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Lima Central Catholic High School Reviews

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I’ve been attending Lima Central Catholic for four year of my high school experience and everything there is honestly great ! Great teachers that will go above and beyond to make sure there students learn what they need to learn, foods great and nutritious ,and the learning is good as well . You’ll love the first time experience
It is a very last name oriented school. If you don’t have the right last name you get treated differently.
Lima Central Catholic High School is a great community involved school. The people create a family environment. Teachers go above and beyond for their students and co workers while students are respectful to the adults, their peers, and the school itself. Everyone is very friendly allowing one to feel comfortable at school. Updated facilities with air conditioning and heat provide a building where students can learn while feeling comfy. There are many clubs and sports to get involved in including football, basketball, softball, volleyball, band, art club, STEM club, and so much more!
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I like my guidance counselors. They do an amazing job. I only did not like two teachers in my school experience. Other than that I would say that the rest of my teachers are fantastic. I gave LCD three stars because it does have a lot of flaws as well, but high school is what you make it. There are teachers that are not qualified and teachers who are bad at their job. The but you have to deal because you are responsible for your success. LCC does not give too many opportunities like other school. There is a limited variety of classes. If you want to go to LCC you should kind of get an idea of what you want to major or pursuit in the future. There is so many high schools in the area that you can go to any school. High school is what you make it always no matter the school.
Lima Central Catholic was a great high school experience with amazing teachers who actually care about your education. This school actually prepares you for college life and teaches you valuable life skills.
LCC is only private school in Lima and the only good school close to me. If you are sensitive about racism and other ignorant comments I would not go there. The teachers are terrible about the situation and the students are racist. I mean LCC is not the best high school but it is the only high school around this area that gives a care about their students. Lima Senior is a terrible school.
I came from a public school and always have been at a public school my entire life until my freshman year at Lima central catholic. It was a tough adjustment however the teachers and faculty made it easier for someone who wasn’t used to the intense curriculum along with the welcoming community of people. It’s a very nice environment to make good friends and help prepare you properly for college or the workforce.
My children have benefited tremendously from attending LCC. As a parent, I wanted a high school experience for my children that would enable them to grow academically and spiritually. Both children have excelled in academic and extracurricular activities, but just as importantly they have flourished in a Christ-centered environment where expression and discussion of faith issues is encouraged.
Because LCC is a small private school, they of course do not have the funds and resources given to public schools through property and income taxes. However, the small staff is dedicated and focused on student achievement.
Excellent school. It is like a family that wants everyone to succeed. There are a lot of activities for students, no matter what your interests are. Strong academic program geared toward success in life.
Lima Central Catholic High School offers fantastic learning opportunities from staff that are truly interested in their student’s success. Small class size allows for personal attention. The guidance office staff are wonderful! There is a focus on community and volunteering that molds students and graduates who readily step into society with giving hearts. There is socio-economic diversity and plenty of exchange students to add to that diversity. Great alum support which also speaks to LCC being a great school.
Needs include a better outdoor track and band instrument upgrades!
Lima Central Catholic has very invested, caring, and passionate teachers. The administration clearly understands that our school needs to have a culture that calls students to serve God by becoming the best version of themselves, in addition to being the best athletes and students they can be.
Lima Central Catholic is a wonderful high school. It has a wonderful community feel. The students are diverse and are always involved in some sort of volunteering. The teachers are amazing and you can tell they really care about the students. Very college prep school with LOTS of wonderful classes to get students prepared to succeed in college and life beyond school.
Lima Central Catholic is a great high school in Lima. The smaller school allowed me to be able to participate in multiple groups, clubs, band, and athletic teams.
At Lima Central Catholic all the staff do their best to personally know all the students. At this school you always feel as if someone is there if you need it. They actively live out their mission of Lead, Serve and Excel.
Nothing. It’s all around a pretty good school. The academics here all pretty good. The teachers are amazing, even though they don’t get paid a lot. The students all know each other with being a small school and everything. Being here at LCC was a great experience.
I would like to see more cultural diversity and more multicultural inclusion. LCC would benefit in being more inclusive of the other religious affiliations throughout the Lima Ohio area.
It's a very good academic setting, though I wish they would have a student body that was more open to new people and ideals. The teachers are very generally dedicated to their students and helping them achieve and reach their goals, but at the same time; as it is with most schools, we for the most part are not learning crucial things to survive in this world and economy. Though that really isn't the school's fault.
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My experience at Lima Central Catholic high school has been a good one. I enjoy all of the staff members here. The students are able to have a personal relationship with the staff here and they can feel as if they have a shoulder to lean on when things get difficult. It is also nice that I have been able to go to a catholic school and practice my faith with my friends. However, one thing I would like to see change at LCC is the influence of those outside the school, such as alumni.
I like going to LCC. Changes have been made this year, and definitely for the better. I like school a lot more now than I did in the past.
Attending Lima Central Catholic has been a unique experience for me, but one that I wouldn't change for anything. Not only have I gained a wealth of knowledge throughout my four years, but I've also made friends and connections that will last a life time. LCC has taught me more than just what is included in the curriculum. The respect that the students are shown by the amazing staff has taught me how to treat someone who can't do anything for you. Lima Central Catholic has significantly shaped my character in the best possible way. The life lessons and skills I've gained will help me long after my high school career ends.
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