Lima senior has prepared me for college and excelling at the next level of education and also sport/activities. Teachers strive to make you a better study and also prepares you to be an successful member in society.
I really like how Lima Senior is a judgement free school everyone has a friend.Nobody is left out because of how they look or because of their life we are family if you have ever had a child that has been bullied and need to switch them school Lima senior is the place not just that Lima Senior really wants kids to further their education so the counselors really look out for you.
The opportunities my school gave me was amazing. They really prepared you for college and gave you a lot of resources for scholarships, tips, loans, career search and a ton of other things. The athletics program was great too, I really got involved with many sports and groups.
they are great with teaching . in my time at Lima senior it was well received . they never let me down. i have to say ,they were very helpful and encouraging to their students.
I like that the school because it is diversed. I also thought that the schooling was hard as in schooling. The school also has lots of clubs and things to do. It also showed me how to play a part in a society of big corporations and little economy. I am a student going into engineering with financial problems. I have no problem working hard. I am a dedicated student while dedicated to school. The school is nice as in the teachers.
The idolize the football team. I don't know much about the other sports or teams.
Not all the teachers there are bad but most of them were when I was there in 2007 to 2011. Its a low income area with low income student and most of the time these are the ones who get overlooked. There isn't much privilege at Lima Senior within the students.
My school is very unique for its' diversity. We are a public school along with several others in my community. Many other school districts look down upon our school system because of the poverty level. I can honestly say, I've had the best experiences at Lima Senior. I have been able to take numerous AP classes and receive college credit for nearly half of my classes. My teachers have been great and they are very encouraging. One of my favorite experiences at my high school was raising over $6000 for the Children's Mercy Hospitals. If I could go back and do high school all over again, I would still choose my current school. It has prepared me for well for my future.
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