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Ligonier Valley High School Reviews

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The school has a poor special education program in which the students are not included as they should be.
The school is starting their journey to customizing learning and is offering opportunities to get college credit and even graduate with an associates degree before high school graduation. There are many sports, clubs and extra activities to be apart of and as more is customized... the schedules and academics in general could get better by preparing learners for life outside the classroom.
I stopped attending b/c of the senior courses they scheduled for me. I have 48 credits through various colleges and universities (an opportunity LVHS offered and that I am greatly for) but that didn’t seem to matter to the administration department. I was going to be filling my time with online classes (held in the library) And attending classes that I’ve already taken and passed with zero flexibility.
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I loved my school. I had a great experience. I loved how close everyone was, we all knew each other. Our school offered a lot of opportunities and they were mostly helpful whenever any student needed it. We always had fun activities and I loved how much school spirit we have.
I like the small class sizes and the personal attention students get from most of the teachers. However, Ligonier doesn't provide any sort of competative edge to seniors applying to college. There are a total of two AP classes and no IB programs.
There aren’t very many classes to choose from and you don’t get a lot of opportunities. There was also a decrease in the amount of clubs this year. Some of the teachers really make you feel at home but others make you feel like you are in hell.
I would like to see more diversity in the school. It felt like those who did sports were favored and those who did art were just "those who did art". I feel there should be more scholarships available through the school that doesn't revolve around sports and students should be recognized for who they are as a person no matter what they do. They should also prepare seniors for the future more. For example, instead of taking personal finance in 9th grade when no 9th grader has a job yet, require that class for 11th or 12th graders that way it's fresh in their heads and allow them to understand better.
My school offers an excellent education and really does its best to prepare you for college. The teachers are great and truly care about helping you succeed and attain your goals. Despite being a small school, the limited size of each graduating class in no way detracts from competition for top marks, as there are many brilliant and hard-working students fighting to be the best. The only thing I could've wished for was perhaps more AP classes to give a better edge when competing on a national level for college admittance.
My experience at Ligonier Valley High School has always been very good. All of the teachers are nice and go out of their way to help you. The teachers really want to see you achieve and do great things. Ligonier Valley is a small school and its nice because you know everyone and your grade is very tight-knit. You know all of the teachers and can form bonds with them and it makes your high school experience even more fun. The office staff is great and they know almost everyone (if not everyone) by name and the know your interests. I feel safe at my school and I know that our teachers and the office staff wants us to be safe and they look out for us and will do whatever they can to ensure our safety.
I really like the teachers and their ways of teaching, all of my math teachers were especially great. I also like our sports and how the athletes are very into them, and in my freshman year, our student section, the Herd, was super fun and got lots of people involved. I love how this school is small enough so that teachers and students can really have one-on-one time. One thing I think could be better is our college readiness and our career exploration.
Ligoner is your typical small town school. Unfortunately if you are looking for diversity, you might as well keep looking. However, if you want a good education from an over all great set of caring teachers, you have found your place. Now I'm not saying everyone is perfect, we do have some teachers that are a little iffy but all in all they truly care and only have your best interest at heart.
Teachers need improvement and the schools priorities need sorted out but over all I got my education and that’s what’s important.
I like that it was small but there was still a lot to do within the school. Most of the teachers genuinely care about their students which is not always the case in schools. I would like to see the sports team change though. Most of the coaches are just the teachers that are willing to coach and know any kind of relevant knowledge of the sport. I think that we need to bring in actual and real coaches to teach the students. I also believe that our curriculum should not be as strict allowing teachers to be diverse in what they teach and teach interesting things rather than just what is required.
I liked that Ligonier had a "small town" feel but the classrooms did not reflect that. Classes were usually 20 plus kids and one-on-one time was hard to get unless you stayed after school. Most of the time English classes were taught by one teacher per grade. If a student cannot adjust to a certain teaching style, then they were out of luck. The district wants to rank high in standardized tests and therefore forget about how all students learn differently. In the future I hope to see more freedom of choice in the school district and things that help students prepare for "real life." My favorite part was the selection of foreign languages at our school. We had German, French, and Spanish. Sometimes Russian if enough people were interested.
I enjoy the atmosphere at Ligonier Valley. It has that small town, cozy feel. Everyone knows each other which makes it a great school to go to. We band together whenever a tragedy occurs. You could say we are family here at Ligonier.
Overall, I have enjoyed my years at Ligonier Valley High School. Small school with little to no diversity, but you get the feeling of a close knit community. Additionally, teachers get to know you personally and you get the feeling that they really care. However, class choices are limited compared to other local schools.
There is many things that I like about Ligonier Valley High School. I believe main thing I like about my school, and most important, is the connection between students and teachers. Ligonier is a small school, so almost all of the teachers know everyones names and something about them. They also get they're are different learning styles and try their best make sure to reach all of them. Another thing I like about my school is I feel safe. There has never been a day that I felt unsafe. Ligonier has local Law Enforcement drop by almost everyday and they interact with the students and teachers in a good way. All in all, I rarely have a bad day at Ligonier. The teachers are very skilled at what they do and it is all around a very safe school.
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Ligonier is a great community that cares about its students. The high school would benefit from adding more AP credit classes.
For such a small school in a rural area, LVHS is a good school. Many teachers are friendly and willing to give extra help when I need it. My peers are all driven, well behaved individuals, & bullying isn't a major issue here. I never feel in danger when I am at school. Janitors and lunch ladies are super friendly too!
However, although I've been fortunate enough to have some of the greatest teachers in my school career, I have also had some of the worst. Some of my previous teachers have been judgmental and reluctant to help or answer questions. Some of the teachers are very biased and show favoritism, & most are lazy, neglecting grading for days or weeks, or giving packets instead of actually teaching. Many of my classes do not challenge me or my peers nearly enough for the caliber of education we are seeking in college. Food is mediocre & lacks variety. The school is almost entirely white, but solely due to our geographical area. Our minority students are not ostracized at all.
Most of the classes can be learned on your own better than they are taught. Also, there is only 4 classes that are weighted, so in comparison to other schools your GPA could be lower even if you are taking honors classes.
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