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Small community gives room for everyone's voice to be heard, offers AP classes, weekly chapel, provides a strong family for students and faculty through Mentors for Minis (a lunch program for high school students meeting with elementary students) and other programs.
I still don't understand why this school forces international students to go to church with their host family every Sunday, even they don't have this belief or they have other belief. If international students reject to go to the church, they will threaten you in a 'nice' way. Many students are fake. They just follow their parents and call themselves 'Christian'. Overall, this is a safe school with good academic. If you are not a Christian, please choose other school, especially international students.
Doesn't have a ton of opportunities, especially with academics, extracurriculars, and sports. Teachers are nice overall and care about the students, some are exceptional. Principal is really involved with the kids. Not the best spiritual atmosphere. Most of the students are extremely fake. It is also pretty hard to come for middle school or high school, as there are many lifers who already are very close to each other and do not easy accept new students. Also, if you don't want a dress code, don't come here; and on Fridays, we have to completely dress up because of chapel. Overall not a bad school, everyone knows everyone else, and people work together a ton. Honestly I felt like I chose the wrong school to go to, especially as I could have done many more things at another school, but it is generally a comfortable place where you feel safe, accepted, and understood.
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No other school would make ever be able to make me feel as safe as I do here at Lima Christian. The community is so close, the only word to describe the relationships among teachers, staff, and students is "family." All memberserk of the staff and faculty are so selfless and devoted to their students' success. The school prepares its students for college through AP classes, in addition to different electives that provide knowledge useful for life after high school. The "Christian" aspect of the school is reflected not only through the school's name, but instead infiltrates every part of the school's culture.
Amazing teachers, great academic experience. Strong community of students, tightly-knit family. Superlative character of students and staff, reflected throughout clubs and athletic teams.
Wonderful environment, full of God fearing people, excellent place to learn. I would change the number of sports teams, as we only have a few teams. Overall, the teachers are hard working and do their best to prepare us for college. everyone here wants the students to do their best and succeed in all that they do. The friendly Christian atmosphere is welcoming to anyone and everyone. But most of all, we have God at the center of all we do.
The class sizes are small, so no student can disappear. Everyone is very close. They offer college classes for dual credit. The teachers are approachable and their doors are always open. The Friday chapels allow for students to lead worship and for adults and faculty to minister to students. Every grade takes a course either in the Bible or in practical Christianity. The sports programs are very developed and the Lima Saints are very competitive. I would recommend this school to anyone and everyone.
I love Lima Christian School because you cannot get in trouble for sharing Christian beliefs. I also like the school because the teachers genuinely love the students. I appreciate how the classes are taught from a Biblical worldview. Even though the school is small, there is still a sports program, an art program, a music program, and more.
Too expensive of a school to have such deficiencies. Some faculty are discriminatory against students who do not hold the school's religious values, thus blatantly treating them worse than other students and even speaking poorly of them to other students (whether they are present or not). Moreover, teachers and staff are way too heavily involved in the lives of students to the point where it makes students uncomfortable and can feel like borderline harassment at times. Other issues that need to be addressed include a severely outdated dress code (i.e. no blue jeans), low-end resources, and the unusually high level of responsibility distributed to students. An example of unusual student expectations is that the junior/senior class president must buy, prepare, and sell school lunches 4 days a week instead of the school hiring staff to do so. Overall, Lima should not be a person's number one choice when looking to attend a suitable institution.
Safest place to send your kids for not only a great education but also spiritual growth. The teachers genuinely care about the students, and not just their grades. There are so many sport and club options that everyone feels like they can fit it somewhere. Its been an amazing 4 years of my life.
Dedication and attention are given to sports and art, raising awareness of games and events, encouraging students to do their best and work hard at it. The drama program was often overlooked and wasn't taken as seriously, but the members of the program gave it their all to put on a good show every year
Academics are excellent, and the art and sports programs are very well cared-for, but as a performing artist, the choir and drama club did not get any school funding, and very little publicity, making it nearly invisible. Recognition of the performing arts department needs work (and with it, funding).
I was very well-prepared for college, learning in 10th grade how to write a proper research paper with MLA citations. As the years progressed, I could choose more of my own courses depending on what I was interested in, and the teachers were accommodating and patient. Upon entering college, I went from being average at LCS to being highly intelligent in a liberal arts school
There has no precedent that someone got shot at the school. Neither student nor teacher can bring gun to school.
It is such a small group. It has limited activities. However, most of the students involved in sports and activities.
Most of the teachers at LCS are intelligent, smart, and nice. Most of them will answer your questions patiently. Since it is a small school, some teachers and students treated each other as friends. Dr. Minter, for example, is incredibly intelligent. She would always answer students' questions.
Office staff is wonderful and helpful.
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Award winning teams practicing good sportsmanship.
SAT 1100-2300. @ 90% college bound. College courses.
This school offers everything my child needs to succeed at college and in life. My child has advanced technology skills. My child is receiving a Christ-centered education.
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