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Lighthouse Community Charter School Reviews

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I have been at Lighthouse for 13 years, because of course its a kinder through twelfth-grade school. I knew all the people and felt comfortable and welcomed there because I have made many friends along the way. I was basically raised in this school I was thought most of my manners on how to present myself in a professional area. I am not saying my mother didn't teach me any manners, Lighthouse was there to keep me on check. Lighthouse also helps there students success and strive for the dreams the students desire for a career in the future, they prepare us for college from the start of middle school. And I am really glad they did because there are people in my college class who don't know much skills on how to succeed through college. In conclusion, I am really glad that I went to Lighthouse Charter from K-12th.
I've been at Lighthouse Charter for two years now. It's a decent school, but it definitely has some flaws. The staff members are kind and work to make you feel safe, however there are very limited options when it comes to academics. There are very little advanced classes compared to larger public schools. It's a good school overall.
I attended lighthouse for 9 years. This school is ran on a false image of success and a portrayal of community. I sincerely believe that this institution is meant for a certain type of student/ person. If your child has issues reading, writing or expressing their emotions (as most children do) this school will not help your child. The administration will view your child as a problem and do anything they can to sweep them under the rug. The retention rates at this school are ridiculously high.
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It was a great community to work with since everyone knows each other and it feels like a family but the only exception is that the level of education received is not the highest. Many teachers there don't have the capability of teaching students at their highest potential leading to many college dropouts. They have a great staff but it is just not enough that it gets kids through college because getting to college is one thing and graduating is another.
The school seems to always change some policy that singles out students to fail. One year photography is considered art then conflicting stories leave students scrambling to meet their credits for graduation. They say take classes during summer only to find out the class taken will not be counted. Lighthouse is not the great school people in Oakland government think they are. Their policies are always conflicting with the administration and it seems no one is ever on the same page. There has been confusion about policy and it seems to change from one student to the next.
its a good school, but really needs help finding suitable teachers for some classes. good in academics, but last year, we had the worst chemistry teacher EVER, she didnt know what to do, gave exams that were impossible to accomplish even by the smarter kids standard. This year, all teachers are suitable to be there
The school offers so much help and support to students
Although my High School Journey took five years, I'm proud to state that I've attended Lighthouse Community Charter School because it has fairly prepared me for college. With the support of teachers, mentors, counselors, I have persisted and remain to do so in college.
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