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I enjoyed the small-town feel and the attention and dedication the teachers were able to give the small number of students. I think that overall the school needs more funding in order to incorporate more programs for students besides just sports. They have the advantages of small class sizes but the disadvantages of lower funding and less opportunities for a diversity of programs.
I like Lima High School. Because there are so little students, each student receives extra time with teachers and things are explained well. There are more opportunities to learn more thoroughly in Lima.
Lima Highschool is an amazing experence. Not only for the super advanced kids but also for the intermediate as well. I really love the student to teacher ratio being only 5 to 8 kids in a class you really get a great one on one experience to beable to grasp the concept better. The students are all closely bonded and have a great friendship. We are basically a huge family. Thus making sports, bus rides and school activites an exceptional place to be. Everybody knows everybody making school feel more like home so you do not have to be afraid or feel left out. Since Lima is such a small schoo, they are willing to help you achieve any goal you may have in mind. What I personally would like to see change at Lima is the boringness, the students dont seem to get into things as other schools would. I would also like to see the school be remodeled to fit the needs of children today or just to make it look less like an old abandoned building.
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It is a very good small school. Great learning environment with knowledgeable teachers. It is just a little too small for my liking
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